Best Commercial Dehumidifier – Heavy Duty Dehumidifiers Review & Guide 2019

When you work in an industry, an office area or at a construction site, especially in an old building, the humidity can easily rise and the air can tend to get rather stuffy. These areas are seldom properly ventilated making the perfect environment for moisture to accumulate. And we are not just talking about the moisture here, with all that flurry of activity within these areas, the moisture can easily make mildew and mold flourish. These may easily threaten you or your workers. But what can you possibly do if the humidity levels are already starting to create a threat at your workplace? And more importantly your health! What you can do is get the best commercial dehumidifier.

Still, with there being so many options that you can choose from in the market, it’s kind of hard to lock on to just the one unit you need. This is when heavy-duty dehumidifier reviews really come in hand. You won’t need to look left, right and center – and we will help you out with that. It’s all here.

The Best Commercial Dehumidifier – Dri-Eaz Revolution Lgr Dehumidifier

With large areas being significantly very stressing to dehumidify, you will have to come out all guns blazing with the big bosses. This particular unit can work on areas more than 7,000 square feet very comfortably. This makes it not just perfect for large offices but also for those huge construction sites and industrial areas. Arguably also, this is why many a folk consider it as the best whole house humidifier as it cannot be constrained to a single room. There are no limits with this one. A big advantage that comes with this model is the humidistat. This feature allows you to monitor both the humidity and temperature conditions as the device works. If you feel aggrieved by the prevailing conditions, you can then set them in line with your preferences. You will have total control.

We can imagine that you think this unit is very large because we said its heavy-duty – but you couldn’t be more wrong. In spite of it being heavy-duty, it is very easy to store and amazingly compact. It can be easily fitted in small spaces such as bathrooms and stairwells. Maintenance is also pretty straightforward given the fact that moving parts can be accessed very fast. In a few words, this is a high output smart dehumidifier that is compact and easy to maintain.


  • Amazingly compact
  • Easy to maintain
  • Humidistat feature
  • Large coverage


  • No auto shut off

Dri-Eaz Lgr 7000xli Refrigerant Dehumidifier

Sale Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi...

Second, on the list as the best commercial dehumidifier has to be the Dri-Eaz Lgr 7000xli Refrigerant Dehumidifier. If you are in the market for a heavy-duty dehumidifier able to withstand the most humid of places, then this unit from Dri-Eaz is perfect for you. It can extract 130 pints of moisture from the air in a single day – which translates to 16 gallons of water. This ability makes it excellent for humidity levels well over 60% keeping in mind that the ideal humidity levels are about 40%. This unit also features a humidistat that allows you to set the desired humidity level at the workplace or anywhere for that matter. This gives you the freedom to manipulate the humidity to constant levels so that working materials are not compromised due to fluctuating humidity levels. These stable humidity levels are also good for your health.

The dehumidifier can easily dehumidify areas of about 13,000 cubic feet – which makes it ideal for large workplaces such as construction sites and very large basements. Plus, it has very quick action to pull the most out of damp materials. This is a great option even when a flood occurs.


  • Quick action
  • High extraction power
  • Humidistat feature
  • Can work in floods


  • Relatively lower coverage

Aprilaire 1870f Extra Large Pro Dehumidifier

Our list of the best recommendations goes on with this potent dehumidifier, which can safeguard your whole workplace or home from mildew as well as other detrimental allergens. You will be surprised when you hear that this unit eliminates a whopping 16 gallons of moisture per day. So, according to the humidity level, this can cover an area of approximately 5200 square feet. Just amazing!

Moving on, this unit is a plug-in model. Therefore, there is no inlet needed to recharge it. Nevertheless, keep in mind the fact that it should be fitted by an HVAC expert. This is because it is manufactured in line with the specifications of HVAC ductwork. In addition, it sucks a lot of power given the fact that it is such a capable unit. Thus, be sure that the needed capacity for the circuit is available before running the machine.

While it operates quietly and is really efficient, we weren’t too concerned by the fact that the unit is somewhat bulky. More precisely, it weighs 133 lbs. Nonetheless, caster wheels and pulling handles make it relatively portable within those large areas. Aside from that, customizing the unit to your ideal level of humidity can be a tad time-consuming. This is because the manual isn’t the most reliable and perhaps a remote control would have been included. See 30 pint humidifiers


  • Large coverage
  • High extraction power


  • Bulky

How much does a commercial dehumidifier cost?

Most commercial dehumidifiers are made with a view of ease of installation which pushes the cost to around $ 2500. It could be more or less depending on the model. Most though come with long term warranties.

Why are dehumidifiers so expensive?

The fact that many dehumidifiers have very complicated features that must be customized to give users easy time in operation and installation pushes the cost up. In any case, it wouldn’t be worthwhile for you to call a professional every time you need to use your dehumidifier.

Last Take

Commercial dehumidifiers are good machines meant to keep high humidity levels at bay in large areas. Choosing one all comes down to personal choice, area to be covered and budget.

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