extra large knee braces for the obese

flex for fat legs

  • For support when running
  • Reduce knee pain
  • Stays in place

obesity knee pain brcae

  • Long velcro straps
  • Easy to wear/ take off
  • supports whole joint


  • Won't slip downwards
  • Comfortable
  • Wearable to bed

As a nurse in a local nursing home, I have spent the last three years taking care of obese clients. One thing they always tell me is that for every pound of bodyweight added, five extra pounds of pressure is exerted on the knees. Without extra large knee braces for the obese, knee related injuries would be the norm. This study by Health Line discloses that obese people are at a higher risk of contracting arthritis compared to those within a healthy weight bracket. This isn’t farfetched considering that the knee gets worn-out faster when you’re not using an obese knee brace. When our website visitors by our independent superior picks, we sometimes earn a little commission that goes into supporting our work.

1. BraceAbility Obesity Knee Brace

This knee brace comes in various sizes. Manufactured from premium quality breathable neoprene, this obese knee brace increases mobility while preventing buildup of sweat around the knee ensuring that the knee is stable. Thanks to its heavy-use hinges, the knee brace is able to provide lateral support eliminating obesity related knee injuries and inflammations


2. Knee wrap for obese knees and huge thighs

This is the ideal knee brace for obese people suffering from weak ligaments, knees or joints. It’s two dual axis heavy-gauge hinges ensure that it provides maximum stability to the inner an outer part of the knee. The hinges can even be removed to create a sweat-free, discrete knee brace that can be worn under clothes.



3. Knee Brace for obese people with huge thighs

This knee Brace is specifically designed to provide obese people with knee support thereby eliminating risk of weight-related knee injuries. The straps are adjustable to the desired level of comfort. This knee brace is shaped like a pull-on sleeve making wearing it easy. Complementary synthetic leather attachments have been added to making it extra durable and sturdy



4. Compact hinge-less knee brace

With sizes up to 6XL, this light weight brace is 13 inches long ensuring that it effectively supports the knee without slipping. Unlike latex sleeves, this one is soft on the skin and absorbs sweat. It provides warmth to the knee while supporting it. It is best used by obese people that want to exercise without straining the knee.


Why do you need obese knee braces?

Unfortunately, obese people are unable to exercise efficiently without knee braces as they would be putting too much pressure on the knees. They have a hard time playing sports or engaging in manually strenuous activities. This creates a negative infinite loop where they are obese because they do no exercise and they do not exercise because they’re too heavy to work out with a knee brace for obese legs. Knee braces for obese help resolve this issue by providing extra support to the knees thereby minimizing the risk of certain knee-related conditions.

What should you look at when choosing knee braces for morbidly obese?

  1. The best extra large knee braces for the obese have a high protection level

Knee braces are classified based on their level of protection with 1 being the least protective and 3 being the most protective. A level one knee brace for obese will give you the least support but in return, you get wider flexibility: Just like you would when wearing a knee sleeve. This type of knee brace for an obese person is best suited to those that want mild support without comprising on their flexibility.

Level 2 knee braces are a blend of mobility and flexibility. Most level three braces are hinged. They offer the best support but then mobility is heavily limited. They are generally bulkier compared to the two other knee braces. Level 3 knee braces are prescribed to patients as they’re recovering from knee surgery. They prevent reinjuries during the recovery period. Level 4 knee braces are quite rare and only used when the patient has a major knee condition.

  1. How tight the knee brace is

This boils down to personal preference. You want a knee brace that’s tight on the knee without causing discomfort. The best obese knee brace should provide adequate support to the wearer. When the knee brace is too tight, it may limit blood flow to the knee further aggravating the condition. If the brace is too tight (and pressure marks form on the skin) then it’s time to buy a new knee brace or make adjustments to the straps. You will have to make a choice between rigid braces that offer extensive support and compression sleeves that are more comfortable.

How are obese knee braces classified?

  1. Knee sleeves

Manufacturers make them in varying sizes. They are slipped over the knee. Just like elbow sleeves, knee sleeves work by providing compression to the knee thereby controlling swelling and inflammation. This type of knee support is best utilized by people with mild knee pain. They’re relatively thin and are barely visible when fitted under clothing.

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  1. Dual Braces

These are typically used by athletes being affected by moderate knee pain. Even though they provide more support in comparison to knee braces, they can be easily put on or taken off comfortably during training. Unlike hinged knee braces they’re cheaper and more flexible.

  1. Hinged knee braces for the obese

Physicians prescribe them to patients recovering after knee surgery where high support is required to prevent re-injury.  Hinged knee braces help stop the knee from misaligning when bending. Doctors may either prescribe hinged braces immediately after surgery or after sometime based on how healing is progressing.