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With a comfortable and ergonomic shape, the Buckingham bottom wiper was designed by a renown therapist after he noticed that some of his client’s arms were too short to wipe perhaps due to limited mobility. On the bottom wiper’s head, there is a secure grip that holds onto toilet paper while wiping. After cleaning up, press the release button and the tissue (or toilet paper) will be automatically release meaning that you won’t have to deal with a messed-up toilet paper

In the packaging, the product comes with a discreet carrying bag. It looks like an umbrella bag and they won’t know what you’re carrying (unless they see the Brand’s logo and tag line)

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  1. With a 15-inch handle, the buckingham pocket easywipe is longer than your typical bum wiper. It beats competing sticks in that it has a long, durable handle
  2. This wiping aid is effective at wiping the vaginal and anal area
  3. You can use it to wipe from front to back (or back to front even though physicians are against this) Whilst sitting on the toilet seat.

A guide on how to use buckingham travel compact folding easywipe toilet aid

  1. On the bottom wiper’s head, roll some moist tissue paper or wet wipes. For maximum efficiency, use three wet wipes or roll more than six sheets of tissue paper
  2. Ensure that the wipes are secured to the compact folding easy wipe toilet aid. They should be on the blue, elliptical end.
  3. Tuck any excess paper onto the wiping stick
  4. Wipe with your preferred motion. You may repeat these steps as deemed necessary
  5. Ensure that you’re clean lest you end up with skid marks

Taking care of this easy wipe

  1. Clean the adaptive equipment for toileting wiping regularly. Soak the recess in a basic of warm soapy water for fifteen minutes before cleaning it off with a disposable cloth
  2. The recess is delicate and you’re better off using soft cloths

buckingham healthcare easywipe reviews

Customers claimed that this tool was easy to clean and use. They especially enjoyed using the release button as they didn’t have to touch soiled toilet paper.

Buckingham Travel Compact Folding Easywipe Toilet Aid
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