canister vs upright vacuum-the ultimate guide

Canister vs upright vacuum-the ultimate guide


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This is the most common question for anyone looking out to get a new vacuum. Upright or canister. To be fair, there is no bad vacuum between the two. Both deliver amazing performances and will eventually get your cleaning job done. However, a specific vacuum could be a better fit for you depending on the nature of your home and your lifestyle. The two different vacuums are best for different purposes and as pointed out, it all rotates around the nature of your floor space as well as your intentions. We have compiled this detailed comparison of canister vs upright vacuum, to help you figure out the best one for you.

When should you pick an upright vacuum?

Different vacuums come in different designs and make. So Is the case when it comes to canister and upright vacuums. Each kind has a unique feature that distinguishes it from the other.

if you have a large house, which means vast floor space, then the best vacuum to grab would be an upright. This is because these vacuums have a vast cleaning area, thanks to the rotating brush rolls, which will help you save on time and energy.

If you have very dense carpets, then an upright is what you need. They have the rolling brushes that can suck dirt deep from the carpet fabric. If you have pets, this vacuum is also very efficient in collecting pet hairs.

For people with businesses, and you have a carpet that takes a lot of traffic, then no need to worry. Upright vacuums are good in cleaning such messes up.

When should you pick a canister vacuum?

When you have a small or rather a medium floor space. Canister vacuums are generally slow and have a small cleaning area.

If you have a lot of furniture on your floor space. These include tables, chairs, sofas, etc. canister vacuums are very light in terms of weight are very easy to move around the house when cleaning.

If your floor space has a mixture of hard floors, carpets rugs and mats then a canister will serve you right. they are very good at cleaning a variety of floor surfaces.

Lastly, if you have limited dust and dirt capacity, and you need a light vacuum, then an upright should be your number one choice.

Canister vs upright vacuum- which is the ultimate performer?

For any vacuum, performance is all that matters. The two vacuums are good performers and they deliver immense suction power. However, if you take a closer look at the upright vacuum, you will realize that it has a powerful motor attached to the main unit. This means that more power is created which is c0nverted into suction power, which makes cleaning easier. On the other hand, with the canister, it’s clear that it has two parts which need to share the power from the motor. Therefore, in the name of performance, the winner is the upright.

Non carpeted floors; best choice?

Generally speaking, a canister would win anytime for vacuuming the areas without carpets. This includes the tiles, hardwood floors and other areas without the carpet. In some cases, you will find other canister vacuums with extendable wands features that are purposely used for hardwood floors.

On the other hand, we have some upright vacuums (VERY HIGH END), that have extendable wands for purposes of the hardwood floors. But in general terms, the winner here is the canister vacuum.

Vacuuming stairs and hard to reach areas

Hard to reach areas can have a lot of definitions. They might be stairs, below hard to move furniture, ceilings or even cars. To be honest, these areas can be difficult to clean, not just using a vacuum, but even with your own hands. It would be very satisfying if you got a vacuum that can do all that for you. In this case, a canister will win. The extendable wand makes It very easy to reach the stairs as well as that dirt beneath those sofas.

When it comes to the upright vacuum, we cannot write it off in this kind of cleaning but we have to admit that things are a bit tough. First of all, they are lightweight and easy to carry which means they could be easy to clean with around staircases. But all in all, the canister wins.

Upright vacuum- the Bissell cleanview swivel 2252 cleaner

This is a good case of the available upright vacuums that are top-ranked in 2019. To start with, it goes for just under 200 (see other vacuums under 200) which means you won’t have to strain your budget. Its triple-action cleaning brushes work to loosen and remove any kind of dirt or pet hair. It has been made using special scatter free technology that ensures cutting edge vacuuming. The motor and multi-cyclone technology ensure great performance.

Pros of upright vacuum

  • Generally, cheaper
  • Good for thick carpets
  • Foot control to switch between types of floors
  • Storage is easy
  • No need to bend your torso
  • Assembling is easy
  • Wider vacuuming path

Cons of upright vacuum

  • Most are noisy than the canister
  • Hard to move around the house
  • Difficult to clean corners

Canister vacuum- the Kenmore 600 series bagged canister vacuum

This beats all the vacuums you’ll ever come across. It can clean all surfaces and will provide a scratch-free vacuuming on delicate floors such as the hardwood floors. Filtration is topnotch to make sure no allergen escapes.

The telescoping wand is easily extendable to help you reach deeper areas. Finally, its adjustable power control, that enables you to switch between hard and soft floors depending on your floor area.

Pros of canister vacuums

  • More powerful than the upright
  • Easy to use and manoeuvre
  • Much lighter than the upright
  • Very quiet compared to the upright
  • Comes with various cleaning tools
  • Retractable cord

Cons of the canister vacuums

  • Requires assembly which could be tricky
  • Cord could be an issue during storage
  • Could cause back pains due to bending

Our recommendations

The points of comparison in this canister vs upright vacuum debate are endless. However, based on our expert analysis and research, we would recommend that you choose the canister vacuum. From the reviewed pick of the canister vacuum, it’s with no doubt that the solution to your vacuuming problems is the canisterC