Bona vs. Swiffer which is the real deal?

Bona vs. Swiffer which is the real deal?

Looking for a floor mop? We have a very wide variety in the market. To be fair, choosing between the many brands could be very confusing and if not careful, you might end up with a completely wrong choice of the same. This will frustrate you as you won’t get the service that you expected from a floor mop. Two of the most famous brands are bona and Swiffer. The two can do a pretty good job. However, they are two different products and they work completely differently. The following is a detailed discussion of bona vs. Swiffer, featuring the key features, functions, pros and cons of each floor mop.

Bona vs. Swiffer- quick summary and overview

These two companies, bona and Swiffer are at the helm of floor mops. They are both known for their effective, easy to use and pocket-friendly floor mops. The floor mops market has been evolving a lot, especially in the past decade. This evolution has seen great changes or rather an improvement in the features of floor mops. This means that the mops that are being produced nowadays are state of the art and in this case, we refer to those by bona and Swiffer. In this debate, you get to see the features that make these mops special.

In simple terms, the floor mops have come to replace the old school bucket and rug method of cleaning. Rather than cracking your back using a rug to mop the floor, the floor mop does it all for you. It simply integrates a cleaning solution of your choice into the mop that sprays it on the floor with just a press of a single button. Both the bona and Swiffer mops will do this pretty well. However, every floor mop has unique features that distinguish it from the other. In this case, we will base our discussion on these two-floor mops; the bona hardwood floor spray mop and the Swiffer wetjet wood floor mop.

Size, weight and portability- who wins?

Any home appliance should be easy to clean with and carry around. This greatly depends on the size and the weight of the appliance in question. When it comes to floor mops, the mop head matters a lot. This will determine the weight of your device. Large mop heads will make it easy to clean, especially large floor spaces but, it will be a bit difficult to access the tight corners and the confined spaces such as underneath your furniture.

For the bona, the mop head measures about 15 inches and a weight of about 5.2 pounds. To be fair, this weight is pretty easy to handle and its size is the best for the average residential homes. On the other hand, the Swiffer is much smaller compared to the bona. It measures about just 9 inches wide and just 3.68 pounds. The Swiffer wetjet will not cover as much space but the small spaces are well taken care of.

Performance of the mops

When it comes to performance, it’s almost impossible to decide on Bona vs. Swiffer as they both do exceptionally well. Performance is influenced by mop head efficiency and the way of spraying the cleaning solution. When it comes to the bona, the solution is sprayed wide and evenly which means the floor gets a proper cleaning. The mop head of the bona is made of microfiber cloth which is with no doubt the best cleaning material. Besides that, the cloth has electrostatic properties that take care of the dust particles on the floor. Putting into consideration the wide mopping head, the bona wins this one.

So how about the Swiffer wetjet? How does it perform? Just because it came in last doesn’t mean it doesn’t do the work. However, not as good as the bona. To start with, the Swiffer wetjet sprays the solution is a narrow jet. This makes it very difficult to distribute the solution across the floor space. This is because it sprays it in two nozzles at the edges of the mopping head. This also leaves some puddles in some areas while others are left completely dry.

Contents of the package

The bona floor mop comes within an interesting package. Besides the mop, it comes with a microfiber pad (machine washable), a refillable cartridge of the bona cleaning formula.

When it comes to the Swiffer, its complemented with 5 pad refills, cleaning solution, and 4 AA batteries.

Swiffer Wetjet wood mopping and cleaning starter kit


  • Smaller mopping head that is easy to navigate and clean corners
  • Very light in terms of weight
  • Portable
  • Comes with fully disposable mop pads
  • Lighted spray nozzles to ease seeing the dark areas
  • Comes with batteries

Cons of the Swiffer

  • Requires batteries that need changing from time to time
  • Sprays too narrow
  • Might do non-uniform cleaning
  • Expensive to maintain especially due to the batteries

The bona hardwood floor premium spray mop

Pros of the bona

  • Good for large spaces because of the large mop head
  • Microfiber cloth makes it easy to clean hard floors
  • Even distributing spraying function
  • No batteries required
  • Microfiber has electrostatic properties to trap dust
  • Rubber corners to prevent damaging floors


  • Difficult to move around the corners due to large mop head
  • The microfiber cloth needs washing hence less convenient
  • More expensive
  • Only works on wooden floors
The verdict! Which is the floor mop for you?

The two floor mops are pretty amazing. They have great cleaning properties, they are both easy to operate, they can clean large floor areas and much more. The two floor mops are great and have gained popularity and at the same time receiving very affirmative reviews. Which floor mop should you choose? To be fair, this will greatly depend on your taste and preference and the performance of the floor mop depending on your expectation. It’s wise also if you were very careful with the pricing. Make sure that in the way you go, your pocket isn’t dented. Will all said and done, you can’t go wrong if you chose any of the two. However, from our side, the bona does it all!