Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors and Area Rugs 2019 reviews

Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors and Area Rugs 2019 reviews

A hardwood floor and floor rugs can’t be vacuumed in the same way. They require different amounts of suction given the difference in material and nature of the floors. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should get two different vacuums if you have both floors in your house. We have vacuums that have a multipurpose design that works well for different types of floors. These vacuums work by altering the suction power or the brush roll setting to blend with the floor being cleaned. In this product reviews, we have zoned in on three of the top vacuums that are good for hardwood floors and area rugs. Without much further ado, let’s get into it! 

 BISSEL hard floor expert vacuum cyclonic 1547-best vacuums for hardwood floors and area rugs.

With this vacuum, you have a beast that is a cleaning expert, powerful and with unbelievable manoeuvrability, to make cleaning very easy and effortless. To be fair enough, this vacuum takes the top position when it comes to the best vacuums for hardwood floors and area rugs. So what makes this vacuum stand out? Here are some of its unique features.

It has been crafted with multi-cyclonic technology that delivers excellent suction power that lasts for a very long period to make sure that you clean through your floor space uninterrupted. The strong suction power is also too strong for the large dust particles and strong debris.

Its turbine foot has been made from strong material that is excellently tough on the hard floors and at the same time very gentle to the area rugs. Its cleaning path width is about 11 inches. This combined with a power rating of close to 9.2 amps, make sure that no dust particles are left unattended to. The foot is also multi-surface that picks dust excellently for both mats, hard floor areas and carpets.

Emptying the vacuum is easy as the tank opens from the bottom which leaves the floor with no mess at all. The vacuum is also very lightweight and very easy to carry around during cleaning. The telescoping wand also makes it easier to clean the hard to reach areas such as stairs and ceilings. For more convenience, additional tools to aid with the cleaning have been included in the package.

 Bissell PowerEdge pet vacuum (bagless stick vacuum 81L2A)

We can’t talk about the Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors and Area Rugs without talking about this state of the art vacuum cleaner. Starting from its design, then its power and ease of use, this dime is just irresistible. It has some features that you won’t find in any other vacuum cleaner.

First of all, is the v-shaped cleaning foot? This gives the vacuum a cleaning width of close to 12 inches which makes it easy to clean the larger areas and remove the stubborn debris from the hard floors. A combination of the v-shaped foot and the close top 20-foot-long power cord makes cleaning around the house very easy. The v-shaped foot also works in a special way to refine cleaning. The centre suction part of the foot sucks up the larger debris while the v edges of the foot suck up the smaller and finer debris.

The power rating is about 6 amps which deliver strong enough suction to pick up all the dust particles and debris on the floors. The dirt cup is large enough which accommodates a lot of pf debris to make sure that cleaning is uninterrupted. The dirt cup is also very easy to empty, which makes your cleaning tasks a breeze.

The vacuum has special and unique rubber squeegees whose main purpose is to capture those pet hairs and finer dust particles into the vacuum to make sure the hard floors are left shining and spotless. The vacuum is also very efficient with cleaning the hard to reach edges and corners. However, this vacuum isn’t the best for the rags. It would be better of you used it for the hard floors.

 The shark rocket deluxepro ultra-light corded stick vacuum, Bordeaux

Last but not least is this vacuum by shark. When it comes to portability and versatility, no vacuum beats this. It easily converts into a handheld vacuum that works best for the hard to reach areas such as ceilings and stairs and even the car seats. The vacuum comes with a pet multi-tool plus a duster crevice tool.

The vacuum works just perfect for the quick pickups such as the fine dust and short pet hair, especially on hard floors and rugs. It’s a corded vacuum whose cord extends to close to 30 feet to make sure that the whole floor area is taken care of. The cord length plus the included attachments (ill mention them in a while) make all the around the house cleaning possible.

The vacuum is also lightweight (about 10 pounds). This is easy to carry around and work with just as your floor space demands. Each home appliance requires cleaning and maintenance to make sure that its life is extended. When it comes to this dime by shark, cleaning is super easy. All you have to do run water on the components until the water runs clear. Air dry them and return to your vacuum. As simple as that. If you make this your routine, you’re assured of quality and efficient cleaning.

Cleaning around and below the furniture is very easy. This is made possible by the swivel steering technology which is further improved by LED headlights to make sure that you trace all the debris under the furniture. The motor is also very powerful, which with a complete seal technology make sure that no suction is lost. The dust cup is extra-large to make sure cleaning is uninterrupted.

Lastly, the included accessories include; a smaller handheld vacuum, a floor nozzle, a wand, duster crevice tool and a pet multi-tool.

Don’t be fooled by those large vacuum cleaners that won’t satisfy the diversity of your floor taste. With any of the above dimes, you’re assured of quality cleaning whether you have hard floors or rags.