2 inch toilet seat riser

2 inch toilet seat riser; ultimate toileting solution


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Using the restroom sounds like such an easy thing that one should do without having to struggle. But did you know that there are thousands of people out there who are faced with a challenge of suing the toilet? This has a lot of causes. It might be due to the old age, or even sicknesses that cause a lot of joint pains limiting someone’s mobility. Such people need extra help and care every time they need to use the toilet. However, a special innovation of the 2 inch toilet seat riser has made it possible for these people to use the toilet without the need of extra help. Choosing a toilet riser for your loved one can be quite confusing. A lot has to be put in consideration such as his or her special need. Here’s a comprehensive review of top 3 toilet seat risers.

Drive medical 2 inch  toilet seat riser with elongated seat.

This is specially designed for people who have issues with sitting down or getting up from the toilet seat. It’s made in a special way that allows the user to put to use the already existing toilet lid and seat. Its arms can be easily manipulated by removing them or fitting them back just as it may be needed. It fits very well into elongated toilets and you won’t need any tools for its installation. It’s made from molded plastic that makes it very strong and durable.

Nova toilet seat riser

This is an amazing product brought to you by nova medical products. They have made this product specially for people with limited mobility. Its hinged feature makes it really easy to clean the toilet rim just by raising up the toilet seat. Installing it is really easy as all you need is just a screw driver and you’re good to go. It raises the toilet seat with up to 3.75” to enable its user to easily get up or sit down. This is a combination of amazing features and you should consider grabbing one for your loved one.

Duro med cushioned seat

If you’re looking for comfort as you take your minutes in the toilet, then Duro med has got you. Honestly speaking, toilet seats are hard and cold to sit on and can be very tough for individuals with pain or overweight to endure. This toilet seat helps relieve the pressure and therefore counter the pain adding to some comfort. It has made in a special sleek design that will fit into all standard toilets. Safety is guaranteed by the adjustable straps that hold the seat into position to make sure that you don’t slide. This cushioned toilet seat can be used by those suffering from any kind of pain, those recovering after surgeries or even injuries. Cleaning it is easy as it tends to be water proof which means you can use any antibacterial cleaner and some water for that. Don’t let the discomfort kill your moment in the toilet. Grab this cushioned seat and you won’t regret at all.

There are so many products out there for these people with special needs. The 2 inch toilet seat riser being the best of them. What is important to remember is to keep it clean all the time to avoid infections.