Best Air Purifier for Baby Room – Fun and Healthy Baby Rooms

Best Air Purifier for Baby Room – Fun and Healthy Baby Rooms

Most parents may think that an air purifier is not the most important accessory their babies need but hey couldn’t be more wrong. Sure there is fun in choosing nursery themes- the crib, the colors, fluffy blankies- but health-conscious parents only crave to give their babies a healthy start. This will come with benefits that will last a lifetime. Without a doubt, a great start would be giving your baby fresh in that room. You don’t want all the environmental pollution to end up in your baby’s nostrils. Do you? There is no better way to avoid this than with best air purifier for baby room. 

First: A Couple of Baby Health Considerations

No matter how spotless your baby’s room is, all kind of allergens are present even indoors. All these kinds of natural and man-made pollutants can damage a newborns lungs and immune system. Healthy lungs and immune system will lead to a good healthy life. Conversely, lack of a healthy room for a baby may end up being a life of inhalers, asthma attacks, and allergy pills. Now, down to business!

Which is the Best Air Purifier for Baby Room?

Of course, there are thousands of purifiers for babies rooms out there; which is just but overwhelming. Picking out a single one is not easy either. That’s why we’ve decided to single out the top 4 purifiers for you and you just have to decide depending on your needs.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra-quiet Air Purifier

The Rabbit Air Minus A2 is probably the absolute best of the best purifier for a baby. It features a deodorizing and six-phase purification system as well as a BioGS HEPA filter. The specialized and long self-life HEPA filter traps most allergens as well as reduces costs with less change of filters. Covering up to 815 sq. ft., the purifier does not have to be confined to the baby room only. But more impressively, how cool is the fact that it can stand alone or be hung on the wall?

The filter system includes a washable pre-filter, Medium filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA filter, and a negative ion generator. This means that it not only traps pollutants but also captures odors and freshens the air. It does all this while operating very quietly to ensure it does not disturb the baby. We all know babies love a quiet and sound sleep. On top of all that, you can choose a custom filter for your purifier such as germ defense, odor remover among others.


  • Quiet
  • Energy efficient
  • Long life HEPA filter


  • Not very portable

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier

Winix’s PlasmaWave 5300 series is among the best technologically advanced units for babies that you are likely to find out there. It combines the effectiveness of a carbon pre-filter (off-gassing and odor elimination) with PlasmaWave technology and a true HEPA filter to zap all pollutants thus eliminating them. It’s as if the purifier is on a seek-and-destroy mission in the nursery or any other room needing clean air. It seeks pollutants with the air quality sensor that warns you early enough to destroy the pollutants with the filter system.

The cool thing is that it works on all allergens and pollutants while killing nasty odors and bacteria. It covers an area measuring around 350 sq. ft. while operating quietly. If quiet is not quite enough for your baby, then the sleep mode allows it to operate even more quietly.


  • Air quality sensor
  • Works at a molecular level
  • Energy star rated


  • Expensive

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

This is a purifier that undoubtedly lives up to its name. The Coway Mighty cannot be overlooked in the best air purifier for baby room list. It uses a four-stage system and HEPA filter to eliminate contaminants and deodorize the air. This features a carbon pre-filter for odors, deodorization filter and vital ion to freshen the air. It can operate at three fan speeds that can be set manually or automatically depending on air quality. An Eco mode allows for energy saving by automatic shut off routine.

It can also operate with a timer to control hours of operation that may be needed. It also features an air quality sensor to tell you how dirty (or clean) your air is and an indicator that nudges you to change a clogged filter. Both of these communicate in real-time. A very quiet machine this one!


  • Air quality sensor
  • Eco mode to save energy
  • Four-stage filtration


  • Constant filter change

Levoit Smart Wifi Air Purifier for Large Room

When you plug in your babies purifier, it should work efficiently without you touching it or even the baby noticing its there. This is exactly what the Levoit Smart Air purifier was made to be. It can be remotely controlled through wifi to change modes, set schedules and monitor air quality. It also has a smart filter life that calculates remaining filter life and indoor air quality. The scheduler and timer feature also comes in hand not to mention voice control. This one is for the tech lovers who want to give their newborns a tech start!

Amazingly and amusingly, the air purifier covers large rooms of up to 360 sq. ft. efficiently with very low energy consumption. The CARB and Energy Star Certification mean it is quality assured and very much energy saving. A smart energy saver in that sense. It uses a Honeycomb active carbon filter with a true HEPA filter to be 30% more efficient and faster at air cleaning. And ooh! We can’t forget the fact that it is as quiet as rustling leaves (air purifiers with permanent filters).


  • Smart purifier
  • Energy rated
  • Large coverage


  • Needs wifi for remote control

We have seen the best air purifiers for the baby room but more importantly never forget how to select one. Remember the best air purifier for your baby saves you mot only money but also the life of your kid.

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