Best Filterless Air Purifier

The Best Filterless Air Purifier

In this age and day, pure air is more of a necessity than a luxury notwithstanding whether you have a special health condition or not. You wish to feel secure when in your living space aware that you are safe from countless contaminants patrolling the outside, but unfortunately that is no guarantee. At least not without air purifiers. Air purifiers were invented to specifically deal with polluted air by sucking in the dirty air and releasing fresh clean air. Furthermore, there are these filterless air purifiers which save you the hassle of maintaining and cleaning air filters. Sounds good, right? This is why we will be reviewing the best filterless air purifier to protect you and your family from polluted air.

But first, let’s be a little pessimistic or rather curious and ask ourselves if these air purifiers even work in the first place.

Do air purifiers work?

If you were to get a microscopic view of the fabric of each air molecule around you each passing second do not doubt that you would be shocked. Each air molecule contains different allergens and germs that are bad for your general well-being and health. Most of us are not even aware that we are taking these pollutants within our own homes. But then, try introducing a purifier to these air molecules and view them again and you will be shocked even more. You will just see pure air molecules floating around and wonder what you have been breathing in all along. The weight of the molecules also reduces significantly as the air purifier removes up to 99% of pollutants which plays a part in reducing congestion.

With that assurance, it’s safe enough to look at our top filterless air purifiers so let’s get to it.

Top 3 best filterless air purifiers

Envion Ionic Pro

One of the best filterless purifiers doesn’t even have to cost you much, as we see with the Envion Ionic Pro. It has a low price that can be adjusted into any budget, plus the energy efficiency it boasts keeps the energy bill low and nice regardless of how often it is running. The sleek tower design makes it a bit tall but it should squeeze into any corner very easily. It uses a collection blade to trap 99.9% of airborne pollutants that are infiltrating your living space. These are dander, dust, pollen, smoke, and other contagions. It extends further to deal with germs, smoke, and odors for fresh and clean air.

The front-loading system of the collection blade makes it easy to remove for cleaning. The blade has three speeds for maintaining air quality and fast cleaning – low, medium and fast. The clean indicator helps you to know when the best air quality has been attained. The device is almost silent in all speeds with a slight hiss on fast speed.


  • Silent
  • Budget-friendly
  • Three speeds
  • Ease of cleaning


  • Must be dried well after cleaning

Ivation Ozone Air Purifier and Generator

This is a compact air purifier with many great features at an even greater price. It has adjustable output dials for control and can purify up to 3,500 sq. ft. This is just perfect for any home level or apartment. It has an ionizer fan that can be operated by a rotating dial to alter the speed and filtering power. As if not enough, it adds a control dial to produce ozone that quickly freshens the air in your space. This comes in hand to kill mold, bacteria, virus, and fungi. The device is also aware that some people are sensitive to ozone which is why it can be turned on and off.

When we get to the design, it is the only purifier that is finished with solid cherry wood giving it a subtle touch to elegantly complement any room. Its true power lies in the ceramic collection plates that can deal with a pollutant in its path. It is also washable. You have to get this one if you want something that packs a powerful punch with little footprint.


  • Powerful purifier
  • Subtle finish
  • Handy features


AirFree Onix3000 Air Purifier

This is a fascinating air purifier! It is so popular as it uses quite advanced thermodynamic technology to sterilize the air while remaining environmentally friendly. The patented AirFree technology eliminates almost 100% of pollutants using very high temperatures to destroy them. There is a reason why we said this one is fascinating and that’s because of its lightweight and small design that allows it to be placed anywhere without causing any obstructions. This doesn’t hold it back though; it covers up to 650 sq. ft.

However, the Onix3000 produces some heat and it should be placed further away in any room. It remains a force to be reckoned with though by being extremely quiet and doing its job well. What more do you want?


  • Silent
  • Covers large areas
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Attractive design


  • Produces heat

Now that you have seen top 3 filterless purifiers you can choose the best filterless air purifier for your home depending on your living space. The great thing with these types of purifiers is that they don’t need replacing of filters like conventional purifiers. The filters need frequent replacement!

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How often should you change the filter in an air purifier?

This depends mostly on the type of environment that you are living in and may vary for different spaces. Filters need replacing when they get clogged become ineffective. This is mostly in a month and thus every month should do. You may need to do it more frequently though. To save yourself from all this, use filterless purifiers that don’t need replacing.

What is the difference between an air filter and an air purifier?

Simply put, a purifier is the complete package that cleanses your air and may include various features and systems to clean your air. A filter is one of the devices which a purifier can use to clean your air.

In a Nutshell

Filterless air purifiers save you the stress of changing filters often. Just have at our top three picks and have your pick also. 

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