Best flushable wipes for adults : Cleaning without clogging

Once you have tried biodegradable flushable wet wipes for your bum, they will most probably become among the most important parts to your hygiene routine. In case you have not used them before, they can guarantee you hygiene “down there”.  They enhance your sanitary routine more than bidets. If you are wondering what these wet wipes are, just don’t worry as we got you covered. We will not only tell you what they are but also review for you the 3 best flushable wet wipes. Let’s get to business!

What are Biodegradable Flushable Wet Wipes?

Wet wipes are personal cleansing alternatives that one could use instead of toilet paper. In fact, they are much more effective than conventional toilet papers. They are biodegradable as well as flushable not to mention that fact that they leave your nether-regions clean and smelling fresh. Who doesn’t want that really?

Now that we are on the same page, let’s review some single-use wet wipes that you really need to check out.

Best Flushable Wet Wipes Review

1.    Cottonelle Wipes


One of the most popular wet wipes for your bum without a doubt for sure. This bestseller wins in almost all the categories were it not for our other two contenders. If you are after a butt wipe that knows its job then you need to look no further. These wipes are alcohol-free and septic and sewer safe, a much welcome attribute from the use of SafeFlush Technology to make them.

How well it cleans

Perhaps what says it all about the cleaning job these Cottonelle wipes do is their fresh scent, quick dry performance, and ripple texture.  This texture enables the wipes to do a great cleaning job that ensures your bum’s sanitary routine is not left to chance.

Ease of use

The great thing about them is the fact that they are easily used by anyone. This brand became the No. 1 biodegradable wet wipes by reason of how easy to use it was. The user-friendly nature attracted countless online five star reviews that are amazing and amusing. This only goes as far as showing you what you should expect when using this one.


These wet wipes come in a small compact package that couldn’t be more portable. You can bring it with you anywhere as this packaging is very portable. A great feature certainly!


Strictly speaking, these wet wipes for your bum couldn’t be more obvious that they are for wiping your bum. Nonetheless, the packaging is so concise and discreet that it does not draw attention which favors you a lot. Occasionally, one or two people who know this popular brand may notice what you are carrying but there is nothing to be worried about carrying the best brand of wet wipes. They may even be interested in asking you where you got it so that they fetch theirs.

Overall experience

We said the texture is tough but it does not feel like this at all when working on your bum. This just ensures that it cleans everything otherwise the wipe is soft on your “significant other outlet”. When you use this one be warned that you will not look at any other. It is almost addictive!

2.    Dude Wet Wipes for Bum


Closely contesting with the Cottonelle wipes are Dude wipes and not without reason. The wipes first came to light after they were aired on Shark Tank and are available in two sets – a dispenser pack containing 48 wipes and a travel pack with 30 flushable singles. The 100% biodegradable wipes are septic and sewer safe as they are made from sustainable natural wipe material that has vitamin E and Aloe Vera to soothe smooth and sensitive skin. This material makes them hypoallergenic, paraben, and free from alcohol with a fancy fragrance. They are 25 percent larger and extra thick to cover extra areas on the bum. One may ask with all these fancy features do they really work well?

How well it cleans

This one feels very comfortable by having just the right wetness that gives a clean wipe and avoids excess wetness in a much sensitive area. Additionally, Dude wipes cover more area to ensure no area is left untouched. A comfortable bum wiping experience is hard to come by to say for a fact. Be sure to experience this one.

Ease of use

A large surface area ensures that you cover everywhere with a single wipe. The wet nature ensures a soft and smooth feel on the much sensitive skin to avoid cuts and scratches. The wipes are large but are folded in a compact manner that unfolds itself very easily when removed from the package. It is best you keep them inside the package until the time you are planning to use one. There is no issue with this one at all.


It comes in a nice rectangular package that is easily carried as they are pocket-sized, perfect for use everywhere and TSA-approved.


This is where this package outperforms all others. A humorous design that is euphemistically named Dude wipes to disguise their function. Imagine just saying; ‘Dude hand me some Dude wipes.” No one will ever know what you are talking about, except those using them of course. The fact that these wipes can also be used on the body, hands, armpits and the face just makes them more discreet. Do you want to be discrete? This is your answer Dude.

Overall experience

This marketing strategy for Dudes wipes was to suggest a manly experience from these wipes which couldn’t be more accurate. And by manly, we mean cool and straight to the point. It’s all about getting the job done well and leaving nothing to chance. This all comes with a disguised pack that you can carry anywhere.

3.    Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes


The Scott natural flushable wipes have a fresh scent and soft touch. They are made from natural and sustainable resources with no artificial dyes or alcohol so that they are gentle on sensitive skin. SafeFlush technology ensures they break down to be sewer and septic safe. The outstanding and frequent reviews say much about them. Are these reviews true?  We shall see.

How well it cleans

Let’s start on a good note by saying that they clean well. In spite of the fact that they don’t feel like this at all, they do a very thorough job. The issue is that they are too smooth to feel like they are doing some cleaning. The cleaning action is usually friction for wipes and the smooth nature may seem to suggest that they are less effective but this is not the case. They will leave you wondering if you cleaned anything but the evidence will be right there in front of or is it behind, you.

 Ease of use

After Dude wipes, could things get any simpler than with Scott’s wet wipes for adults? A simple package that is easy to open conceals the even simpler to use wipes. Anyone will easily have a great time using these ones.


There can be no complaints here with the compact rectangular packaging that can easily fit in your pocket or bag. You can take it with you anywhere really.


Stemming from the pretty small nature of these wipes and the packaging, there is no need to be very discrete. Regardless, the packaging will leave many a folk wondering what they are. That what you want when discrete is your style. No worries again.

Overall experience

These will give you a “Scott-chy” experience! First, you can easily carry them around and hide them in your pocket or anywhere you fancy. As if not enough, they went further and made them discrete enough to leave almost everyone with sporadic questions as to what they are. We were even wondering if they are but wipes. Surprising, isn’t? You will see for yourself.

Second, they have a smooth feel in action. They will leave you with no doubt they are among the best wet wipes for adults. You will never doubt Scott flushable wipes.

We have seen the top wet wipes that you could possibly use with no complications at all. You may be wondering why you should use them in the first place. The battle that goes on in the washroom between wet wipes and toilet paper is a dilemma for many. Why should one use wet wipes? Are they any better? To solve this question at its root, we need to explore well why you use wet wipes.

Why Should You Use Wet Wipes for Bum?

In this quest to find the best option for your buddy down there, be sure you are not alone. Many debates are raging online as to why one really should use wipes. Here is why they are better.

1.    Hygiene and comfort

The extremely compelling and primary driver backing one’s decision to use wet wipes is their hygiene and comfort. A meaningful portion of the entire population just won’t put up with walking around feeling dirty all day. And rightly so. If discomfort plagues you every step on the way, how on earth will you concentrate on the to-do list? The natural question that comes to you should be: why do wet wipes give one that extra comfort level? Because wipes endeavor to sanitize and clean the region after using the restroom and the fact that moisture is added to enable the user to fully cleanse his bum. This cannot be accomplished by using dry toilet paper.

2.    Wet wipes are multi-purpose

They superior cleansing action of wipes attracted many folks to use them for many different purposes. It became a byproduct many opted for. For example, when a parent purchases wipes for a baby while using it on the baby, he or she may choose to take advantage of the comfortable wipe in private as well. They can use it as flushable wet wipes for adults. Similarly, wet wipes for countertops can be makeshift bum wipes when in a pinch. It may sting a little but that does not compare to the lasting discomfort of a whole day.

The versatility of wet wipes will surprise you. Many military personnel and outdoorsmen carry wipes with them to the field for two reasons. They use the wipes post-restroom to avoid any discomforts during long hikes and to clean their entire bodies. This is what they call makeshift showers and they use wet wipes. This versatility directly results from the nature of wet wipes that are meant to remove even bacteria. We give them the multi-purpose cleanser Nobel prize here.

3.    Wet wipes freshen your derriere and the air

Wet wipes are scented to leave the bum and air around there much fresher. It’s worth mentioning that if you are sensitive about the air around your derriere, the scent of wipes is different from your movement. Any fragrance, not your movement, is a leap in the right direction.

And now that we know why you should be using wet wipes, some may ask where to exactly use them. We have already said that they are multi-purpose as a matter of fact. Many don’t think they are meant for the bum and maybe, just maybe, they are right. Let’s throw you to the battlefront on this.

Can You Use Wet Wipes As Toilet Paper?

You already are aware of our restroom battle between toilet paper and wet wipes. But, where do you stand on this battlefront? One thing we can all agree is that toilet paper cannot be used as wet wipes. What if we turn the tables then?

Frankly, wet wipes can be used as toilet paper and work even more effectively than the toilet paper itself. Both can do the same thing but you would be wrong by saying that they both lead to the same end game. Your choice will affect your comfort and hygiene. The best flushable wet wipes outperform toilet papers by a long, long shot. If so, why are toilet papers so commonly available?

The only reason why toilet papers have garnered much inertia is that they have been the only go to option for centuries. Our grandpappies probably never saw wet wipes and would question any wipe that is not one-ply, coarse, and dry toilet paper. Jokes aside, this astounding inertia is being tested much by the even more astounding cleansing action of wet wipes for bum. Wet wipes are replacing toilet papers with monumental momentum for this reason. Who doesn’t want to use something better?

If you think toilet papers are more flushable then they are biodegradable flushable wet wipes. If you think toilet papers suit adults more then there are wet wipes for adults. In sum, wet wipes can be used as toilet papers and are also multi-purpose. They work better than toilet papers and are more comfortable.

Despite the fact that there are flushable wet wipes adults, some prefer using baby wipes instead of toilet paper. Yes, baby wipes! Next time you see an adult buying baby wipes, the kid they are with might just be a disguise. And now we know you are wondering if this is safe.

Are Baby Wipes Safe For Adults?

Baby wipes, that is the name. They are called this for a reason. They are mostly used for babies in any case. Nonetheless, they are very soft and tender just like a baby’s nether bits. This is more appropriately why they are known as baby wipes. And now, they are among the best wet wipes for adults.  Who said an adult’s bum isn’t as soft anyway? Let’s indulge ourselves more and see.

Is there a distinct difference between wet wipes for adults and those used by babies?

This old age question hits most of us many a time during the day and the majority aren’t sure. Some argue that being safe enough for babies means that they are even safer for tougher adults. Experts agree with this but say there is a downside to it. Baby wipes help you free more fresh and clean when you use them. They are gentle on the sensitive skin and leave your bum very clean. There is no reason that prevents you from using them. If you prefer to be more discrete with them just use them in privacy. Companies are aware of this and are producing some disguised packages just for you.

With the evolution of personal care, however, adults have their own products. These are specially formulated wet wipes and the experts point out that maybe these are better for adults. Flushable wet wipes for adults come with added scents and chemicals. This is what betrays them though. You should play it safer by preferring unmedicated, unscented and chemical free brands. Baby wipes certainly fall within this category that allows you to use them more comfortably.

The verdict is clear enough that these products are just as safe for adults as they are for babies. The wipes have been working well for our kids for some time now. So well indeed that we now want to embrace them fully too.

In a backward-looking approach, we have seen the best wet wipes for your bum together with why you should be using them. Wet wipes can also be used as toilet paper and adults can safely use baby wipes. What happens after using them then? You will need to dispose of them. In a forward-looking approach, we shall face the bull by its horns to discuss the much-debated doubts about wet wipes. Are they flushable? Are they biodegradable? Are they recyclable?

Are flushable wet wipes biodegradable?

Wet wipes have been hit by a wave of bad press and perhaps for good reason. Most aren’t biodegradable and thus it would take time (about 100 years or even more) before they disappear from our landfill. Worse still, wet wipes disposed of almost surely find their way to the sea or beach. They end up littering the beach and damaging marine life. This happens mostly when they are flushed down into our sewers. This is a bitter truth about wet wipes. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to necessarily play out this way since flushable wet wipes biodegradable come to the rescue.

Some wipes should not be flushed down the loo and similarly, some are not biodegradable. There is a vast collection of biodegradable wet wipes regardless. Plenty of choices to choose from that you would almost be laughed off when you imply that wet wipes are not biodegradable. Wet wipes biodegradable were made to help cope with the burgeoning environmental challenge. These wipes naturally break down within a short time after disposal leaving no trace that it was ever there. They contain no chemicals that may be left behind and affect the composition of the soil, sea or the area where it disposed.

With no chemicals, the wipes become 100% biodegradable and super soothing. They lack artificial colors, alcohol, harsh chemicals, and synthetic fragrances. Instead, they use natural extracts such as calendula, chamomile, and Aloe Vera to make them comfortable for the skin and the environment. Environmental enthusiasts have concurred with the fact that some wet wipes are environmentally friendly as they disintegrate well to add to the natural composition of the strata they are put to rest. The invention of this category of wipes was a welcome relief as many complaints had been heard across all platforms regarding the harsh effects on the environment of wipes. Such complaints have since then reduced.

Are wet wipes for adults flushable?

Are wet wipes for adults flushable? it will depend on the ingredients

Toilet papers are lighter and disintegrate when flushed into the septic and sewer within minutes. Wet wipes also disintegrate but within a slightly longer time. Wet wipes easily disappear down the drain within no complications at all. More so, they will also easily disintegrate in the sewer and disappear gradually. Unless you plan to unleash your entire army of wipes all at once down the drain. Wipes will not affect the sewer easily unless complications arise from something else and the problem is compounded by wet wipes.

These are challenges that will call for plumbing services most likely happen further down the path that the wipes follow. If you, for one, have roots of trees spidering into the sewer pipes, then even the best flushable wet wipes will possibly cause some clogging in the pipes. The wipes did not solely cause the clogging but since they got caught up within the roots before breaking down completely the problem arises. As more and more pile upon the entanglement, they sewer slowly clogs and could eventually block. This can be addressed by simply having sewers that are well maintained and regularly checked.

Wet wipes come in many categories: biodegradable, flushable, compostable and so on. From the foregoing, it almost makes no sense to buy a recyclable wet wipe and expect it to flush it down the toilet. Let’s be realistic here; do you expect toilet paper to be compostable for example? Some wipes will flush more easily than others and others will not flush at all. Again it all depends on the type of wipe that you prefer so be sure to check its most appropriate disposal method. If it’s meant for the drain then expect no sewer issues at all.

Are biodegradable flushable wet wipes safe?

Wet wipes get the job done well but do they get it done safely? Two concerns that are common with wipes are potential allergies and irritancy. The sensitive skin around the bum is especially very easily affected with repetitive use. You really don’t want to contact some disturbing infection while after cleansing. The safety of a wipe depends on the ingredients of a wet wipe. Added fragrances and chemicals may work well with some fellas but not others. We already agreed you should play it safe by going for those without additives.

Notwithstanding the fact that some may cause a few problems, doctors postulate that most wipes are safe enough for the bum. The crack in the bottle comes during use in the bathroom. Most people use wet wipes wrongly which results in infections and then blame the wipes for this. Little do they know whose fault it really is! The right way to use a wipe is by swiping it from up to bottom. Yes, and not from bottom to top. The latter carries back any germs and bacteria in the waste to the sensitive skin subsequently causing infections. A single wipe should also be used only once and not repeatedly as it accumulates the infection-causing germs.

Most wipes can be used comfortably and safely for cleansing purposes on external areas of the body. If you are allergic to some chemicals in it, it should be safe to go for one lacking such chemicals. Be careful with the sensitive areas of the body and wet wipes will be safe for you.

Are wet wipes for your bum recyclable?

These sanitary moist paper products, unfortunately, are mostly single use. Some new brands can be recycled but have very specific uses. When used for some other purpose they may not be recyclable. The brands are also somewhat limited. You may re-use for some purposes here and there but eventually, you will have to let them go by either:

1.    Throwing Away

Synthetic fibers in most wet wipes make it really hard to recycle them just like toilet papers. Most are thrown away to landfill where they may be out of sight but surely not out of mind. The pesky synthetic fibers make wet wipes an Achilles heel as they do not break down easily once in the landfills.

2.    Littering

Regrettably, not all trash finds its way to the garbage. One or two wet wipes occasionally are tossed into the compound contributing to litter. This is a common sight in beaches that is rising rapidly. This can be attributed to the fact that most wet wipes are non-recyclable. Products that cannot be recycled are among the leading pollutants.

3.    Flushing

Flushable wet wipes adults are convenient as toilet papers as they leave you exceedingly squeaky clean. Even so, wipes that are not flushable may find their way into drains that form congealed masses in drains which are costly to unblock.

This era is obsessed with convenience that seems to be costing the environment. Wet wipes may not be recyclable but each has the right way to dispose of them. When this is strictly followed there should be no problem of pollution at all. What’s even more pleasing is the prospect that the much fuss about our convenient wet wipes will at least reduce, if not end.   Even toilet papers are not recyclable but there is no much pollution arising from them. When disposed of properly, biodegradable flushable wet wipes are no menace.

Are wet wipes for your bum antibacterial?

Most wet wipes for adults contain chemicals to deal with germs and bacteria on the surface they come into contact with. Plain wipes without additives may win the hearts of many buy antibacterial one are ubiquitous.  They are amazingly multi-purpose and easily portable. From cleansing bums to sterilizing surfaces, they avoid bacterial infections. The primary sanitizing item is alcohol which does not give any room for bacteria to endure. Most antibacterial products use alcohol as a killer agent.

Something pulls antibacterial wet wipes back though. The alcohol agent is tough on not only germs but also the skin. This varies between individuals. Most are tough enough and can use these products comfortably without any damage to the skin. A few may feel the wrath of alcohol on their skin especially during initial use but the skin soon toughens enough. Pediatricians warn that wet wipes that are antibacterial should not be used with babies as the skin has not fully developed yet. It can lead to rashes that may be painful for a helpless baby. This post expounds on when you should not use antibacterial wet wipes. 

Just like you should dispose of wet wipes the right way, so should you use the right wipes for the right purpose. What this essentially means is that antibacterial wipe is more suited to cleansing of surfaces such as in hospitals and equipment. This where bacterial infections are quite prone and rampant so it would be sensible to be using them in such areas.

Are the best wet wipes for adults compostable?

Here we will say yes and no! Yes because the wet wipes are made from air-laid paper that is absorbent, fluffy and soft. The paper easily breaks down and decomposes into your soil which is a step made in the right direction.

The no part of the answer comes from the synthetic fibers introduced into the wipes. The fibers increase durability and softness but this comes at a cost. Almost like a give and take situation. These fibers parts will break up but not break down. This leaves a lot of fragments of synthetics in the lovely soil since they will never decompose off.

The amount of decomposition also is affected by the “wet” part which could be problematic. This wetness comes from perfumes, detergents and moisturizing lotions that are chemicals not good for the soil or compost. Unknown chemicals are not a good idea for your compost especially if it’s meant for vegetable beds. The chemicals can as well easily find their way into our diet through the food chain. As if not enough, these chemicals can also tamper with delicate microbes that are responsible for the decomposition process.

Decomposition for wet wipes will also depend on the items the wipe was used to clean. Greases and oils on the wipes will add salt to a wound. When used to clean chemicals, such as in hospitals, they may kill bacteria in the heap that decomposes the heap. Some items wiped such as human waste may accelerate the decomposition process.

How to keep wet wipes from drying out?

Disposable wet wipes can help solve several cleansing problems. They are just perfect for cleaning baby and adult bums and cleaning up messes in the house and on the go. Some wipes clean specific surfaces. The wipes work well because they are wet for better cleansing. Sometimes they may dry out making them almost unusable.  Fortunately, you can keep them from drying out through several steps.

  1. Use a plastic resealable bag to store the wipes. This ensures that there is no evaporation of the fluids from the wet wipe. Most come with their own bags but purchasing an additional one to sandwich the parent bag is a top-notch idea. Your wet wipes will never dry out.
  2. Always keep the bag completely covered when not removing wipes. This prevents any air from accumulating in the package that may lead to drying. Stickers are used to cover the openings for removing the wipes effectively. Just ensure you have pressed out the air in the bag before firmly closing your packaging.
  3. Store wipes at the right temperature. The right temperature to store them is moderate that curbs freezing from cold and drying out from much heat. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight as they rapidly sweat out the fluids and dry.


If you are unlucky and your wipes dry out you can make them usable by adding some clean water.

How to store biodegradable wet wipes?

Storing wet wipes isn’t all about keeping them dry through this majorly the reason why you need to store them well. You also take care in storage to avoid distortion, tearing or contamination from getting dirty. How should you store them?

First, wet wipes for adults should be kept in a package at all items. It doesn’t matter where you are storing them. Whether in your pocket, handbag, backpack or even in the cupboard. Unlike dry toilet papers, wet wipes need to be in their package at all times to keep them moist and clean.

Second, do not store them where they are exposed to extreme temperatures as they run the risk of drying or freezing out. The packages they come in should help regulate the temperature which is another reason why they should be in the packaging at all times.

Third, these products come folded well in particular patterns and this should be maintained throughout until use. Distortion may come in when carelessly stored or handled leading to filtering out of chemicals which reduces the effectiveness of wet wipes for your bum or use anywhere else.

Last and not least, the best place to store these products is where there isn’t much air flow. Much air flow encourages faster evaporation of the fluids in the biodegradable flushable wet wipes. Occasionally though, little air flows should be allowed to prevent sweating in the bag.

Do wet wipes biodegradable expire?

This all depends on the type of wet wipes or rather the ingredients it contains. The wipe itself without added fluids and fragrances will hardly expire. This is not a common scenario since the wipes need to be wet for better action. These added chemical have shorter life spans that lessen the life of the wipe itself. The typical shelf-life is always indicated on the package. Generally, their life is mostly two years when unopened and three months when opened. This is simply because open wipes are more exposed to outside environments.

The expiry of a wet wipe will also depend on the storage of that package. If stored well it will most likely reach the indicated life if it stays that long. When not stored in the right conditions and environment, the shelf-life will significantly reduce. Wipes are made in convenient packages to avoid situations where they stay this long. You should strive to get a package that you will use within the specified period. You can always get another one from various stores.

Most importantly, you should avoid using expired wipes at any cost. Expired wet wipes for your bum are very itchy on the sensitive skin and can lead to irritations and allergies. They also won’t work as effectively when the chemicals are expired. Another reason to avoid keeping them this long is that they will be hard to dispose of once expired. Biodegradable flushable wet wipes may no longer be the same once expired.

Do wet wipes kill germs?

Without a doubt, they do just that it’s not all of them. It all depends on the chemicals that the wet wipes contain. Some just contain fragrances and lotions that do not work on germs. These cannot kill germs. Others have chemicals and alcohol that get rid of germs well. The labels on the packages contain information about the ingredients in the wipe which should a guide as to those that can kill germs and those that can’t. Depending on the use also, they contain these germ-killing chemicals in different compositions for effectiveness in various uses. One for the bum cannot have the same alcohol for killing germs like one for use on any surface. They all will work to kill germs on their respective parts efficiently with these concentrations.

In fact, just like in movies where that wounded star uses alcohol to treat the wound, soldiers use alcohol on wipes to clean and disinfect their wounds.

Do flushable wet wipes adults contain alcohol?

Not each and every wet wipe contains alcohol per se. Alcohol is mostly used as an additive to deal with germs and bacteria. Since some people suffer allergic reaction on skin contact with alcohol, some wet wipes will not include alcohol. Others will use it to help avoid infections and the like. Concentrations also vary.

Natural wipes, or at least those marketed as natural, will not contain alcohol as it is an artificial material. This is also the same case with biodegradable wet wipes. With alcohol, they would never be biodegradable. The best-wet wipes for adults are likely to contain some alcohol since adults’ skins are tough enough to endure the action of alcohol when dealing with germs. The alcohol helps to boost the cleansing action when used alongside other chemicals in the wipes. Antibacterial wet wipes will certainly contain some alcohol in their fluid composition.

Can you take biodegradable flushable wet wipes on a plane?

There is much jeopardy about this arising from the fact wet wipes contain some liquids. Air transport authorities and regulations such TSA would then be tempted to subject them to the liquids rule. This does not happen anyway. Since your body also contains liquids why isn’t it subjected to this rule?

Consequently, you can carry your wet wipes to the plane and use them in the restroom there. There is no rule or reason exempting you from doing so. They even hardly notice them since x-rays will never in a million years detect wet wipes. This will probably get tighter in the coming years as one comedian joked that he foresaw the liquids rule in planes getting tighter and probably you will even be asked to go to the washroom before boarding a plane.

The wet wipes will always fit underneath the plane seat or in the overhead bin so you could carry it as carry-on luggage. It may also be in the checked baggage with no problems at all.

Can wet wipes cause hemorrhoids?

A hemorrhoid is a dilated, easily broken and engorged varicosity present around the perianal area that comes with itching. These mostly result from infections in the bum due to various germs and bacteria. Wet wipes do not cause hemorrhoids but help deal with such infections. They contain alcohol and chemicals that kill these bacteria and germs. These infections mostly result from using wipes or toilet papers wrongly. Paper cuts on the sensitive skin may allow bacteria and germs from waste to cause infections. This is the reason why wipes are wet to avoid such cuts, unlike toilet papers.

Natural products such as Aloe Vera present in most wipes help accelerate the healing process cuts on the skin to avoid infections while the other ingredients deal with infection-causing particles. Wet wipes should help you heal your hemorrhoid within a shorter time than it would have taken.

What do wet wipes contain?

There are different types of wet wipes: biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, baby wipes, adult wipes and even flushable. These are made using slightly different ingredients though parent components are similar. The wipe itself is made from paper that is fluffy and soft which is toughened using polyester and synthetic. For this reason, they are called microplastics.

The wipes are then treated to add chemicals such as alcohol to boost their effectiveness and cleansing action. Natural products that include vitamins and Aloe Vera are then added so that they wet wipes are gentle on the skin even though they contain chemicals. The main constituents are paper, synthetics, and polyester that are topped with the various naturals and chemicals.

Depending on the type of wet wipe, some other components may be added or omitted. Biodegradable wet wipes may not contain any chemicals or additives.

In A Nutshell

Wet wipes are multi-purpose products that are very comfortable and hygienic to use. They come in various brands and categories to bolster their effectiveness and cleansing action. They also contain various ingredients that make them work better than toilet papers in most cases. They were concerns initially about the environmental burden that wet wipes impose but biodegradable, flushable, compostable and recyclable brands are solving this. Wipes have been re-engineered to contain wood pulp just like toilet paper to make them just as flushable. The only challenge is that they don’t break down or even break up as fast as toilet papers. If entangled in the septic and sewers, they pose a risk of blocking the sewage. Wet wipes should be disposed of in the right way.

There are several types of wet wipes with varied overall working action and effectiveness. Among the best are Cottonelle, Dude and Scott’s natural wet wipes. They come in discrete packages that should be stored well to ensure they last up to their shelf life. Some steps ought to be taken to ensure that wet wipes do not dry. Dry wet wipes are not as effective as those that have retained their moist texture.