6 of the best toilet seat risers with arms

Aging hindering you from using toilets anymore? Here is a toilet seat riser with arms!


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They say age comes with wisdom. What they forgot to say is that it has a costly price tag on it; talk of back pains, dizziness and inability to do some things you were comfortably doing while younger. One of them being, hindrance from using the toilet comfortably.

Just in case age or limited mobility is catching up with you or you are probably living with a senior or a handicapped relative and they are finding a hard time to access toilet services, then it is the high time you make their world much more comfortable in these trying times.

By getting them a toilet riser with arms, visiting the toilets won’t be a visit to hell anymore. These elongated or elevated toilet seats add a few inches higher to the existing toilet seat reducing the distance they have to cover in order to do a number two. This might seem a light thing to you, but to that elderly person, it means a whole world to them. This is definitely a ticket to leading a free life off assistance from relatives.

An extra touch of design may be added to these seats to kill the boring nature of toilets. A good instance is to embed a clown toilet seat with a riser to make the perfect combination for your toilet.

What exactly am I looking for in a toilet seat riser?

In this current world, there are a lot of available devices that may go by the name ‘toilet raisers’. This is why we have to ensure that you have the necessary skills to select the right one for you. When looking for a toilet seat for elderly, consider factors such as the maximum weight it can carry, how strong it is, whether the height is adjustable or not, whether it is a portable toilet for elderly or not and if it is hassle-free to make it easy for you to use.

The choice of toilet seat riser you will choose totally depends on your choice and situation you are in. Here is a keen sample of toilet seat risers I made for you that will definitely impress you as well as giving you that independence of your caregiver when visiting the toilet.

How do I install a toilet seat riser?

All toilet seat risers come with different manuals on how to install. It should, however, be noted that the best toilet seat riser for the elderly has to be one that is easy to install. As a matter of fact, a tool-free installation riser would be the best in this case.

The best-raised elongated toilet seat riser with arms.

  1. PCP raised toilet seat for elderly and Safety Frame

This unique toilet assistant device covers two functions all in one, it acts as a toilet seat riser as well as a safety frame. It is portable to ensure that those who do not need a raiser can comfortably remove it and those who need can place it back and use it too. This means that it does not have the excessive bolting, screwing and gluing that would have been needed if it were permanent. For the elderly person, it makes it easy for them as they don’t have to struggle to fix it. It also means that is will be cheaper as the costs of installing it are cut.

This toilet seat can be adjusted to different heights to fit different preferences and limitations. However, when adjusting for the heights, ensure that you put into consideration the stability of the toilet riser. The toilet tiles are, in most cases, uneven. This might have an impact on the stability of the toilet seat raiser. It is stable and one could put their weight without the worry of toppling it over. However, for extra feeble seniors, who cannot use it to get up, it might not be a great choice.

This seat is also made compact and lightweight to maximize small spaces. This makes it a perfect seat riser for the elderly as they can now carry it easily.  Its portability, as well as the limited design features, makes it easy to clean. This, however, may make it really hard for the plus-sized population to use this seat. It can support a weight of up to 275 lbs.

  1. Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Arms

The Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat is a great affordable toilet safety device that can easily be installed to a wide range of toilets. It adds an extra 5 inches fixed height to your standard toilet allowing you to sit and stand up easily.

In addition to the already sweat broth, it has removable arms, a consideration made for those using wheelchairs. They can now easily remove it and use the toilet comfortably. The seat can be removed and stored to allow people without any toiletry issues to use the toilet.

This seat, made from engineered tough molded plastic, is sturdy and stable. The locking mechanism used is a clamp that prevents the shifting of the seat on your toilet making it a safe product for the elderly and those just out from hip surgery. It is also easy to clean and is capable of holding a weight of up to 300 lbs. This, therefore, is a greet toilet seat for heavy person.

  1. Vive raised toilet seats for elderly

This affordable toilet seat riser has ergonomic features that maximize comfort when using them. This includes an extra fixed five inches on your toilet creating a high toilet seat for the elderly. This toilet seat has a tool-free installation and is firmly secured to your standard toilet bowl to make either an elongated toilet seat riser or a round one.

It is also lightweight and portable to allow you to remove it and make the toilet accessible for people who do not require a toilet seat riser. It is made from toughened molded plastic that is capable of comfortably supporting 250 lbs. The arms on it are padded and seat firmly secured to the toilet bowl to safely allow you to use your toilet.

  1. Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised toilet seat

The design of this toilet seat riser is majorly in consideration of the aged who have bending issues. This is achieved by the extra fixed 4 inches height that makes the senior citizens or those just out from surgery to easily bend and use toilets. The seat is made with an extra breath allowance just to add an extra touch sturdiness and comfort.

The seat is made safe with a front recess and slip-resistance feature. The locking mechanism used ensures that it is firmly secured to your toilet. The comfy padded handles add an extra tool to support you when lowering and rising from the seat. The portable light weight of weight capacity of 250 lbs. is easy to clean and portable. This allows you to safely remove and store it for later use. The seat is made from anti-bacterial plastic engineered to produce a heavy duty seat that safely supports you.

This is definitely a great way to lead an independent life off caregivers and assistance from relatives who think you cannot manage yourself.

How to cautiously use toilet seat risers for the elderly.

For the aged, physically handicapped and those with mobility issues, it is highly recommended that they visit the toilet with the supervision of a caregiver or relative. This is to ensure that they are always free from any falls.

The arms fitted to these raised toilet seats for the elderly are only to be used for support when sitting or standing from the toilets. Ensure that you do not support your entire body with them to avoid breakage.

If your toilet seat riser is portable, then make sure to tighten it regularly (a week would be good for it). You should also avoid sitting on the edges of the seat riser to avoid toppling over and unintended accidents.

How to maintain portable seat risers

Ensure that you clean your toilet seat riser with detergent and cloth that are non-abrasive. You may alternatively use warm water.

Always check to ensure that the knobs and bolts are secure in case of a portable or adjustable toilet seat riser.

FAQs on toilet seat raisers

As bonus tips, we found out that you also go with some unanswered questions after acquiring our services. As so, we would like to tackle some of your queries just to fill you to the brim with the info you require.

Q: How can I make my toilet seat higher?

A: You could opt for toilet seat risers such as the ones we have made aware to you above. They are fixed above your toilet bowl. They can be removed if portable or can be permanent to allow you to use them with ease. You could also use toilet plinths. These work to raise the overall height of your toilet permanently. They are fit between your toilet pedestal and the floor.

Q: What is an elevated toilet seat?

A: This is a toilet seat, also referred to as toilet risers or raised toilet seats, which adds a few inches to your toilet making it easier to access it when sitting or even standing up. It is used by the aged, handicapped to people with mobility issues. This limits the chances of falling down. They are available in certain shapes, sizes and specifications depending on your needs.

Q: What is a raised toilet seat used for?

A: A raised toilet seat is used to increase the height of your toilet to make it easier and comfortable to sit on it and also stand after using it. A raised toilet seat may also come with a support handle or frame to support you when doing the exercise.

Q: What is the best toilet for the elderly?

A: The best toilet for the elderly definitely without saying, has to be comfortable. Here are features you need to look at when acquiring one to ensure that it fits the use by the elderly. A key feature is definitely an appreciable height. Ensure that the toilet seat is slightly above the standard height of 15 inches. This reduces the bending distance and would reduce the paining muscles and dizziness caused by the much strain when doing a number two.

The toilet also has to be easy to clean to limit the time and effort used to clean. The toilet should preferably be white in color. However, if you think that the white color is tricky to clean, you can opt for other less bright colors. The toilet should be made from a material that is not affected by wastewater or rust.

Ensure you select a water economical toilet. At the end of your years of working and retiring, maybe, you obviously do not want all your pension to be consumed by the bills from high water demanding toilets.

Go for a commode riser with a powerful flush that will clean up your mess with just a single flush. It is a really frustrating scenario when you flush your toilet and you can still see the waste afloat. This means you have to flush again, wasting both time and water. This is why a well-engineered toilet will surely save you a lot.

Q: What is an elongated toilet seat?

A: Evident from its name, a few inches are added to the standard toilet seat to make it wider. This generally increases sanitary conditions by reducing the chances of drips and splashes. It is also able to accommodate your butt more comfortable to allow you to use the toilet. In most cases, it is two inches wider than the normal seat. As a result, it tends to take up more space and is also relatively expensive than the normal one.


Extra height and a more comfortable toilet seat make the world a better place for the seniors in the society. However, in case you have kids, toilet seat risers with arms may tend to be hazardous at times.

As so, ensure that the kids use a separate toilet or you can also opt in for a portable riser. Nevertheless, if your toilet seat riser is a permanent one, you could place a movable platform in front of the toilet for them to set on to when accessing toilets.

Looking for a toilet seat for a heavy person instead?