Endless wiping after bowel movement; how I dealt with it

Absolute solution to endless wiping after bowel movement

For starters, if you are having endless wiping after bowel movement, trust me when I say this is a problem that is common for almost everyone. Keeping your butt checks as clean as possible may be quite tough especially if you lack the right tools to do the work just fine. Most of us may be still holding on to past rumors about butt hygiene. This is why we here to help. 

Reasons why our butts do not stay clean with the first wipe.           

  1. Using toilet papers

Over the years, the debate on which is better between toilet papers and wet wipes has trended. Wet wipes have always secured that top slot on the most preferred. Ever asked you why this matter so much? Well, your choice here will greatly affect your hygiene and comfort.

But why is using a toilet paper bad for you? The reasons are crystal clear; they leave minute particles after using them that makes you feel uncomfortable. They also do leave scratches to the sensitive butt skin.

  1. No-supported info about butt hygiene

There is a lot of content that we might be absorbed from our past generations or from online platforms that may be misleading. For instance, it is impossible to clean your butt perfectly while standing.

Well, as weird as butt hygiene sounds, we have to call a spade its name if we yearn for the better. The only way one can clean his butt accurately is by bending while wiping it. This way one covers a larger surface area of the butt cheeks.

  1. Using the wrong brand of toilet paper

In these modern years, everything does matter (especially when our health is at risk). Using the rough cheap toilet paper may scratch the sensitive butt skin without cleaning off the whole dirt. This means that you are likely to experience endless wiping after bowel movement.

They are also tough to flush on these modern toilets. Some cheap brands of toilet paper may contain hazardous chemicals that may irritate our butt skin. This may lead to even serious problems that we’ve never imagined before.

So what do I do to stop endless wiping after bowel movement?

Here are the perfect ways to start over a new leaf of hygiene and comfort;

  1. Use wet wipes instead of toilet paper

If you are tired of the irritation that comes with feeling dirty down there, then it is time to throw all that toilet paper on the trash can and head over here to get quality wet wipes for maximum comfort and hygiene. Wet wipes have been specially designed to not only wipe the skin but sanitize your butt killing all the germs, therefore, leaving no room for germs. The moisture in them ensures that you cleanse perfectly the skin. This is redemption time. Time to take back that confidence you had all day long.

Can adults use baby wipes?

Wet wipes are also multipurpose. Think of all the cool sanitization you can do with a packet of these; cleaning the countertops, wiping your hands and skin too as well as sanitizing your door handle. The ideas are endless. This versatility in sanitization means a lot to a healthier world.

Speaking of versatility, wipes are also available in scented options. If you care about your cleanliness, the fragrance is probably on your wishlist. These wipes neutralize the smell that I am sure you wouldn’t want to interact with.

  1. Visit the toilet before taking a shower

It is tough adapting to this trick at first but be sure, this will be of use once you get the hang of it. It is not easy to wipe your butt as it is to wash it. Cleaning with soap, a sponge and running water will ensure that all particles are washed away leaving your butt sparkling clean. Remember to dry your butt once you are done with the business. Leaving the butt cheeks dump may attract germs.

  1. Switch to quality toilet paper brand

Cheap is expensive, well, at least from what I last heard. Here is the truth, quality toilet paper cleans the butt surface well without leaving traces of toilet paper particles or harmful chemicals. By just adding a few cents to acquire quality toilet paper, you are saving from using a lot more for medication.

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