Must-Have Bathroom Accessories for Handicapped worth Buying

The disabled have limited mobility and stability and it’s common for them to need handicap bathroom accessories that ensure they are safe in the bathroom. This is the reason why bath aids for the disabled are necessary when sitting on the toilet or even transferring to a shower. They may also need more stability while jumping in and out of the tub. Since falling inside the bathroom is a danger to all handicaps, bathroom accessories for handicapped are designed to increase safety in the bathroom. These accessories improve the quality of life for those who find it hard to undertake these daily tasks.

There is a large assortment of bathroom aids for disabled such as shower chairs, lifting cushions, grab bars, transfer benches, and commode safety products. Now, the question is – what do you need? What’s worth your money? So, to save you a dime, we put down all the worthwhile accessory investments that you could make. We know you are screaming tell me already so let’s get it done.

  1. Shower Accessories

Shower accessories such as an adjustable shower seat, wheelchair commode, handheld showerhead, and heavy-duty shower curtains are very important products to add to the bathroom. They not only provide additional safety but also excellent practicality to enable a disabled person to shower easily. It is not always obligatory to renovate your bathroom complete with a handicapped design to make it handicap friendly. You often just need to add important bathroom accessories for handicapped to suit particular needs without going to a complete redo of that shower. The most important are handheld showerheads and shower seats.

ü Hydroluxe 1433 handheld showerhead & rain shower combo – Handheld shower head

One of the most important bathroom aids for disabled people is a handheld showerhead. This is among the handiest devices to add to the shower area. It provides much flexibility and versatility that provide workability for the disabled to have a complete shower. They can place the shower anywhere they prefer which means they don’t have to move when taking a shower. Disabled people are not very mobile and may need to shower from a fixed position. These types of showers make it possible. The Hydroluxe 1433 handheld showerhead & rain shower combo makes this possible, not to mention the fact that it adds a whole host of features. These include a wide rain, power massage, stay-warm mist, eco-rain, and a pause mode.

ü Shower Seat/Bench – Dr. Kay’s adjustable height bath and shower chair top rated shower bench

Disabled people find it hard to move around – leave alone doing tasks like showering. For most of them, they need to be seated almost all the time or even lying on some form of support. They are not stable enough to support themselves and will at most times need help even when taking a shower. This is where shower seats come in. They provide the needed stability for the disabled to be able to use the shower by themselves. With these shower benches, they will need just a little help.

What’s more important though, is the fact that these shower seats come with features that enhance safety in the bathroom. Disabled persons (actually all persons) are susceptible to slips and falls in the bathroom which increases risks of injury. Shower seats accommodate disabled people to reduce these risks while increasing comfort in that bathroom. Plus, the chair makes it very easy for them to maneuver in and out of the bathtub. This can be rather stressing. This seat typically turns a convectional bathtub into a disabled shower area. Dr. Kay’s adjustable height bath and shower chair top rated shower bench is a worthwhile shower bench that provides much help in that bathroom.

  1. Medline Toilet Safety Rails/Frame

A handicap toilet is designed with support bars to accommodate any disabled person with additional stability for them. Some of these toilets nevertheless are somewhat expensive for some of us. Take for example bidet toilets. Luckily, you can easily turn your convectional toilet into a disabled toilet without incurring unnecessary expenses. Installing the right toilet frames makes it easy for anyone of them to maneuver around the toilet. This necessary disability aid is also not expensive. It is among the most inexpensive bathroom accessories for the handicapped. It will make using the toilet very comfortable and avoid accidents without a need for redesigning the toilet.

Quality safety frames are made from durable metal with the structure made to fit perfectly into the seat. The Medline toilet safety rails are sturdy designs in the market that provide comfortable but stable support from its padded aluminum armrests. They conform to ADA specifications that means they fit well into standard-sized toilets. They are a must-have!

Other Valuable Products

Bathtub lift

Safety grab bars

Bath steps

Do bathroom accessories for handicapped mean more enjoyable showers?

Some things are made to just enhance the comfort and quality of our lives and its just wise to take advantage of them. Nonetheless, when push comes to shove, some of these things may become necessities in our lives. And as much as this is the case, we can’t ignore the fact that they make our lives more enjoyable. For disabled people, bathroom accessories fall in this category as they make showers more enjoyable as well as safer. They are likely to have more fun when they are assured of their safety in any case. They can use the bathroom ordinarily just like any other healthy person.

The Last Take

None of us want to live an uncomfortable life regardless of our body condition. We all strive to improve the quality of our lives, especially with new devices to make life comfier being manufactured daily. Disabled people especially benefit from these devices as they can undertake tasks that they couldn’t. Taking a shower for one has become easier for them than ever. It all comes down up to you to choose the devices you prefer and feel will be much help.