wiping aids for obese butt : Don’t buy before reading

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Obesity has become a very common disorder among many people. As indicated, it can be termed as a disorder that involves having excess body fat in the body that puts the affected individual in very big health risks. Obesity does not only put people’s health into risks but it also makes performing simplistic tasks an uphill task. In most cases, you’ll find that obese people will not be able to do most basic things for themselves due to the excess body weight. For example, for the obese, using a bathroom becomes a nightmare as well as using the restrooms.

Going to the bathroom and wiping your butt seems really easy and looks like an invalid subject to even discuss or even talk about. However, the reality out here is that thousands of fat and morbidly obese people have nightmares when it comes to such a simple act as using the toilet. The most common question that I’m very certain you’d also ask yourself is how do obese wipe themselves or rather how does a morbidly obese person go to the bathroom? It goes without saying that it’s really difficult wiping an obese butt. Therefore, these morbidly obese people will need a wiping aid or some special personal hygiene products for obese people.

Morbidly obese people are exposed to great health hazards especially anal fistulae. This is because when the obese poop, it’s technically almost impossible to wipe an obese butt due to the overlapping fat layers that hide the obese butt crack. This hence brings the need for a bottom wiper for the obese. The bottom wiper is a toilet aid for obese that makes it much easier to clean an obese butt. Thanks to creativity that we have bottom wipers with us which answers simple questions like how do fat people wipe their obese butts.

Quick question:

How does a bottom wiper work?


We can term this as an excellent wiping aid for obese.  It has a plastic head and a smooth curved handle that makes it easy to reach an obese butt. The bottom wipers head is serrated which comes in handy when applying tissue paper. The serrations make sure that the tissue paper is gripped tightly. This wiping aid for obese come in different designs and sizes and most are small and very portable. The small size makes it easy to clean just in case the hand isn’t flexible enough to reach the obese butt. The bottom wiper comes with a simple bottom which in a single press, releases the tissue paper into the toilet bowl. This means that the obese individual doesn’t have to touch it which improves hygiene.

The bottom wiper is a very essential toilet aid for the obese as it also comes at very fair prices. With as little as $6, wiping an obese butt should not be a headache anymore. With proper care and maintenance, the bottom wiper for obese will be your help for as long as possible.

A bottom wiper is not the only personal hygiene product for obese. We also have many more different opinions such as toilet seats that clean the obese with a spray of water. These are also effective as they clean well around the obese butt. However, our main concern in this article is the bottom wiper.

What are the main pros that come with the bottom wiper for obese?

  1. Its long enough to reach the obese butt. This makes the bottom wiper most convenient toilet aid for obese.
  2. Some bottom wipers come with an extendable arm that makes it easy to use according to the individual’s desires.
  3. It comes with a simple press button that releases the tissue paper into the bowl.
  4. It’s highly portable because of its small size. This means you can carry it around in your pouch and wipe your butt when you wish.
  5. Edges are soft therefore it doesn’t hurt the obese butt cheeks.
  6. These toilet wiping aid for obese come with a non-slip head that ensures effective wiping.

The wiping aid also comes with a few cons which include;

  1. It might break if used with a lot of force
  2. Some wiping aids for obese are too large to be carried discreetly (Long handled bottom wipers are the biggest culprits).


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