long reach comfort wipe – best long handled butt wiper review

Outselling even toilet tongs, the jobar long reach comfort wipe is arguably the best long handled bottom wiper. Most customers love it as it comes with a release button – guaranteeing that they will safely dispose the soiled toilet paper hygienically. Looking at its ergonomic design, we can see that it has a secure tissue gripping head on end of its long handle. The strong handle makes the long reach comfort wipe toilet aid ideal for wiping when our unique anatomy makes it hard reaching the unmentionable areas.

The soft flexible and secure recess helps wipe efficiently when there’s limited mobility perhaps due to age or obesity. Here are other wipers that clean beneficently.

How is the long reach comfort wipe shaped? This wiping aid has a slight curve for maximum efficiency when wiping. Ideally, you should release the tissue paper by the press of a button.

comfort wipe advantages

  1. This wiping aid is compatible with both toilet papers and flushable wipes. In the nursing home where I work, we advocate for flushable wipes as they’re more effective at cleaning
  2. You can wash it easily with soapy water and a soft cloth at home
  3. The toilet paper release mechanism is efficient and you will never have to use disposable gloves to remove soiled tissue paper.
  4. This bottom wiper’s handle is extendable up to 15 inches.
  5. This is the best bariatric wiping aid for people with limited dexterity

How to use long reach comfort wipes

  1. Roll toilet paper or pre-moistened wipes onto the wiper’s head. It’s the been shaped end
  2. You may extend the handle for a comfortable wiping grip if necessary
  3. Wipe as many times as required
  4. Point the bariatric wiping aid at the toilet hole and push the release button to dispose the tissue in a secure manner.

comfort wipe review

The Long Reach Comfort Wipe has a comfortable handle that securely locks wet wipes while you do your thing. Looking at the comfort wipe infomercial, it’s a steal considering that it has an effective release mechanism that ensures you dispose toilet paper in a sanitary manner.

Long Reach Comfort Wipe
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Price: $8.39
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