The Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo

The Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo

Breathing is a basic body necessity, but thanks to harsh climates, overactive immune systems and pollution, it is not easy for everyone anymore. More often than not, a couple of allergen- heavy days are all it takes to quickly turn a firm cross fitter to a sneezing frenzy. This can also be said for air stuffed with moisture that can be really uncomfortable to breathe in. If you have been inside a stuffed bus or train you’ll know what we are saying. This can easily invade and compound various aspects of our lives. This is why you may need a purifier or humidifier for your home. Which one is better anyway?

Which is better air purifier or humidifier?

Both humidifiers and purifiers can impact your air but they serve different purposes and have unique benefits. Air purifiers clean air by inactivating or otherwise removing pollutants from the air using a fan and a filter. The air passes through the two where allergens are trapped and clean air is emitted. On the other hand, humidifiers simply add water in form of steam to air by vibrating it or evaporating it using a wick and fan.

So basically, it would be unfair to compare the two as they serve completely different beneficial functions. You may choose one depending on your needs but there is a clever solution if you are stuck in between.

The solution

People with very sensitive nasals and airways constantly try to get the right balance between air purifiers and humidifiers. Unless, in wise cases, they are clever and lucky enough to seek a cost-effective, energy efficient and good device that combines the right humid conditions and purification. These, of course, are air purifiers and humidifiers combos that nowadays come in 2 in 1 packages. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Nevertheless, these ingenious devices are many in the market which is why we thought we should enlighten you about them. We will first get straight to the point and point out for you the two best air purifier and humidifier combo. Have a look!

Venta LW25 Airwasher Humidifier and Air Purifier

Ever thought about cleaning your air and washing it again on one of those lazy afternoons you think a lot? Well, it turns out that you can make that air fresh and sparkling like a spring morning. At its lowest expectation, the Venta LW25 promises to do even more than this judging it by its cover. It accomplishes such amazing efficiency due to the technology and sleek design incorporated. This one does not come that cheap but it eventually pays for itself with pure air in the house and low energy consumption.

The filter is well fitted to cover spaces of up to 400 sq. ft. It operates mechanically in such a way that it does not require ions, additional filters or ozone. The device does not produce any white dust which is one annoyance about purifying and humidifying combos. The fan has three speeds to choose from depending on how smoking hot or smoky the space is. Its humidifier hosts a large 2-gallon tank that needs minimal maintenance. A low-energy, low-bills device to cut on costs.


  • Minimal maintenance
  • No white dust produced
  • Effective
  • Large humidifier tank


  • A bit noisy

Sharp KC860U PlasmaCluster Air Purifier and Humidifier

This one exceeds the expectations of a purifier and humidifier by having medical-grade filter and humidifying feature. The Plasmacluster has a HEPA filter that works on rooms ranging to 250 sq. ft. – but boy does this filter clean air. Particles anywhere around 0.3 microns and above will have run out luck when you take this one home. 99.97% of allergens including pet dandruff, pollen, smoke and dust will surely fall victim to its efficiency.

When it gets to humidifying, it walks the path of ion-based technology that restores natural water content and gives air a fresh and nice smell. The device can be set to either just clean air or clean air with humidification. Bonus settings included are the timer, auto-shut off function, a silent library mode and the live carbon filter to tackle bacteria and fungi. These are some great features for such compact device that only weighs 20 pounds. It’s quite portable in other words. Additionally, our Sharp Plasmacluster is energy efficient by complying with Energy Star standards on efficiency.


  • Very efficient – operation and energy saving
  • Silent library mode
  • HEPA and carbon filters
  • Compact device with bonus features


  • No humidification alone setting

These 2 picks for the best air purifier and humidifier are sure to serve you well but still a disturbing question lingers on-can you really use purifiers and humidifiers together?

Can you use an air purifier and humidifier together?

Essentially, as the two perform very diverse functions (adding moisture viz a viz removing pollutants), they can be used together. That said, caution will be necessary to avoid them from limiting each other. The moisture from a humidifier could particularly clog purifier filters limiting their effectiveness. Damp filters could also promote growth of mold. Constant maintenance will be needed for the devices. This means cleaning the humidifier frequently and letting the filter dry after operation. Washable filters will have to be cleaned and replaceable ones to be changed often.

Does a humidifier help with air quality?

Air quality means having clean with the right ingredients which includes some moisture. Humidifiers add to air quality by ensuring the right amounts of moisture in the air. Dry air may be stiff and cause some dampness in the nostrils. Surely that is not quality air.

Do HEPA filters dry out air?

HEPA filters work to trap pollutants in air and cannot dry out air. The filter is made specifically to trap particles like pet dander, dust and smoke but cannot trap vapor which has much smaller molecules.

Best air purifier and humidifier – Our take

The purifier humidifier combo is a handy device to help you deal with air pollutants and moisture simultaneously. Let nothing hold you back now.