changing adult diapers

changing adult diapers

Some adults may not have the ability to control their bowel movements. This is a condition called faecal incontinence. In most cases, this condition is neurological. This condition affects people of all ages, including adults. When adults are affected, diapers become the only way of handling such cases. The following is a short composition of a few points that might be helpful concerning changing adult diapers.

The first and most important thing to remember is to gather a few supplies, and in this case, a clean change of clothing. Also, remember to have some plastic bags, at least two, one for the soiled garments and the other one for the diaper trash. Position them near yourself and wash your hands properly.

Chose a private location, like a room and draw the curtains and then direct the adult there. This is to make them feel more comfortable which is also a show respect for their privacy. If need be, assist them onto a changing surface or a bed, which should be covered with a washable cloth or rather pad. This will help to avoid soiling the bed or the changing surface with poop. Assist the adult to remove his or her pants plus any under garments that they may have. Place the soiled cloths in the plastic bag (laundry bag) for soiled garments. All this should be done with some plastic gloves on.

Unfasten the loaded adult diapers and using disposable or flushable wipes, clean the genital area from front to back carefully. Use one wipe at a time, placing the used wipes in the trash plastic bag. Help the adult to roll on one side once you’re sure the genital area has been well cleaned.

Fold the soiled diaper onto self and make sure it holds as much poop and urine as possible. Tuck it under him or her making sure that the only part of the diaper that comes into contact with the skin is the clean outer side.

To the same cleaning as of the genital area to the buttocks and between the feet. Make sure you clean well using the same front to back maneuver. Remember to clean the thighs as well just in case some poop had trickled down there. Upon completion of cleaning, dispose the diaper in the trash can as well as the used gloves.

Put on fresh gloves and check the individual carefully for rashes or irritations. If possible, use some tissues to apply diaper cream or powder. Dispose the tissue in the necessary bag.

Grab a new diaper, and slide it slowly under the adult and tuck it under the hips to make sure it’s well centered. Help the adult to roll over onto his or her back and adjust the diaper appropriately and lastly secure it. Remember the pad used to cover the changing surface, remove it and make sure its washed for the next diaper change. Help the adult into a fresh and clean change of both inner and outer garments. Don’t forget to wash his or her hands after the diaper change. This will help him or her stay away from infections, just in case his/her hands has come into contact with the mess.

Lastly and probably the most important step, tie the plastic bags properly and dispose them off appropriately. However, it’s advisable that you drain as poop as possible from the diaper into the toilet bowl and flush it down the sewer. This is the recommended way of dumping diaper contents instead of wrapping them in the diaper and throwing them into trashcans.

Lastly, dispose of your gloves and sanitize the area for the next diaper change. Remember to do this whole process with a big heart!