The butt cleaner misery explained

Most people think that cleaning their butts after taking a poop should be easy. I don’t want to say that it’s a difficult thing to do but it requires some kind of care and preciseness to make sure that you maintain the highest levels of hygiene. Advancement in technology and some crazy innovations have brought about a very great revolution in the world of toileting. In those ancient days, there was no toilet paper nor wet wipes and people still used to wipe their bottoms. However, with time and great minds getting involved, we have seen great improvement and some amazing innovations. Some of the products that have come to make toileting easy include; toilet paper, wet wipes, bidets and bottom wipers.

Bottom Buddy – a handheld butt cleaner

The discussion on toileting and butt cleaners is endless. In this article, I have chosen the most frequently asked questions and some products that could be answers to those questions and of course products that will be useful to you.

What’s the bidet thing that cleans your butt?

People have completely different opinions about this topic. We have people who prefer using toilet paper, we have some others who prefer washing the poop off the ass. It depends on your preferences, situations and in some cases, social constraints such as religion. For example, the Muslim community advocates that their faithful’s clean their butts using water. However, for the general wiping purposes, which could apply to the larger population of the world, a tissue paper does it all. As I pointed out, some people would prefer using some water to clean the bottom. In this case, a bottle of water is the most basic thing you can use. However, thanks to the technology that now we have toileting tools called bidets. A good example of a bidet is the luxe bidet non-electric toilet attachment.

This is a simple toilet attachment that produces a jet of clean water that when you splash on your butt, takes care of the crap. It is easy to use and delivers some good results. It is electric, which means that you can easily regulate and control the nature of the water jet just as you love it.

So what are the advantages of using a bidet butt cleaner over the ordinary and most basic tissue paper?

  • You get to have great and improved personal hygiene
  • Impact on the environment is reduced. This is because what is disposed of is the dirty water compared to when using the tissue paper which even sometimes will clog the drains. To make it much better, the dirty water can be recycled and reused in toilets and even some other uses.
  • It saves you money and reduces the total household wastage.
  • Bidets are comfortable to use and take good care of your skin
  • Maintenance and plumbing issues are minimal as chances of clogging are close to zero
  • Bidets will fit any universal toilet.

On the contrary, bidets also come with some complications. Here are some cons of using the bidet for wiping.

  • Some people will find it costlier to have a bidet and prefer modern Japanese toilets
  • Could be quite uncomfortable. In this case, I mean the splashing of the water all over your butt

What did they use before toilet paper?

Before the toilet paper came, is quite embarrassing to say that some people didn’t have an idea that you should wipe your butt after taking a crap. Some people opted to use some wild leaves, which worked pretty well anyway. In some countries or rather some communities, people had gotten a bit civilized and could take a shower after taking a poop. Could we call that a traditional bidet? To be fair, it worked pretty well. Some communities were still in the dark where some people used to soil their butts to hide the so bad embarrassment. But thanks to toilet paper, that was invented in the early 1900s that we were liberated from this shame of toileting.

Alternative butt cleaner: the enema bulb clean

Besides the normal toilet paper and bidet, here is another wiping aid for you. The enema douching bulb. This is a modern way of cleaning your butt that has been gaining popularity in the past few years. It’s a rubber bulb, elawstic, that holds some water that when squeezed and the end pushed inside the anal cavity, it pushes the water up the tract which cleans the butt.

In most cases, this bulb is used to clean either after taking a crap or even just before anal sex. Anal douching is important in such a case to make sure that you get to protect your partner. Douching is easy. All you have to do is suck up some water into the bulb and then go ahead and do the thing. Keep it going until the water coming out is clear. If it’s not, then you can have some more.

How do you teach a child to wipe their bottom?

Unless children are properly guided, they can develop some serious illnesses from poor wiping. This includes infections, especially to young girls. It’s therefore very important to make sure that you teach them how to wipe from a very young age. The best way to wipe is from front to back. This makes sure that no single faecal dirt comes into contact with the genitalia which otherwise will lead to infections.

For fat or rather obese people, it’s much difficult for them to wipe. This is brought about by their “short arms that are too short to wipe”. This, if not taken care of, can also lead to serious infections. The only solution to this is the bottom buddy butt cleaner. This is a wand, that comes with a handle, and a hook at the end where the tissue paper is attached which is used for wiping. It makes things much easier as it gets easier to reach the obese butt and do proper front to back wiping.

Wiping the butt isn’t an art. Whatever way you chose to go about it is acceptable as long as you keep yourself away from shame and infections.

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