3 movement-free ways on how to wipe your bottom after hip replacement

Use these tools to wipe bottom after hip replacement surgery

Wiping is easy and motion free using a

  1. Wiping aid (buy from Amazon)
  2.  Raised Toilet Seat (buy from Amazon)
  3. Toilet Safety Rail (buy from Amazon)
  4. Toilet Bidet that sprays cold water (buy from Amazon)
  5. Toilet Bidet that sprays warm water (buy from amazon)

In the search of good health and comfort, some arthritis patients are forced to replace a painful hip joint to replace it with another artificial joint that is usually crafted from either plastic or metallic parts. This is a delicate procedure called hip replacement surgery. After the surgery, the patient might find it difficult to basic toileting. This is especially when it comes to wiping the bottom after using the restroom. These patients need to recover as fast as possible and for this to happen, there have to be limited movements. That is why wiping the bottom is a bit difficult. Here is a simple guide on how to wipe your bottom after hip replacement. 


how to wipe your bottom after hip replacement using wiping aid tools.

Thanks to the creativity that now we have these tools for surgery patients as well as anyone who wouldn’t have the ability to wipe their butts. These are simply some extension tools, usually made from soft comfortable plastic to help the patients wipe their perianal area with quite a lot of ease and comfort. A good example of this is the butt wipers. These have a long handle and a soft head or ending that holds the tissue paper or wet wipes. They are made so simple such that once you’re done wiping, you just release the tissue with the press of a button and it can run down the drain. They are simple and easy to use and therefore you should consider grabbing one for yourself.

Use a bidet toilet seat that cleans with water

This is a simple and sophisticated handheld nozzle that is usually placed right next to the toilet bowl This delivers a soft spray of water that is used to clean the anal parts of the user after using the toilet. It can be compared to that sprayer in your kitchen sink. What makes it very comfortable for hip replacement victims is that very minimal movement is required because all you need to engage are your hands and you’re good to go. However, you have to make sure that the water is clean and that you’re well comfortable with its temperature.

In cases where none of the above options are available, the patients have an option of wiping themselves which is quite painful and treacherous or else they have no choice but to walk around with their smelly butts. The three tips are easily available and are simple to follow. Observe hygiene and you’ll have an easy time recuperating.

Get help from a caretaker

Some patients are lucky to have the ability to hire a caretaker. Once you open your bowels, there would be no need for straining your sick hip joint in an attempt to wipe the bottom. Call on the caretaker for help. this may sound disgusting but trust me we have those caregivers who are dedicated to this especially in hospitals and nursing homes. To the married patients, thank god for finding love as the spouse should come through for you. However, you got to be polite as its quite a shame having someone wipe your butt.