Top 5 best vacuums under 200 reviews

Top 5 best vacuums under 200 reviews


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Spending big bucks on a vacuum cleaner doesn’t always guarantee you a good quality vacuum cleaner. You’d be surprised that these highly-priced vacuums will do the same function as the cheap ones.

So can you find a quality vacuum under 200? It’s a big yes. These vacuums under 200 will do the same, if not much better, cleaning that those expensive vacuums could have done. Don’t dig too deep into your pockets while the solution lies just at 200 dollars.

Such vacuums come in different makes and designs, starting from upright, handheld and even canister vacuums. Don’t struggle to choose among the many types you will come across. Just look at this review of top 5 best vacuums under 200.

  1. The shark rotator upright bagless vacuum (for hard floors and carpet) with anti-allergy seal

This is one of the best vacuums under 200. It has been made in an extraordinary design that makes cleaning easy. With just a press of a button, you can detach the canister, (lift away mode), to clean the raised areas that are a bit tough to reach. It has been made with complete seal technology in addition to a HEPA filter. These two features ensure close to 100% filtration to trap all allergens. The dust cup has a magnificent capacity(extra-large) to ensure zero interruption during cleaning. Finally, I can’t forget to highlight its swivel steering that has been improved with LED lighting to help in manoeuvring around the floor space.

  1. Pure clean robot vacuum automatic and programmable (best vacuums under 200)

This would be a hit if you have pets in your house. However, this doesn’t limit the usage of this vacuum. It can be used for the tiles, carpet and hardwood floors. The most interesting feature about this cleaner is that it’s programmable. This means that it has a scheduler that automatically activates the vacuum at your desired time, regardless of your presence. Once the vacuum has cleaned and has run out of charge, it automatically attaches itself to its charging dock. However, this is unlikely to happen due to its long-lasting battery that allows for up to 90 minutes of proper cleaning. Cleaning is thorough due to the robot’s dual brushes. They extend to the vacuums reach and at the same time rotate to catch all forms of fine dust on the floor. Its low and slim profile is slim enough to move around the entire floor space including under furniture such as beds and sofas. It’s run by a powerful motor that ensures that no clogging happens and no allergens are left free. However, this vacuum will not help when it comes to hard to reach areas like stairs.

  1. Bissell 9595A clean view vacuum bagless plus OnePass

With less than 200, you can grab this dime that will make your cleaning unbelievably easy. It’s been made in a sleek design that takes very little weight. This makes it very easy to carry around and clean the floor space that you have. Besides the lightweight, its suction is powerful due to the multi-cyclonic technology. This sucks all the dust, including any pieces of debris that the vacuum comes across. The vacuum can distinguish dirt and debris which ensures proper filtration and zero cloggings. When other vacuums can’t help with unreachable areas, the Bissell is your best friend when it comes to such places. Its equipped with a turbo brush tool that is handheld and is easy to use for raised areas including your car. Its filter is washable and comes with an extensible ward and an extra-large dirt tank.

  1. Oreck commercial XL2100RHS upright vacuum

The most distinct feature of this vacuum is the hand handle. This has come to make vacuuming a fun, easy and comfortable exercise. This handle takes away bending of the wrist as well as hand squeezing. Guess what! This vacuum has been recognized worldwide and was recently accorded the ease of use award by the arthritis foundation. This vacuum takes care of your floors through its bumpers that have been made non-marring. It protects the baseboards, floors and furniture in general. The sleek design makes it easy to reach the hidden spots like under beds and sofas. It consumes very little power during cleaning as the dust bag fills up. The long cord of close to 35 feet makes sure that no corner is left unattended to.

  1. Hoover Linx BH50010 cordless vacuum cleaner

This is the last vacuum in our top 5 list. This, however, doesn’t mean that its less of a vacuum cleaner. To start, this great vacuum cleaner uses a lithium-ion battery that comes with the package. These batteries are interchangeable and they provide freedom to clean using this cordless vacuum to any corners of the floor space. A good vacuum cleaner should reach the tightest spots. This is well taken care of by this vacuums recline handle. You don’t need to move your furniture to reach those tight spots. Reaching is also assisted by its edge bristles. These will clean the floor edges and other spots that tend to be hard to reach. For any vacuum to be effective, it needs to have excellent suction power. When it comes to this vacuum, a wind tunnel technology creates a suction power like no other. This makes sure that all the dirt and debris have been removed and expelled in the best way possible. With just a weight of under 10 pounds, this vacuum is easy to carry from one room to the other, or even upstairs for cleaning. The hoover Linx vacuum cleaner can clean multiple types of floors. This is made able by the different modes of cleaning that you can easily switch in between by just pressing a button. Filtration is perfect to make sure that all allergens, especially those from dust and pet hair are well taken care of.

So which vacuum cleaner under 200 would you choose? This will depend on your taste and preference. However, make sure that whatever you choose delivers proper cleaning. For the best choice, try to look for other features as mentioned above.