disposable diapers for adults

Doesn’t the thought of an adult using a diaper sound ridiculous? What most people fail to realize is that being able to go to the washroom and do it right is an immeasurable privilege. Due to some reason or another, we have adults who can’t go to the toilet as you’d expect them to. This is mostly due to health issues that end up affecting their toileting freedom. Most of these adults will be on diapers. These diapers need to be special to make sure they meet the expectations. One of these expectations is the ability to dispose of them. A good adult diaper brand should be easily disposable. Here are the best disposable diapers for adults, including some pros and cons of every brand.

1. Tranquility premium disposable absorbent overnight underwear

This is a great product that will serve that adult in dire need. Its features are just irresistible. To start with, this product has been made with a tear-away side that makes its removal and disposal very easy. The underwear has been made with a special cloth with breathable sides for purposes of ultimate comfort. Not to forget, the latex-free snug fit that is provided by the full rise waist piece. Lastly, this underwear has special kufguards that guides the fluids into the underwear’s core to make sure it holds larger volumes of both pee and faecal matter

Pros of the tranquility underwear

  • Has breathable sides
  • Has a tear-away side
  • Comes with kufguards
  • Skin dryness is guaranteed
  • Comes with a latex-free snug fit

Cons of this brand

  • They are less absorbent than the daytime version
  • Not enough absorbency from front to the back for the sake of side sleepers

2. Prevail Maximum absorbency underwear- best disposable diapers for adults

This diaper brand has been designed for maximum protection from leakage. It’s gentle and perfectly elastic which combined with its shape, brings the adult extra comfort. To add on to comfort is its special layer (quick wick) which also sees to improve absorbency, comfort and protection from the skin.


  • Extra comfortable
  • Safe for the skin
  • Discreet fit
  • Can help with bladder leakage
  • Super absorbent to help with eliminating odours


3. Fit flex incontinence underwear

They are made with a soft and flexible fabric that is thick enough to give this underwear perfect absorption. For fitting options, this underwear has been made with a surefit waistband that makes sure the underwear is flexible for people of different sizes. The material is special and makes sure absorption is immediate to keep you away from unpleasant odours and infections.


  • Surefit waistband
  • It’s smooth and comfortable
  • Immediate absorption
  • Odour control
  • Light in weight


  • Specially made for men only

4. Abena abri-form comfort diapers

A soft plastic backing is there to prevent leakage. This protection is improved by a top dry system that makes sure the surface is always dry. its fabric is made from special cloth with long cellulose fibres. Besides comfort, these fibres also improve absorption.


  • Top dry system for maximum absorption
  • Very comfortable
  • Optimal leak protection
  • Hook plus tapes for easy repositioning


  • Could be a bit oversized

If you have an adult who uses diapers, you have most likely been a part of him or her changing them. It’s an engaging activity that needs to be done right, otherwise, it turns out to be an environmental hazard. Have you ever asked yourself whether you’re disposing of that diaper in the right way? It’s important to know the best way to dispose of adult diapers. The following are a few tips.

  1. The first and the most important point to note is that you should always dump the faecal matter on the diaper into the toilet. This could be in the public sewer or into your private toilet. This is one mistake that almost every everyone makes when disposing of diapers. Most people will just fold the diaper the way it is and dump it into the trash can with the faeces inside. This is very wrong and it poses a great danger to the environment.
  2. Number two is that always wrap it up.

Once you spill the contents of the diaper into the toilet, roll it carefully into a small ball and seal it carefully. The best way of rolling it is from the back of the diaper onto itself towards the back. Seal it with the tabs to make sure the contents are safe and the bad odours are kept away.

  1. Put the diaper in a properly sealed container.

To be honest, adult poop isn’t a pleasant thing to smell. To save you from this, make sure that once you wrap the diaper, dump it into a properly sealed bin. We have so many options when it comes to the choice of containers. Here are a few options that you can choose from.

  • Diaper pail. This is a tin with a plastic bag inside, which you can easily remove at your pleasure. The bin is improved with a top that is engineered to trap the bad odours.
  • Ziploc bag. This could be a bit expensive for an adult especially if they use a lot of diapers. However, if you’re okay with it, a good way to go about it.
  • Plastic grocery bag. This is common and the most convenient way. All you need is the plastic bag, which is easily available. Once you dump the dirty diaper in there, just seal the bag and you’ll be free from bad odour.
  • Doggie bags. These are mainly used by dog owners but could work excellently with diapers.
  • Airsick bags. This is used in planes just in case you need a diaper change during a flight.
  1. Dispose of your diaper.

Once you seal the diaper, it’s now time to get rid of it. When doing this, remember to take care of other people. If you’re at home, your trashcan outside will perfectly do. However, if that’s not the case, the following options should work.

  • A public toilet
  • Trashcan in a park
  • Plane trash can