Dyson vs shark for pet hair comprehensive buying guide 2019

Dyson vs shark for pet hair comprehensive buying guide 2019

for people with pets at home, coming across hairs on the seats and floors is almost inevitable. This is even crazier when it comes to those fluffy dogs. Pet hair is very annoying. It will stick to clothes and even shoes. When u have kids around, the per hair becomes even a threat to their health. It may cause some allergies. Its therefore important to make sure that you get a vacuum cleaner that will not only clean dust and dirt, but also these pet hairs. Dyson and shark have brought to you two good vacuums for this. They are both exceptionally good for the pet hair and dust in general. In this article, is a short discussion of Dyson vs shark for pet hair. Check it out for detailed explanations of features of both vacuums for the best guide.

Dyson vs shark for pet hair- bagless vs bagged

Generally, a bagged vacuum will hold more dirt and dirt than the bagless vacuums. This may be seen as an advantage but there’s a completely different way of looking at it. When it comes to a bagged vacuum, you have to replace the bag from time to time, right? when removing the bag, you release some of the dust that had been trapped into the open. I guess its self-explanatory that this isn’t safe at all.

Another shortcoming of the bagged models is the cost of replacing the filters. Generally, these bagless vacuums will do a more hygienic dust and pet hair cleaning compared to the bagged vacuums. It also gets very easy to locate an item just in case it’s accidentally sucked up. Therefore, when deciding between Dyson vs shark for pet hair, remember to check if it’s bagged or bagless.

Price and cost comparison

This is probably the first thing that you look at before you purchase any vacuum. It’s always advisable to live beneath your means. So if a vacuum looks like it will hurt your wallet, better leave it. For the case of the Dyson and shark, the prices don’t differ so much. However, Dyson vacuums tend to be more expensive. This means that if you’re strict within your budget, you’re more likely to go for shark. Therefore, sharks are more pocket-friendly.

Performance compared

To be fair, both the shark and they Dyson perform exceptionally well. For both bare floors and carpeted ones, the Dyson and the shark vacuums have all received very good customer reviews. This means that whether you get a shark or a Dyson, you will get the cleaning that you need.

If we look at the shark, it is pretty hard to untangle just in case the brush rolls get entangled by the pet hair. The shark also comes with a hose design that is very likely to clog. Therefore, when it comes to performance, a Dyson tends to be more superior.

The filtration system of the vacuums

Vacuums deal with a lot of dust. This tells you that the filtration system should be just perfect. The two vacuums come with an excellent filtration system that ensures that the dust and hairs are well taken care of. The Dyson has a complete seal technology and a HEPA filter that has been certified asthma and allergy safe. The shark rotator also has the HEPA filter and complete seal technology. The two vacuums are bagless and due to that, there is no much difference between them. However, the Dysons are more superior in this as they keep dirt and pet hair away from the filters

to expose you more into details of the features of these two brands of vacuums, here are short reviews of two professional brands from the two companies.

Shark rotator upright corded bagless NV501 vacuum

To start, this is a 2 in 1 lift away vacuum cleaner. This simply means that with just a press of a button, you can easily lift the canister of the vacuum away for more portable cleaning power. This means that you can easily clean the hard to reach areas such as the stairs and even your car seats. The top of sofas is well taken care of by this lift away technology. The vacuum as advanced swivel steering technology, that has been equipped with functional LED lights that help in controlling and manoeuvring around the house and below the furniture.

The dust cup has been made extra-large to make sure that cleaning is uninterrupted.

Finally, just as we have said above, the vacuum comes with complete seal technology plus a HEPA filter that takes care of dust and even the larger debris, and most importantly pet hair.

Dyson cyclone v10 cordless stick vacuum cleaner

From the name, this vacuum is cordless. This means that the vacuum is highly portable and can access unlimited floor area. This plus its lightweight feature are key to large floor area cleaning.

With just a press of a button, this vacuum detaches into a handheld vacuum to help deal with sofas, ceilings and stairs. This vacuum has up to an hour of runtime powered by its strong and durable batteries. It also has three power modes that will serve you just right depending on your cleaning needs and the nature of the floor.

Charging the Dyson is completely easy as all you have to do is to dock into the wall-mounted dock where you can also easily store its complementary tools ready to grab and go clean.

However, as great as this vacuum sounds, it’s a bit expensive. So if you choose it, you might have to dig deeper into your pockets.

The final verdict and our recommendation

I believe you’ll agree it’s hard to decide between the two vacuums. They both do exceptional cleaning, have excellent technology for pet hair and both are easy to use. However, taking a closer look at the shark, it will be completely fair to say it’s the top vacuum between the two. It is easy to use, carry around and manipulate. However, the choice heavily depends on what your heart yearns for.