4 butt wiping tools you could use

Butt Wiping Tools

Most people think that wiping the butt is actually an easy task. However, resent research shows that most of us do it all wrong! This may result to rashes around your genitals and also getting your pants dirty. Very few people talk about toileting as it is considered a private affair. Many people feel frustrated and embarrassed when speaking about it. Can we enable people keep clean their butts and at the same time protect their dignity by not exposing out their hygiene issues? The answer is yes, by use of a butt wiping tool.

The most used wiping tool in the market is the freedom wand because of its many unique features that are of great importance to the users. However, it is not the only butt wiping tool available. Here I a review on butt wiping tools.

  1. Freedom wand (self-care butt wiping tools)

This butt wiping tool is ideal for the obese, the old, people having shoulder problems and basically anyone who has limited mobility. It tends to be quite a tussle for the obese to access the toilet leave alone reaching for their butts to wipe them clean. This is because their hands are relatively shorter compared to those of the average sized man. The freedom wand extends to places far of reach by your hands.

It can be used for toileting, can be used for shaving or for applying ointment on your body.  It has four extendable fingers that firmly grip to toilet papers, razor, bathing sponge or any other thing to reach the places difficult for you. It has a push button that can be used to extend the arm to whatever length fits you and also to dispose of the used toilet paper. It has a length of 21 when fully extended. However, it can be customized to up to 27 inches to carter for your needs. It is sold along with a storage bag hence you can carry it around.


  1. Compared to all the other butt wiping tools, the freedom wand is the longest of its kind you can ever get.
  2. It is sold along with a bag hence enabling its portability.
  3. It can be used for many other reasons apart from butt wiping. It includes holding bathing sponge, applying ointment and shaving.


Compared to other butt wiping tools like the bottom buddy, it is relatively expensive.

2. Bottom Buddy Bottom wiper

The Bottom Buddy is an effective wiping aid having an arm of approximately 11 inches with a three-fork shaped head. It is an ideal device that tends to possess a softer head that does not roughen up your butt compared to the freedom wand. Although it is shorter than a butt wiper, its head hold toilet paper more effectively. It is ranked the best tool for fat people to wipe as it keeps your hygiene. It tags along its package box with a subtle carrying bag that enables you to carry it together with your other stuff when travelling. It has a retractable tulip petals that hold tissue more effectively.


  • Its handle has been re-engineered to increase its durability.
  • Has an exclusive release button
  • Possesses and admirable unique patents.
  • It can be used with either any tissue or wipe
  • It is sold along with a portable bag


3. Long-Reach Comfort Wipe

They are mostly used by people who have trouble reaching their ass including the seniors. It is 15 1/4 inches long, made from latex-free plastic and silicone making it an ideal choice for anybody with a latex allergy. Its design has well considered its ergonomics enable the obese with limited mobility reach the far ends of their butts. It has a soft flexible head that firmly grips toilet paper or wet wipes. It is also easy to clean and maintain. One can easily work with either toilet paper or wet wipe with this tool. It has a button attached to it that when pressed releases the used toilet paper keeping your hands of the dirt. Home health care product made from sturdy plastic with a silicone handle.


  • It has a long extendable arm to up to a length of 15 inches
  • It can be used either with wet wipes or toilet paper
  • It is free of latex hence can be used by those who are allergic to latex

4. Juvo butt wiping tool (budget butt wiper – under $10)

This is a recently innovated butt wiping tool. It has a magnificent grip that holds on to the toilet papers and wet wipes when using it in the washrooms. It also has an efficient release system to ensure that the used toilet paper is disposed of properly. Its resilient handle allows you to perform both backward and forward strokes. It however should be noted that medics recommend against wiping from the front as you may spread bacteria to your genitalia.


  • It is extendable to a length of up to 20 inches.
  • It is tagged along with a storage bag.
  • It is cheaper but effective compared to the other butt wiping tools.
  • It has an effective grip on the toilet paper.