Best Air Purifiers under $100 – All the Savvy Pennies for Your Budget.

Best Air Purifiers under $100 – All the Savvy Pennies for Your Budget.

Fresh and clean is necessary whether you are at the office or at home. Let’s be honest anyway; it’s a must wherever you are. While modern civilization has come with lots of positive things, two of the negative sides of civilization are air pollution and tight budgets. The pollutants in the air may not be as visible as the tight pockets but we’re always taking in allergens, albeit unknowingly. Fortunately, you can take care of both these negative with a simple solution. So, what’s the best fix? An affordable air purifier! Let’s see the best air purifiers under $100 that make dirty air a distant memory. 

Top 4 Amazingly Affordable Air Purifiers- All under $100

1.Germ Guardian True HEPA Air Purifier for Home and Office

One of the leading purifiers in the market, this Germ Guardian is undoubtedly effective with a charcoal filter, HEPA filter and UV- C light. The three features make up a three stage filtration system that can not only capture allergens but also repel disease-causing bacteria and viruses. The compact purifier is suitable for small rooms not exceeding 155 sq. ft. Since the purifier is capable of dealing with allergens and germs, its rather surprising it is priced at less than 100 dollars 

The device boasts quiet operation from its fans making night operation possible without disturbance. Not only that, it is also energy rated as very efficient making sure that you don’t get just get a good deal on the purifier. It saves you energy too! It however lacks some extras found on more expensive models like indicators and sensors. It also needs replacement filters that can be discouraging because of accumulated costs. In general, though, the model is a reliable unit that works well without packing fancy features like more expensive models capable of acting as humidifiers too.



  • No interactive sensors and indicators

2. Levoit  True HEPA Air Purifier

Undoubtedly, this among the highest – performing best air purifiers under $100. If  you’re after a really compact purifier, then your search should probably end here. The Levoit is sufficiently compact for it to blind onto your desktop, table or shelf without taking up much space. Looks can be deceiving though because the appliance will shock you when you find out that it possess a remarkable system with three-stage purification.  The system uses a carbon filter, pre-filter and true HEPA filter making it ideal for basements.

Another superb thing with this device is the fairly inexpensive replacement filters. A blue ambient light gives a pleasant experience during operation while a red indicator shows when it’s time to replace filters. Sadly, it lacks smart modes and there is the critical disadvantage of small coverage. It purifies only up to 86 sq. ft. which suits small space like single rooms.

The Levoit comes with a decent two year warranty and is by large very helpful to those wishing to cover smaller areas. It consumes less space and energy not to mention the fact that it is among the quietest air purifiers.



  • Small room coverage

3. Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator

The Enerzen generator is a pocket friendly, healthy and extremely beneficial purifier to have. It works to reduce odors by oxidization and thus does not need filters. This makes easy to maintain with no filters to be routinely replaced or cleaned ever so often. Perhaps its strongest asset is powerful odor elimination as it destroys it rather than masks it. Recurrences are therefore prevented indefinitely. It also has powerful mold control and removal capabilities. This is all in a device that is very cost effective.

The eco-friendly device never produces which is a welcome feature with the fragile environment in this age. As a matter of fact and convenience, it destroys harmful pollutants making it more eco-friendly. The device is also very portable to allow you put it wherever you wish. A time control feature allows you to time the purification process without having to guess how long it has been working.


  • Very portable
  • Powerful odor elimination
  • Very low maintenance cost


  • Produces ozone that isn’t very freshening

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier

We firmly believe the times when purifiers could only be hefty and huge devices are long behind us. With companies churning out various compact appliances like the Hamilton Beach these days, that belief couldn’t be more accurate. Contrary to most air purifiers, the Hamilton invariably imitates a regular fan with literally similar design and dimensions. Nonetheless, let not the seemingly basic design fool you. It may lack smart features but manufacturers have given it everything it needs for optimum performance. Its performance certainly gives bulkier models a run for their money.

If you thought size was the only outstanding thing about this one then you are terribly wrong. What about the remarkable ability to function either vertically or horizontally? It can function the same way in any position which is a rare thing you will hear about purifiers. Efficiency-wise, it is ideal for offices, kitchens and bedrooms as it offers effective purification up to 140 sq. ft. It eliminates 99% of allergens and germs with three filters.

Zeolite technology is used to curb odors, which is a superb feature for pet owners. Additionally, it uses two permanent filters and a carbon filter that only needs occasional replacing. In essence, it will save you money in the long run. Three speed settings increase convenience with the lowest speed being very quiet. You can place it beside your bed.


  • Effective for odors
  • Versatile design
  • Permanent filters


  • No smart features

Best Air Purifier under $100 – Final Take

As opposed to earlier days when air purifiers were really pricey gadgets, the age of the affordable ones has really hit ground.  So why don’t you also crack your ground and grab yourself a cheap one. After all, you now know the best ones.