Freedom wand reviews

Freedom wand reviews – the unsurpassed toileting aid


  • Angled Nozzle
  • Portable
  • No need for power
  • Prevents haemorrhoids too


  • Bottom Buddy
  • Tissue / Wet Wipes
  • Release Button
  • Storage Bag


  • Freedom Wand
  • Tissue / Wet wipes
  • Release Button
  • Carry Bag

wiping your butt after taking a crap should be easy right? I’m sure it would be hard to imagine that there is some people out there who can’t reach their butts to wipe and of they can reach, they are in so much pain to wipe. Such people include the obese, pregnant women, people recovering from surgeries and people with general limitation of mobility. This has called for invention of toileting aid to help this people wipe without having to ask for help. Such a wiping aid if the freedom wand.

Based on personal experience as a care giver in a hospital, I have faced pregnant women and elderly people and a few obese ones who really struggle to wipe. However, the freedom wand toilet aid has really changed their lives as well as my life as a caregiver. It’s much easier for me now since I don’t have to follow my patients everywhere.

I am therefore writing this freedom wand reviews with a lot of confidence that it will change your toileting life and help you regain your hygiene freedom. The freedom wand personal hygiene device comes with special and unique features that make it the best option of a wiping aid for obese or people with limited mobility. Freedom wand has gained a lot of popularity in care centers.

The freedom wand comes in a kit that comprises of an extender, long enough and with two fingers that hold the tissue paper or the wet wipes firmly for a proper wipe. With this kit, you’re therefore assured that no more smells from down there, no more wiping pains and no more cries of help.

Freedom wand reviews-uses of the freedom wand.

Unlike other toileting aids, freedom wand toilet aid can be used for a number of uses and with a lot of ease. These uses include wiping the butt, shaving, applying oil ointment and taking a shower.

When used for wiping, the procedure is easy. You just attach the tissue paper on the head, direct the head to the butt, wipe slowly and smoothly, press a button to eject the tissue and flush. Once all that is done, clean and store the wand in its kit.

For shaving, just hold the razor using the fingers of the wand and you can easily reach wherever you want to shave. Similarly, for application of oil, you just have to apply the ointment oil on the pad, which you will hold with the wand and apply where you want to.

For shaving, you just have to hold the bathing loofah using the fingers of the wand and you can reach all the areas you couldn’t reach with your arms.

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Freedom wand vs bottom buddy?  Based on my opinion as a caregiver, freedom wand would be a much better choice for people with wiping difficulties. Its combination of features such as length, ease of use and flexibility in terms of uses makes it surpass the bottom buddy. It would be therefore my all-time choice.