best vacuums under 150-the comprehensive buying guide

best vacuums under 150-the comprehensive buying guide

Vacuuming may not be as easy as it sounds. It’s a tedious job that involves a lot of movement and bending, which will leave your back cracking. This gets even worse when you don’t have a good vacuum for the job. Most people end up getting expensive vacuums thinking that the higher the price tag the better the cleaning will be. This is so wrong. It’s about time you realize that there are cheap vacuums (below 150), that will do the same cleaning (if not better), like those overpriced vacuums. Don’t worry lad. I got you. Just read through these simple buying guide for the best vacuums under 150. 

 The shark navigator deluxe NV360 upright vacuum

You can’t talk of state of the art vacuums without mentioning those by shark. For close to a century, shark has been in this field of home appliances. This assures you that this is one of the best vacuums under 150. Its features are a great combination that will deliver the cleanest floors even if you have pets.

It’s an upright vacuum that has a lift-away option. Choosing this mode is done by just a press of a button, that lifts the canister away to make it easy to clean those hard to reach areas such as stairs and ceilings. Every vacuum cleaner should be able to protect the user from allergens. When it comes to the shark navigator, it is equipped with a HEPA filter plus a complete seal technology. This sweet combination works to make sure that all the dust particles plus allergens are trapped and retained inside the vacuum.

To cater for uninterrupted vacuuming, this vacuum cleaner has been fitted with a large dust cup of capacity up to 12 dry quarts. Cleaning around furniture is easy. First is due to its long cord and secondly, the unique swivel steering controls. The package also comes with a complimentary upholstery tool plus an inch crevice tool, all which make cleaning very easy.

 Hoover- Series upright vacuum UH30310(best vacuum under 150)

This is the best vacuum to use if you have pets around your house. To start with, let’s look at its suction power. It has been made using wind tunnel technology (P.A.W.S pet approved) this works to deliver a powerful suction that removes even the stubborn dirt deep in the floors and carpets. The technology also minimizes blowback and scatter of the dirt in the carpet.

Allergens are well taken care of by the activated HEPA filter media bags that trap 99.99% of the dust and allergens such as pollen. Emptying the dust bag has been made extra easy by a button, who’s by just a touch, you’re able to access the bag. This button action releases the bag directly into the trash can which means your hands don’t need to come into contact with the dirt. Even if you have large floor spaces, the distance isn’t an obstruction with this vacuum. The long 30 feet cord will make sure that you reach every corner of the house.

The rush roll has been fitted with two modes: one for the soft carpets and mats and the other one for the harder floors. The transition between these modes is easy. All you have to do is press a very visible on/off brush roll button.

Cleaning beneath the furniture is crazy, right? you don’t want to imagine the back pains and knee joint pains that come with that. However, with this vacuum, this will be a forgotten chapter. The hoover comes with 180 and 90 degrees’ pivot controls to help reach the underneath of furniture. It also comes with a no-scuff bumper that will protect the furniture as you clean along their edges or even underneath. An illuminating headlight comes in handy when it comes to reaching the dark hidden spots. Hoover and Bissell comparison

The shark navigator upright vacuum for hard floors (NV352) Lavender

This is another vacuum by shark that has excellent features good enough to take care of your floors, mats and carpets. To begin with, is the lift away technology. This enables you to detach the canister away by just a press of a button to make sure that the hard to reach areas have been well catered for. An anti-allergen complete seal technology in addition to the complete HEPA filter make sure that close to 99.99% of the dust particles plus allergens have been trapped inside the vacuum which makes sure you are well protected.

The vacuum is powerful, which is made possible by its string motor that delivers strong suction power. It also has a brush roll shut off that balances between cleaning the deep carpets or mats as well as the gentle hard floor vacuuming.mi

It’s lightweight, about 12.5 pounds, which gives it the versatility and portability that you need. This portability plus the swivel steering technology controls make sure that moving the vacuum around the house for cleaning is easy. The vacuum is good for carpets, bare floors, ceilings, curtains and stairs.

Vacuums under $200

For those who have pets, the vacuum package comes with a very wide pet upholstery that makes it even easier to take away those long hairs.

The most interesting feature about this vacuum is that you can adjust the suction power depending on the nature of the surface you’re cleaning. Say for example you’re vacuuming a small rug and the nozzle is pulling up the rag. All you have to do is press the suction release collar to release all the surplus air in the vacuum. This reduces the amount of suction making it easy to move the vacuum around without the rags being pulled up.

By now I believe that you have a completely different perception about the cheaper vacuums. By looking at the described features, do you think expensive vacuums are any better? Well, I don’t think so. Don’t suffer again with inefficient cleaning using vacuums that waste your time and effort and at the same time denting your wallet. The above vacuums have been widely used and have received a lot of positive testimonials. Grab any of the three dimes and you won’t regret.