3 Toilet seats for fat people (& how to choose the right one)

Toilet seats for heavy people.

People often tend to assume that the standard toilets in their homes are the only universally used type and size of toilets. However, this is not the case especially for those members of the society that weigh above the average human being. Such members tend to require special toilet seats for fat people tailor-made for them.

Best toilet seat for heavy people provided by Big John Company.

One of the leading dealers in extra large toilet for large people, who they commonly refer to as the plus-customers, is the Big John Company. Big John stands out from other dealers specifically because it invests so much in the production of the heavy-duty bariatric toilets. It produces extra-large toilets seats for various categories each coming with a weight limit.

The products differ in design, shape, size, weight capacity and price.

  1. Big John 1-W oversized toilet seat.

This series of heavy duty toilet seats are wider than the normal toilet seats which are made to perfectly fit in both round and elongated toilets.  They have a 19-inch width which is more than 10 centimeters wider than the sitting surface of a normal toilet. The extra width helps solve the problem encountered by the obese who usually have bigger and wider abdomens and buttocks. It provides comfort when such persons are sitting on them by reducing the pain they tend to experience from the standard relatively narrower toilets.

The seats for the extra-large 1-W model are usually raised higher than normal toilets. This fat person toilet is raised by up to 2.5 inches higher than the standard height of toilets. This increase in height helps solve the problem most obese people experience, having difficulties getting up from the toilet seats. The problem usually comes with the fact that their knees are unable to comfortably support their huge weight thus painful. With the extra 2.5 inches rise, a heavy person can seat and get up from a toilet seat with greater ease and comfort.

The 1-W model has a weight rating of 1,200 pounds which is more than that which an obese person can exceed. This weight limit can never be exceeded and thus it provides an extra assurance that the toilet can never fail due to weight. The construction of this model is heavy duty material and usually comprises of extra strong molded plastic and hinges that are of stainless steel.

The stability of the 1-W model is improved by having two bumpers made of synthetic rubber. These bumpers prevent sliding and slippage of this strong toilet seat for fat person. This leads to reduced movement of the seat when a person exerts their weight on one side of the seat.

The installation process for this type of toilet is easy and does not require specialized labor. The only tool required in the installation is pliers. The toilet is the most durable kind because of the quality of the materials as well as the sizes. It is also the most expensive of those heavy duty toilets provided by the manufacturer.it is the best fit for heavy people because of the features it entails.

  1. Big John 3-W model.

This is a heavy duty toilet seat that has similar features to the 1-W model. It is compatible with both round toilets and elongated ones. The unique characteristic of this model is the fact that it has an open front and the fact that it is compatible with both a round toilet and an elongated toilet. It has a weight capacity rating of 1200 lbs. just like the 1-W model. This means it can withstand the extra weight of very heavy users without failure.

The 3-W model is stylish in appearance and a pleasing model. It is designed to have an open front seat which serves as a hygienic advantage. The front seat is openable making wiping easier, unlike the standard toilets that are difficult to wipe when using.

This model also comprises of stainless steel hinges together with bolts and nuts which often come packed in a different package for quick assembly. The stainless steel hinges are strong and tough enough to hold the weight of a very heavy person. The bolts and nuts help reinforce and keep the seat tightly locked onto the toilet.

The toilet also has underside bumpers that prevent unnecessary side-to-side movement of the seat, especially when the very heavy person exerts much of his or her weight on one side of the toilet. The bumper also raises the toilet 2 inches higher so that the person seating and getting up from the toilet does not experience difficulties. This helps those obese people that have mobility problems because of paining knees that are unable to support all that weight of a very heavy person. This model has a lifetime warranty because of the confidence that it can never break as a result of weight exertion.

  1. Big John 6-W oversized toilet seat

This is definitely the best toilet seat for heavy person and another product of Big John that is cheaper than the 1-W model and 3-W models. It is the affordable version of the two models mentioned above. It has a weight capacity rating of 800 lbs. which is considerably lower than the two models discussed above which have a rating of 1200lbs. It is for this reason that this type of toilet seat is not the most ideal choice for a very heavy person. However, it is more comfortable than the ordinary standard toilets.

The 6-W model has a 1.5 inches’ elevation compared to the standard choice toilet. This is a good enough elevation but not as high as the 1-W and 3-W models that are raised by 2.5 inches. A heavy person could appreciate that kind of elevation as long as he or she is not having difficulties using the toilets.

This model has hinges made from hard top grade plastic which is more durable compared to the plastic making other standard toilets. The plastic hinges also make the toilet less expensive and more affordable to most people unlike the stainless steel found in the 1-W and 3-W models which makes those models more expensive.

Big John 6-W oversized toilet seat also has a bumper just like the rest which makes the toilet seat stable by preventing it from shifting side-to-side when the weight of a heavy person is suddenly exerted on one side of the toilet. This prevents the toilet seat from overturning on such an event. Installation of these toilet seats for obese is usually easy and does not require any special skills.

Some toilet seats are built to fit in round toilets whereas others are built for elongated toilets. Elongated toilets are usually 2inches longer than round toilets. The extra length increases the target area whenever a person is using the toilet. This reduces the drip of water back and improves the hygiene of a person since there is reduced contact with the foul toilet water.

Q: What is the weight limit for a toilet seat?

A: Standard toilets are always in the danger of breaking or failing whenever an obese person uses them. This is because such toilets are not built to support the extra weight. This occurs when much of the weight is shifted to one side of the seat when trying to sit or stand up.

Repeated replacement of such toilets with new standard toilet seats is expensive in the long run. Furthermore, it is an embarrassing and traumatizing event for any obese person that does such kind of damage to a toilet unintentionally just because of being heavier than the rest of the population.

Q: How long is an elongated toilet seat?

A: Some toilet seats are built to fit in round toilets whereas others are built for elongated toilets. Elongated toilets are usually 2inches longer than round toilets. The extra length increases the target area whenever a person is using the toilet. This reduces the drip of water back to the person and improves the hygiene of a person since there is reduced contact with the foul toilet water.

Q: What is the best toilet seat for heavy person?

A: The matter on which type or model of the toilet seats discussed above is best for obese people is a subjective matter. The reason being the fact that different people have different tastes and preferences when weighing various issues or factors to be considered. Even the vary in their weight. Some are extremely heavy and would require toilet seats of higher weight rating. Others have mobility issues and such people require toilet seats that are raised high enough to make such activities possible.

Some people would fancy a toilet seat that has an openable front while others stick to that which has a closed front. Some toilet seats are built for round toilets, others built for the elongated toilets and others built to fit in both shapes of toilets. These and many other differences in preference are the reason why there cannot be a correct answer to the question of the best toilet seat.

However, the products reviewed above belonging to Big Johns have met most of the desires that any obese person would wish for. The toilet seats for heavy people are generally comfortable to use. They are stable and do not pose any threat of buckling or overturning when using. They are durable and despite the fact that they are expensive to buy, they are cheaper in the long run.

Q: What is a bariatric toilet?

A: Various companies have tried customizing their toilet seats to solve the problems faced by the few challenged obese people. These toilets are referred to as bariatric toilet seats. They are called so because they are designed to serve the obese and make their washroom activity free from difficulties.  The extra weight of big peoples is counteracted by several key design features embedded in these toilets such as improving the stability of the obese toilet through rubber bumpers and using stronger and tougher hinges for the oversized toilets often made of stainless steel or tough grade plastic.

Q: Can you put a bigger obese toilet seat on a small toilet?

A: All the three models of the toilet seats reviewed can be placed over the old oversized toilets for obese without necessarily replacing the toilets with new ones. This made possible by the design principles observed by the manufacturers that allow one to simply place a larger bariatric toilet seat for obese on top of a small toilet without having to replace the whole toilet.

Unique features of extra-large bariatric toilets.

  1. Cost

Toilets for obese people are more expensive to purchase when compared to normal standard toilets. The price is up to two times that of standard toilets and other times even more. The reason behind that is the extra investment paid for the extra inputs for such bigger toilets.

Extra materials are used meaning more money is used to purchase the raw materials. Another reason other than the number of inputs is the quality of the inputs. The type of materials used is usually of a tougher type which is more expensive to purchase and assemble.

  1. Elongated vs round toilets.

Different toilet seats have different compatibilities with either round or elongated toilets. Elongated toilets mean an increased surface area for deposition of waste while reducing the chances of dripping back of waste to the individual using the toilet.

  1. Construction

Often, heavy-duty toilets have heavy duty bolts that provide enough strength, unlike normal bolts that are likely to fail upon intense pressure. Among other key features of bariatric toilet seats is the type and quality of hinges that are in a heavy duty toilet. Most of the times the material for the hinges is stainless steel or high-grade plastic that does not fail with ease.

  1. Weight capacity.

Most standard toilets do not specify the maximum amount of weight that they can handle. This is because very few customers tend to consider weight capacity when purchasing. Most of these toilets cannot hold weight exceeding 250 lbs. without deflection or cracks appearing. However, heavy duty toilets are made to exceed that weight and often a weight limit comes along with the specifications of these toilets.

  1. Stability

Most of the standard toilets are just stable enough to carry a normal person with the average weight. For that reason, very few attempts have been made to ensure that the toilets can be stable enough to resist the weight of a heavy person. When a heavy person exerts most of his weight on one side of the toilet seat, the toilet often shifts to that side hence causing damage. With heavy duty toilets, enough effort is put in place to ensure such shifting is minimized. Stabilization bumpers are put on the sides of the seats to provide extra reinforcement. This limits the amount of slippage and sliding from one side to another by a heavy duty toilet seat.