can’t reach to wipe bottom? how I dealt with it


Here’s a butt wiper and how it works

It’s only natural that mobility reduces as we age. Obesity, arthritis or pregnancy may make wiping after taking a #2 difficult. Just like canes and crutches help injured people regain mobility, an aid for wiping bottom helps in cleaning up efficiently. Humans are most vulnerable when performing this simple biological task and it’s a shame that openly discussing toileting matters is shunned upon in many cultures. With a wiping aid, dignity is restored to obese and handicapped people as they never require a caretaker’s assistance when they can’t reach to wipe their ass.

Who needs an aid for wiping bottom?

In a nutshell, there’re no restrictions on who would benefit from such devices. However, they are often used by people with limited mobility -perhaps due to ageing, disability, arthritis or obesity. It is general knowledge that the harmful bacteria contained I faecal matter may cause infections when left to accumulate on the perennial region.

Out of self-preservation, no one will confess that they have a hard time performing personal hygiene after using the bathroom.  When you buy wiping aids such as the Bottom Buddy, hygiene independence and privacy is restored. Opportunistic companies came to understand that people need wiping devices to aid when reaching to wipe is difficult and capitalized on this to create toilet aids. There aren’t many activities humbling as taking a dump. We perform many activities every day and when mobility is compromised, a wiping aid is a lifesaver. If you’re looking to lose weight, check out this Panalean Review, perhaps you’ll find value.

Bottom Buddy (possibly the sturdiest wiping aid)

 Perhaps the biggest selling point of this aid is that it has a soft head. Below, you can see that the head has three petals that “open up” to hold tissue paper and retract as soon as it’s secured in place. As a nurse in a hospice, I have to order these for clients. As I was making my first order, I wasn’t too sure if my clients would benefit from it. (sorry for the graphic detail) but I thought that the wiper’s “head” was too large to fit in the small space between the butt cheeks. The head is made of rubber and will fit anywhere. You can see the best selling butt wipers here

What other alternatives do we have when we can’t reach to wipe bottom?

1.    Portable Bidet sprayer

If you’ve ever used any hand sprayer, it will be obvious how bidet sprayers work. They come in two types – mechanical ones and battery-operated ones. Mechanical sprayers are the most effective. You squeeze the sides of the bottle and a jet is created. You’ll know where to ai this jet. As you may be thinking, they’re quite ineffective and a waste of money. Besides, even if they did work, I would be uncomfortable spraying water at my ass either way.


2.    Sammons Preston tongs

They’re a “primitive” version of butt wipers. Would you be comfortable getting this thing anywhere near your ass?

Of course not, the metallic handles are too shiny and scary. Even though they look like scissors, they were designed to dupe elderly people into thinking that they could use them to clean up after using the lavatory. Toilet tongs are scary and intuitive, if you’re not careful, they may slide into where the sun never shines.