How to wipe your pregnant butt

I was reading a post on Baby Center and I came to wonder how pregnant women wipe their butts. In fact, one member confessed that she has a hard time closing her legs and wiping is competitive just like an Olympic Sport. With a pregnant butt, you can’t reach to wipe front to back. If you’re thinking that doing a number 2 is the hardest thing you could do in the later stages of pregnancy, here’s a guide

how to wipe your butt during pregnancy

PRO TIP: if you have a tub, then cleaning up after emptying the bowels will be five times easier (for obvious reason)

  1. Start by wiping from the front the rub towards the back.

There’s no debate on which direction you should wipe. All physicians unanimously agree that you should wipe starting from the front as it helps avoid urinary tract infections. Most girls wiping their ass are already doing this with only a few doing it back to front.

According to Dr Chris of Pharmacy international, guys can wipe whichever way they prefer. In fact, they could even wipe sideways with a swirling motion if they prefer. There’s no such rule of thumb followed by women. When pregnant women wipe back to front, they risk transferring faecal matter from the anal region to the vagina. These germs find their way through the urinary duct and before you know it, they’re in the bladder

We all know that it’s very hard for germs to swim up mono-eyed Johnny and the wiping motion doesn’t matter much.

  1. Consider using a Butt Wiper (how to wipe butt when pregnant)

The freedom wand wiping aid is the most effective one. From the manufacturer, it comes with three pieces – the head (holds tissue), the adjustable stretcher and (obviously) the tail. You hold it by the tail. When fully extended, it gives you 21 inches of wiping and that is long enough to even wipe while standing.

Here’s the full review

In addition to using it to wipe the butt, the Freedom Wand also facilities shaving and ointment application. Stretch marks and pregnancy generally go hand in hand and it helps having an ointment applicator. You could even use it to hold the loofah while you’re showering

Think of making the switch from toilet paper to wet adult wipes. A few pregnant women use washcloths but I wouldn’t think of doing so.

Should you be using flushable adult wipes when pregnant?

Wet wipes or toilet paper? It doesn’t matter use whatever works best for you. Throughout the pregnancy, women are expected to maintain a high level of hygiene. They’re most vulnerable at this point. We all know that dry toilet paper won’t leave you clean. Buy a pack of wet wipes such as these instead

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