wiping aid for obese when arms are too short

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You may not be aware of this but trust me there are thousands of people out there who cannot handle the thought of visiting the toilet. Some of these people are the obese. It is difficult for them as reaching an obese butt to wipe after using the toilet can be difficult. This makes them stink a lot and eventually lowers their self-esteem. This is a nasty topic to discuss but its deep into our society and we cannot ignore it. It’s very obvious that the mention of this brings lots of questions within you like how do obese people wipe their butts? Thanks to innovative people, we now have hygiene aids for the obese. These appliances such as a wiping aid for obese make it easier to reach obese butts which keeps these people clean and sanitized.

In the tissue paper showcased, obese people often need a wiping aid for obese to make the clean up after taking a number two effortless.


  • 21" handle supports 4"
  • Tissue / wet wipes
  • Bathroom / Shaving / ointment
  • Release Button


  • 11" handle
  • Tissue / Wet Wipes
  • Release Button
  • Storage Bag


  • 15" handle
  • Tissue / Wet wipes
  • Release Button
  • Carry Bag

1. Freedom Wand (most discreet wiping aid)

This is no just a toilet aid but a special one. It comes along with a delicacy of features that make it my favorite among the many obese hygiene products. It’s a combination of a shower and a shave aid and a bottom wiper. Thanks to its extendable design that it can be used depending on the users’ needs or rather size. This toilet aid is made from a combination of thermoplastic elastomers and polycarbonates which you can bet are anchor strong meaning breakage is out of question.

2. Bottom Buddy Wiping aid

Have you lost your hygiene independence such that every time you have to use the wash room you have to call for help? Worry no more as we have a buddy who will get you through this. Bottom buddy is one of the personal hygiene products for obese that have been developed by healthcare experts using state of the art engineering knowledge. Thanks to its patented “petals” that pull back for purposes of grabbing the tissue paper. Has an ergonomic and a smooth curved handle that ensures you wipe “down there” as well as you can.

3. Comfort Wipe long reach

This toilet aid for obese was specially made for comfort. Can reach very long for proper cleaning especially for obese butts. the design is ergonomic which ensures using has been made easy and very comfortable for cleanliness. Thanks to its smooth, rounded and cushioned end that use has been made even easier and more comfortable. A cushioned and a flexible end gives the toilet paper a tight grip


4. Juvo

An amazing toilet aid that was made to make taking a crap as easy as a blink for those people who really need help. It’s a simple, very safe and a very hygienic toilet aid for obese. This product comes through big time for people with a limited or restricted motion capabilities. It’s made from premium quality plastic that helps prevent easy breakage. Thanks to its smooth curvature that wiping an obese bum has been made really easy. Its comfort grip makes thing even much easier as it becomes easy to hold while cleaning.

List Price: $45.05
Price: $36.67
You Save: $8.38
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5. Maddak Self Wipe

How do morbidly obese wipe their obese butts? SP Ableware gave a simple answer to this very common question by inventing the self-wipe maddak toilet aid. Created from sturdy plastic, and is very autoclavable this is one of the best toilet hygiene aids for obese. It uniquely engineered design is heaven sent for people with difficulties when it comes to bending movement or the morbidly obese who have short hands that cannot reach their obese bum.

Based on my personal experience as a nurse, these gadgets are very important to these people as I have seen them come in handy for them. They’re not just beneficial to the obese, they can be used by the elderly, the handicapped and even pregnant women too. It’s with the help of these bottom wipers that I have helped obese people restore their dignity. I have therefore reviewed five butt wipers; hopefully, you will be in a better position to choose the right toilet aid

  1. Juvo bottom wiper

Its handle can be used either from the front or even from the back. This depends on the condition of the individual.  A squeeze trigger is fitted to hold the tissue paper on use into a firm position and once you’re done with wiping, all you have to do is simply press an actuator button and the tissue is released. As mentioned above, the juvo toilet aid is very hygienic as it can be cleaned just by use of soapy water. To add on to the sanity issue, the gadget is stored in the integrated caddy to make sure that its safe and sanitized. With a weight of about 6.6 ounces, you can be sure that manipulating the juvo is really easy. I bet 20 inches of a bottom wiper is quite convenient right? Well, the juvo has this enough extension that makes it a perfect wiping aid for obese.

Pros of this wiping aid for obese;

  • Does not require a battery
  • Long for convenient wiping
  • Has a squeeze trigger to release the tissue paper
  • Handle can be used from the back or from the front
  • Comfort grip for proper handling
  • Minimizes stooping or bending movement
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Easy carrying around

Cons of the juvo toilet wiping aid for obese;

  • Can easily break
  1. Bottom buddy wiping aid for obese

This wiping aid for obese uses very little tissue paper which simply tells you don’t have to overload its head with bundles of tissue. It’s very comfortable to use unlike other toilet aids for obese as it has a very soft rounded head, that is made flexible and fitted with petals that retract to manipulate the tissue paper.  The petals simply grab the tissue by pulling back and once wiping the obese bum is done, they retract to release the tissue.  The whole of this happens by a single press of a button. Isn’t this a true buddy?

This bottom wiper for obese used the standard tissue which is readily available. You can also use wipes that have been pre-moistened as long as they are flushable. Toilet hygiene aids for obese can be very difficult to keep sanitized, but for the bottom buddy, all you have to do is simply detach, wash and reattach. Its however advisable to use hot water and some gentle soap for the washing.

What people loved about this wiping aid for obese;

  • Easy to clean; detach, clean, reattach
  • Light weight thus very portable.
  • Comes with a storage pouch
  • Uses regular and less tissue
  • Curved handle for easy wiping
  • Sure and strong grip
  • No battery required

Disadvantages of this obese hygiene products;

  • Might not be long enough

Order the bottom buddy now and regain your full hygiene independence

  1. Self-wipe maddak toilet aid (most flexible toilet aid for obese)

The lower part of the device has an angled clamp on which the tissue is place around. This angled clamp has some sort of “teeth” that hold the tissue really tight. Once the wiping is done, a simple press button is used to release the tissue. Its design has been made round and smooth to make sure that the use is comfortable. Combining the handle (9.75 inches) and the clamp portion that measure about 5 inches, this toilet wiping aid for obese measures around 15 inches which is fairly good length when it comes to obese wiping bottom. For purposes of traveling and convenience, the maddak can be ranked number one as its weight of just about 3.2 ounces is way portable.

The handle has vertically running terraces to ensure a very firm grip. Not forgetting the handle is very soft as well to ensure not just a grip but a comfortable grip.

What people like about this bottom wiper for obese;

  • Smooth rounded design
  • Simple release button to discard tissue
  • Comfortable to use
  • Comfortable grip
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Light weight for portability
  • No batteries required
  • Prepared from sturdy plastic
  • Long enough for proper wiping

Shortcomings of the maddak toilet wiping aid for obese;

  • Too long for children
  • Cannot work with flushable wipes
List Price: $45.05
Price: $36.67
You Save: $8.38
Price Disclaimer

  1. FreedomWand toilet aid (best of obese hygiene products)

The freedomWand is definitely a superior option than the others due to quite a number of reasons as discussed as follows. To start with, the tips is smaller and this means that the tissue is held stronger for proper wiping. Apart from the strong holding of the tip, the lock mechanism on the tissue paper can never fail you as it makes sure the tissue is in place. When you’re done with wiping, releasing the tissue is very easy.

This toilet aid can work both with ordinary tissue, with sponges, wet wipes clothes or even pads.

When it comes to shaving, it easily holds and releases the razor and other tools that are key in maintaining your hygiene.

The bathroom aid that comes along is extendable and can achieve lengths of up to 22 inches. This makes it very easy during a shower especially cleaning an obese butt. Its tip is small and not just for a tight tissue grip, but also to fit in small crevasses which might be really difficult to reach with an ordinary bottom wiper.

To enhance the grip, the handle has a rubber lining. In addition to that, there’s a black band that is adjustable to ensure the grip never fails you in any way.

What is good about this toilet aid for obese?

  • Extendable to desirable length
  • Combined with a shaving aid
  • Comes with a bathroom aid
  • Very portable
  • Rubber handle to enhance grip
  • Small tip to reach smaller parts
  • Can use wet wipes apart from ordinary tissue
  • No battery required

Cons of the freedom Wand wiping aid for obese;

  • The tip prongs are delicate
  • Too long for children
  • There’s an attached premium fee tag
  1. Long reach RMS comfort wipe (most convenient of toilet hygiene aids for obese)

This wiper can reach up to 15 inches long which is a perfect solution to how do obese people wiper their butts. When reaching some parts is a challenge, cleaning may not be properly done and might even lead to stinking. This comfort wiper is here for you. Its ergonomic shape comes in handy for those people whose motion and flexibility is limited.

Every obese person wants a wiper that’s easy to clean after use. To start with, the RMS comfort wipe has a simple release button that releases the tissue with just a single press. After use, it can be easily cleaned using warm water and most preferably soapy water.

pros of this toilet aid for obese;

  • Strong tissue grip
  • Long reaching ability
  • Cushioned end ensures comfort
  • Can use tissue or wet wipes
  • No batteries required
  • Portable

Cons of the RMS comfort wipe toilet aid;

  • Might not be long enough

How do obese wipe themselves?

As a practicing nurse, I can assure you that this is not as simple as it may sound to the obese. Given the body size, it gets really difficult to reach the bottom parts. To be honest it wasn’t my intention to answer this question especially after taking you through my best picks of obese hygiene products but it has come to my attention that this is actually a very common question. So how do obese wipe? In most cases, and this is where I come in as a nurse, obese people will have caregivers around who take care of them when they visit the washroom. If not, innovations have led to development of personal hygiene products for obese which is actually the most common and efficient way of helping these people

How do morbidly obese take care of personal hygiene?

It would be a bad idea having an obese person walking around smelling like a hog just because he or she cannot maintain proper hygiene. In as much as it difficult to them, there are several ways in which these people maintain personal hygiene.  This and how do obese people wipe themselves are some of the most asked questions today. To start with visiting the toilet has to be followed by proper wiping. If there’s no one to wipe them, there are option of hygiene aids such as butt wipers that are very efficient.

Afterwards, a shower comes in handy and given that reaching some parts might be hectic, there are lots of long bathroom aids that are very helpful.

Obese people are very prone to sweating and for this reason, a deodorant or a perspirant would be really effective. It keeps them from sweating and reduces the chances of smelling

Are obese arms too short to wipe?

Technically, there are no short arms and everyone should be able to reach and wiper their butts comfortably. However, when it comes to the obesity, which is a disorder, the rest of the body gets too wide which makes the hands appear shorter. This makes it difficult to reach the butt. However, these people need not to worry as the above reviews forms a helpful guide towards keeping the hygiene of the obese at top level.

Here’s a “slightly” longer answer to this question.