Butt Wiper for those who can’t reach their Bottoms

The sad truth of life is that most of us take things for granted. How many of us are able to wipe efficiently without an aid? Not many. Here’s another fact, chances are you’ve never had a conversation on using a butt wiper. Isn’t it too embarrassing? Many of us are ashamed of speaking out. Especially if we’re talking about personal hygiene matters. Here are the 4 best ass wipers in a nutshell.

Toilet Aids such as the this wand, help regain cleaning mobilities perhaps after they’re lost due to  obesity, surgery, pregnancy or pain in the joints. The best bottom wipers are customizable to the customer’s needs. This means that you will clean efficiently, discreetly and most importantly – you won’t lose your dignity. Sometimes accidents come with unforeseen challenges.

Think of pregnant women, how do they clean their mess after taking a dump. I mean, it’s not as easy cleaning up when you’re on the eighth month of pregnancy, right? Think of it, should you really compromise on personal hygiene in the name of pregnancy, obesity ? Sometimes a toilet wiping  is necessary due to unforeseen mobility challenges. Guess what, there’s such a thing as tools designed for those who can’t reach to wipe bottom. This is what it is used for
Can toilet wiping aids be helpful to the handicapped?

As a caregiver in a famous local nursing home, I’ve seen handicapped clients and senior citizens dread long calls. Their biggest challenge is that they’re unable to clean up efficiently afterwards unless they use aid for wiping bottom. Perhaps due to mobility challenges. This means that they will either have to spend the rest of the day feeling uncomfortable or take a shower afterwards. When talking to them, I often advise them to empty their bowels before taking a shower. I’m sure you’re seeing the wisdom in this life hack. Sadly, this is a temporary solution to a permanent problem in most cases. They actually need an aid when they can’t reach to wipe bottom.  Honestly speaking, I haven’t used either but I’m sure they work based on the reviews my clients give me (discreetly of course). We’ve given a different answer to this question here

Freedom wand (best butt wiper)

Aren’t the creators behind these toilet wiping aids awesome? They figured out that in addition to having “arms too short” to wipe, showering and shaving must be giving you a hard time too. They devised an all-in-one solution. Ladies and gentlemen say hello to Freedom wand toiletry tool. You get a shower loofah, wiping aid and a shaver for the price of one. This multipurpose butt wiping tool has a 21-inch handle meaning that you’ll reach even the farthest regions with ease. Biologically speaking, the average arm is 25 inches long. Add another 21 inches to that and your frustrations are gone. For the curious: It’s shaped like a hockey stick

Guide: How to use the freedom wand wiping aid

  1. Start by extending the wand to the desired length. You could even use the head only. The best part is that you’re only required to do this once. Well, unless you need to make finer adjustments over time
  2. On its head roll up the desired quantity of tissue paper. You could even use toilet wipes as they’re more effective
  3. Carefully roll it over your you know what. You will notice that you won’t have a hard time using them.
  4. Push the release button to detach the toilet paper

Why customers enjoy using it

It’s multipurpose – you get a bottom wiper for obese, shaver and a loofah holder too
Comes with a discreet carrying bag for obvious reasons
Expendable up to 21 inches. You could even wipe while standing (seriously)


A few customers complained that it didn’t give the firm grip they were expecting
Comes with a premium price tag

Bottom Buddy

This is the ideal wiping aid. If they never get past your bum while wiping, then you’ll fall in love with this wiping aid. Out of the box, it comes with an eleven-inch handle. Even though it’s not as long as Freedom wand, it has a softer head that is more effective at holding the tissue paper in place while you do your business. Out of the many tools available, this is the best bottom wiper that lets you hygienically clean your nether regions.

In the packaging box, you will also find a subtle carrying bag meaning that you can store it well amongst your other luggage.

Guide: how to wipe front to back using Bottom Buddy

  1. Start by rolling wet wipes or toilet paper to the three-forked head. Smooth toilet papers work best
  2. Roll over the tissue carefully ensuring that it covering the head fully.
  3. Use this bariatric toilet aid to reach perineal area
  4. Repeat wiping if need be
  5. Press the release button to disengage the tissue

Major Selling Points

It’s the best wiping aid for people. This makes it suitable for the obese and disabled. They get to clean up after taking a dump without losing their dignity or feeling ashamed. Should you use it with wipes or with toilet paper?

  • The handle is long and comfortable
  • The head is thin and made of soft fabric ensuring that it doesn’t rub on the “cheeks”
  • You get a complimentary carrying case.
  • It’s a multipurpose bariatric wiping aid in that you can use it on the “front” or “bottom”

What customers didn’t like

A few customers were complaining that the handle wasn’t as durable.

Bottom Buddy Overview

I haven’t had a chance to interact with someone who’s used this one yet. However, judging from the high Amazon ratings, I can tell that it’s a good wiper. I’ll just shamelessly paraphrase what one of them had to say (Sorry Bezos). Stoutreader said that she bought two, one for use at home and the other one for use at the office. She confesses that she was too pregnant to wipe well then. 

Buckingham Toilet Aid (Bottom wiper for obese)

With a 15-inch handle, it’s longer than the two versions of Bottom Buddy we’ve seen above. Obviously, it’s no match for the Freedom Wand. perhaps obese people stand to gain most from this utility.  Looking at its soft head, you can attach tissue paper or toilet rolls. It all boils down to personal opinion and whatever works best. Once you’re done hit the release button and you won’t have to get your hands dirty (If you catch my drift)

Pros: Why customers love Buckingham easywipe

With it, you can clean efficiently even if you have short hands as it has a long handle. This comes in handy when you can’t reach to wipe front to back
The soft rubbing end is easy on the cheeks and sensitive skin next to the crevice
You don’t need to touch soiled toilet paper thanks to the push to release button


The handle isn’t as durable and may fold up after heavy usage

4 in one aid to wipe bottom

Boasting 17 inches of length, this scrubber lets you clean without straining. However, this is more beneficial to patients who need to apply ointments such as antibacterial medications on their nether regions. The  elderly, pregnant and obese can benefit from it too but it would be an overkill if they’re just looking for something that gets the job done. Perhaps the best use of this tool is in using it as an aid to wipe bottom.

Major Selling points

It’s all in one – wipes the butt, helps apply ointments to the back, can hold wet wipes. In fact, you could even use it as a back scratcher


  1.  The edge isn’t as smoothened. Use carefully lest you end up with injuries. The skin back there is alittle sensitive and the last thing you want is sharp objects near it.
  2. Being a multipurpose tool, the manufacturer compromised on its butt wiping capabilities and it doesn’t have a push to release button.
  3. Even though the grip isn’t slide-proof, it’s a steal at that price tag

Toilet aid with Caddy from Juvo

The two guys behind this factory never disappoint. With their latest innovation, The Juvo Caddy Aid, this wiping aid has an effective grip that holds onto toilet papers and tissues when you need it to and an efficient release system. The strong handles facilitate for both forward and backwards wiping strokes. However, note that physicians advise against performing a front wiping stroke as you may transfer bacteria.


  • Easy to use – the elderly can use it to clean up after taking a number two without needing external help. I mean, wouldn’t they want to preserve their dignity?
  • The handle is long and comfortable enough for easy reach.
  • Easy to carry while travelling


A few customers were complaining that this tool has a short lifespan. They obese found it rather uncomfortable.

self-wipe bathroom toilet aid

I’m typically sceptical of self-promotion and didn’t take it kindly when the guys behind this tool termed it as the best bottom wiping aid. However, after talking to my clients who’ve used it, they confessed that it was rather comfortable and effective. I expected such feedback when conducting myself wipe toilet aid reviews. The smooth, rubber edge is rounded giving it a durable feel throughout its lifespan.


The 14-inch handle is long enough to get the job done


It’s too large making it unsuitable toilet wipes. You’ll have to make do with toilet paper and we all know that it’s not as effective.

jobar long reach comfort wipe

Low prices often attract low-quality products but the long reach comfort wipe toilet aid is an exception. This long reach wiper is affordable, effective and lightweight. If you’re not sure whether toilet aids are right for you, go with this one. It’s not a huge investment and you won’t regret if it’s not as comfortable as you expected. In this comfort wipe review, I noticed that even this toilet aid for obese is affordable to most people. Take time looking at the comfort wipe infomercial and you will notice that it’s as good as seen on TV.


With a 15.5-inch handle, anyone can use it to maintain high personal hygiene.


The handle will break faster than you think

How to wipe your bum with two broken arms

  1. Start by unrolling the toilet paper or unpacking the wet toilet wipes
  2. While holding the handle place them on the head and they will be secured in place.
  3. The head comes with a holder. Fasten it to ensure that the wet wipes won’t come off while you’re at your thing
  4. Point the tool at your bottom and wipe. Back strokes are preferred by doctors.
  5. Once you’re done, pull away from the tool from your rear and aim at the toilet whole
  6. Disengage the locking mechanism by pushing the release button
  7. You may repeat wiping if need be.

Pro Tip: Longer handles typically require more pressure when wiping.  Take this into consideration when shopping for a wiping tool

Who needs a bottom wiping tool?

Those patients with limited mobility will not be able to use these tools. The following groups of people will gain most from using this tool

  • The obese and overweight
  • Pregnant women
  • The disabled and less privileged
  • Senior citizens

Did you know that when faecal matter accumulates around the anus it may lead to bacterial infection? If you do not wipe your butt well, you’re exposing yourself to bacterial infections and probably irritation. Girls and ladies are at a higher risk of contracting UTIs after improper wiping for obvious reasons.

Warning; These wiping aids should not be used by people with bruises or cuts around the anus. The skin around this area is sensitive and using such aids may aggregate the cuts leading to inflammations. In such an instance, you should not use a toilet wipe aid. Experts around the world offer mixed opinions on whether wipes are more effective in comparison to toilet paper. Most people, however, believe that wet wipes are more effective but they are still sticking to toilet paper as it gives a conventional feel. This raises a philosophical dilemma. Should you opt for functionality or comfort? Well, it’s a matter of personal opinion. What do you think

Look at this picture, you will see that obese people have hands that cannot from front to back. They could “force” things by raising their legs at weird angles but this is a temporary solution to a permanent problem.  is a handheld a device that has a tissue attachment. The freedom wand, which is the best wiping wand, has been proven to hold tissues and wet wipes as you do your their thing. They are designed in such a way that the soiled tissue can be released with a slide button ensuring that they never have to touch soiled toilet paper.


Bariatric people are the morbidly obese people. Obesity has been found to be a cause of life threatening diseases by most scientific researches. Bariatric conditions may lead to an out rise in heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and stroke cases. In addition to this, it may result to depression, stigmatization and might also render someone immobile.

Obese people therefore seek weight losing measures to counteract their states. These measures may include eating healthy, bariatric surgery and other weight losing measures. But what happens when you don’t have the means to reduce your weight? In such cases, one will have to employ necessary measures to live with the condition, one of them being the bariatric wiping aid.

What is a Bariatric Wiping aid

A bariatric wiping aid  is a device that is used by bariatric and obese people to reach out and wipe the unreachable ends of their bodies. It can be used for various wiping reasons such as wiping the butt, shaving, bathing among others. Most people might find pieces of writing about wiping our butts as very odd and unnecessary. However, the bariatric people find it such a difficult task just to wipe their butts clean and maintain their hygiene.

Poor cleaning of the butt may result to accumulation of feces around your butt cheeks. This results to an itching effect and irritation around the butt and may also result to an infection attack. Research has shown that improper cleaning of the butt will make you take often ride to the doctors due to UTI infections and other bacteria.

Many forums have been put in place to discuss whether to use wet wipes or toilet papers with bariatric wiping aids. It has been argued out that wet wipes clean more than tissue papers which leave behind particles. However, the choice you pick is totally rational and varies from person to person.

How a bariatric wiping aid is used

  1. Attach the toilet paper, wet wipe, sponge or shaving machine, depending on what you are using it for, to the head of the bariatric wiping aid
  2. Gently wipe your butt or back using the aid
  3. Press the release button after using it to dispose of the used wipe.
  4.  Clean the wiping aid and store it.

However, whenever using the wiping aid, the following things should be considered;

  1. Always clean and dry the wiping aid after every use.
  2. Always ensure that you wipe from front to back to prevent spreading of bacteria. There are nice drawings describing this motion here
  3. Avoid sharing the wiping aid. This is a personal effect and should not be shared to avoid spread or contact with disease causing germs.
  4. If you are using your wiping aid for multipurpose functions, use a disinfectant before using it on other body parts.

In case your butt has been hurt or scratched and is bleeding, then it is advisable to avoid these butt wiping aids as they may result to more damage.


Ever wondered how the pregnant, physically handicapped, obese and elderly wipe their bums after visiting the toilet? Well, this is a rarely discussed topic as most think it is such an obvious and easy way to wipe clean your bum. This tends to be difficult for the above category of people especially the obese as they tend to have shorter limbs. This may result to accumulation of feces around the anus which may cause irritation and bacterial infections.

For this reason, there are a number of bum wiping aids in the market that could come in handy in ensuring that your butt is clean. In addition to this, they maintain and preserve the dignity of these people having problems wiping. They therefore remain self-dependent. These wiping aids could be used for various purposes other than just wiping the bum. Here are some of the most common bum wiping aids

Freedom Wand

This is a 21 inch, hockey stick-shaped wiping aid that can reach to far ends of your body with is. It is typically an extension of the arm which is anatomically speaking, 25 inches. This means that you may wipe while standing! The freedom wand may be used for a number of purposes which include shaving and as a shower sponge holder. Most people enjoy its services because it comes with a carrying bag hence you may travel with it and mix it with other luggage in your bag. However, it is relatively expensive and does not give a very tight grip to the hands.

Bottom Buddy

This bum wiping aid is mostly preferred by the obese. It has an 11 inch handle with a softer and thinner head made with soft fabric as compared to the freedom wand. It also has great grip and perfectly holds the toilet paper while wiping. Although it is not as long as most bum wiping aids, it offers an effective wiping ability keeping your bum clean. It tags along it a carrying bag hence you can travel along with it with maximum discretion. Its handle however is not durable enough.

Buckingham Toilet Aid

This wiping aid has a 15 inch long handle allowing you to clean efficiently. It has a soft head and can be used either with toilet paper or wet wipes. It has a soft head that does not scratch your butt cheeks. The handle has a release button that you press after finishing your business at the toilet. This ensures that you do not have contact with the used toilet paper. However, the handle is not so durable and may at times tend to fold after sometime.

Four in One Wiper

This wiping aid has a handle of 17 inches of length. It can be used as a butt wiper, back scratcher and also as a wiping aid. It is however mostly used by patients who apply medications to their butt regions. This means that if you are just purchasing it for the purpose of wiping, it will be an overkill since that is only a fraction of what it can do. It can be used by the elderly, physically handicapped and the obese. However, this wiping aid has a number of downfalls such as: the head is quite rough compared to other bum wiping aids hence may result to injuries on the sensitive tissues of your butt checks. It also does not have a release button making your hands have contact with the used toilet papers.

Juvo Caddy aid

This bum wiping aid is a resent innovation. It has the capability of holding firmly toilet paper when in use and also has an efficient release system. It possesses strong handles which aid in reaching for the far ends of your butt. It tends to be easier to use even with the elderly hence no need for external help to wipe. This preserves the dignity of the users. It can also be carried along when travelling. However, it may be quite uncomfortable to some users especially the obese and is not that durable.

Self-wipe bathroom aid

This is a 14 inch long bum wiping aid with a smooth rounded head that is comfortable to users across its lifespan. It is an effective bum wiping aid and may be used by the obese, elderly or handicapped. However, its head is too big making the use of wet wipes null. This means that one has to use the toilet papers which are not recommended by most physicians.

Jobar long reach comfort wipe (budget bum wiping aid)

This is a 15.5 inch light weight wiping aid. It is rather cheap and one may feel that it is not effective for wiping when looking at the price tag. However, this wiping aid is actually one of the most effective and comfortable wiping aids. However, its handle is weak and often breaks quickly.

Who needs a bum wiping aid?

The obese in the society are one of the many people who need wiping aids. Basing from anatomy, the obese people tend to have shorter arms than that of the average person. This makes it difficult for them to reach their bums to wipe them. They may have to stand at weird angels for example raising their legs high at weird angles. This is however not an effective solution to the long lasting problem. Therefore, a bum wiping aid for the obese has a head that hold the tissue in place for them to clean up their butts comfortably even while standing. One does not even require external assistance to clean up their butts. These keeps their hygiene issues private and confidential raising their self-esteem. These wiping aids also tag along with a release button and a carrier bag making them very convenient even for travelling purposes.

Maintaining the health of the elderly in the society is not an easy task. It encompasses great care, humility, love and at times even emotions. One of the toughest things experienced by the elderly is accessing the toilets. They are usually very weak and as a result do not clean up thoroughly. This gives us the obligation of taking care of them by wiping them. This may at times make them feel low esteemed and non- independent. Bum wiping aids ensure that their bums are cleaned up and gives them the sense of independence.

The physically handicapped pass through a hard time disposing off their feces in a toilet leave alone cleaning themselves efficiently due to issues such as mobility incapacities. Poor cleaning up of their bums will mean that they spend the rest of their day feeling uncomfortable as a result of irritation from fecal accumulation. They mostly therefore take a shower after visiting the washrooms. However, this comes with many inconveniences such as time wasting. This makes them a key party in those who require a bottom wiper for obese


According to statistics, the number of the obese people in the globe has risen significantly over the last decade. This is as a result of people leading a poor lifestyle full of eating junk, improper exercising among other factors. In our day to day lives, we do interact with the obese in the society. Obesity tags itself along with heart complications, breathing problems, type 2 diabetes and even raises the risk of immobility. They could be friends, families or people you just meet on the streets.

Kids mostly make fun of their short physique and stuffed up body. However, the older you grow, the greater you realize that they face great hygienic challenges. They usually tend to find it hard to reach their butts and clean them up. This topic is rarely discussed in forums. People like to keep their hygiene issues as personal as possible. However, with the outcry of the obese, it leaves us no option but to face our demons to secure the health of the world.

Obese people end up standing at weird angles to wipe their butts clean. They at times wish they had longer arms that could wipe their butts clean or have somebody to assist them. But who wants to be embarrassed by telling their friends of their inability to keep clean? Nobody. As a result they end up smelling filthy all day long. This lowers their self-esteem and snatches their position in the society.  In addition to that, the accumulated feces may lead to an itching effect, irritation and bacterial infections. They therefore have to often visit the hospital for medication increasing the costs of lining.  They therefore end up looking for solutions to help them out and enable them lead an independent life. Such solutions include getting a toilet aid for obese

The obese need to take a shower as often as possible to keep clean. This is quite a tussle for them as even reaching all the parts of their body is a very difficult task. As a result they end up standing in the shower and letting the water to run between your butt cheeks and clean up your mess. However, this is not a perfect guarantee that you will be clean. Some particles may still need to be wiped up. As a result they need nurses, caregivers, family or friends to wipe them dry to ensure they are clean.

This is not an easy task especially if you are working. Some have to set their minds to visit the toilets in the morning before going for work and spend the rest of their day pressed. The feces also may clog your drainage system. The obese also find it hard to enter into bathrooms and may be susceptible to falling and injuring themselves in the bathrooms.

Thanks to innovations and evolution, the obese have no reason to cry again. The introduction of wiping tools has come in handy to this group of people. You just simply need to get yourself one and you are good to go.