can I use flushable wipes while pregnant?

can I use flushable wipes while pregnant?

For a pregnant woman, the first thing that comes to mind is hygiene. Maintaining high levels of hygiene is important for both the mother and the child. Hygiene and toileting go hand to hand. In fact, we have so many diseases that affect pregnant women and have been known to originate from poor toileting techniques. These include infections such as UTI. This is a stubborn infection that would be really bad if a pregnant woman becomes a victim. It affects the mother as well as the baby. So this means that the mother has to make sure that she wipes her butt really well and not just wiping but wiping from to back to avoid spreading the fecal matter to the vaginal regions. I have read in so many forums and I have seen a very popular question. Can I use flushable wipes while pregnant? The answer is simple. And here is why you should actually use flushable wipes when pregnant.

  1. They wipe better than tissue paper.

This might sound like a bit of a contradiction but it’s very factual. Wet wipes will do much better wiping than tissue paper. They are soft and comfortable and the extra moisture they have, gives better results on the butt.

  1. They are easy to use with wiping aids

As we all know, it might be a bit difficult for a pregnant woman to reach her butt. For this reason, most of them aren’t able to wipe really well and in most cases they opt for wiping aids. Wet wipes work really well with these wiping aids. They are easy to attach, wipe with and discard. They are easily flushable and therefore there are no chances of having the toilet clogged.

Flushable wipes are very convenient and super easy to use. Its therefore very clear that for any pregnant woman, this would be the best wiping solution.