Best Air Purifier with Washable Filter– Great at stopping large particles!

Best Air Purifier with Washable Filter– Great at stopping large particles!

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Air purifiers are fantastic equipment to cleanse the air of smoke, dust and pet dander.  There are many models of these purifiers in the market. Most of them work effectively, at least at first. Over time, the filters of air purifiers clog with pollutants and debris which makes them less effective and even unusable. This means replacement filters have to be purchased over and over again which honestly may cost you more than a dime. You don’t want something that commits you to long term investment as much as its worth having it!

Fortunately, our stitch in time to save our nine comes in the form of the best air purifier with washable filter. These don’t need to be replaced and just need some routine cleaning when they accumulate some pollutants. So, instead of cashing in on the extras of convectional air purifiers, invest on those with washable filters. You can reuse them with some cleaning for the lifetime of the product. What we are saying is save your money without compromising results of your purifier. Nevertheless, just as you would expect these purifiers with washable filters come in many models that may just leave you in a little selection dilemma. Not to worry though, we are giving you the top purifiers with washable filters. Have a glimpse yourself.

Top 4 air purifiers with washable filters

1. Honeywell Washable Filters

This purifiers combines great features and also comes at a reasonable price. If you are a savvy penny pincher then this one is for you. It traps 99% of air pollutants like smoke, dust, pollen, and dander using iFD technology and an ionizer – the former being a new filter type with optimum performance. The filter only needs rinsing and drying. An electronic indicator on the filter check shows you when cleaning is needed. However, once a month is more than enough. You can even vacuum it during house cleaning to prolong cleaning durations.

It is worth noting that the Honeywell has low CADR ratings making it ideal for small spaces that do not exceed 170 sq. ft. It may lack a carbon filter and timer function but its 5 year-long warranty tells you it’s dependable on the long run. In all, this is a superb purifier for small rooms if you are demanding minimal maintenance with it screaming dependability!


  • Ease of maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Advanced iFD filter
  • Electronic indicator for the filter check


  • Small room coverage
  • No timer

2. Honeywell Odor Reducer/Air Cleaner

The Honeywell Odor Reducer/Air Cleaner comes with an abundance of fancy features to make it a best-seller. A quiet-clean permanent iFD filter that removes not only microscopic allergens but also odor gases ensures the cleanest air to breathe. Additionally, two pre-filters in the form of odor reducing and washable foam pre-filter make it even more effective. Smart controls make it very easy to use too with four cleaning modes available – max, allergen, sleep and general. A timer also allows you to set the number of hours you wish the purifier to run. It can be set between two and eight hours after which the purifier shuts after the set time elapses. Oscillation can also be turned on or off.

It is a great gadget for any room with its bottom accent lights and sleek design. An Energy Star rated device that won’t use much electricity.


  • Auto shut timer
  • Stylish design
  • Pre-filter options
  • Removes odors and allergens


  • Expensive

3. Winix Air Purifier 5500-2 with Washable Carbon filter

The Winix 5500-2 is a purifier loaded with great features to cleanse your air and make your life simpler. A three-stage filtration process takes care of the nasty particles that you would have otherwise breathed in. A HEPA technology filter captures 99.97% of dust, pet dander, spores and much more. An indicator shows when the filter needs cleaning. It also has an advanced odor control washable carbon filter to freshen the air. PlasmaWave Technology can be switched on and off if you desire even superior air quality. This is among the best air purifiers with washable filter boasting a smart sensor in auto mode to adjust the fan as needed. A LED indicator shows the quality of air telling you why the fan speed is changing. Manual selection of fan speed can be done with four speeds available. Sleep mode is available to adjust lights according to ambient light. Remote control can be used to operate it from anywhere.


  • Four fan speeds
  • Smart sensors
  • Remote control
  • LED indicator for the filter


  • Auto shut-off in low light

4. Blue Pure Air Purifier 211+ with Carbon Filter

The Blue Pure purifier is worth a penny or two upfront but this is overshadowed by the fantastic features which give it its monies worth. The filtration system is three-stage dealing with all air pollutants to leave you breathing freely.  The outer pre-filter layer traps large floating particles and is washable. It comes in a quadruple of color allowing customization according to odor. A further particle filter beneath the latter takes care of smaller allergens. Inside of them all is the carbon filter that is tough on odors and smoke anywhere in the room. It has a high CADR rating meaning it works fast and can cover large areas up to 540 sq. ft. It has three settings that are accessed with a button on the machine. A very quiet purifier this one!


  • Ease of use
  • Pre-filter color options
  • Three-stage filtering
  • Stylish design


  • Quite large

Final Thoughts – What is the best air purifier with washable filters?

As evident as it is, there is a dynamic realm of air purifiers with washable filters with one model as unique as the other. Each model has its set of ups and downs and one needs careful consideration before purchase.

In the end, the Winix 5500-2 wins this race according to us; simply because of the formidable line up of technology and filters that it brings at a reasonable price. It purifies everything in its path and the pros outweigh the cons massively