Freedom Wand vs Bottom Buddy wiping wand Review

With an aim of promoting hygiene independency, the freedom wand is a multipurpose toilet wiping wand. For the price of one, you get a wiping aid, a tissue (or wet wipes) holder and a shower assistant. When bathing, the Freedom wand gives you extra arm length so that you can reach those had to wash areas. When shaving, it holds the shaver or razor for you so that you can reach the lower limb. Out of the box, this wand comes with an adjustable handle. The all-in-one head has a holder for attachments

freedom wand toilet aid Review

This tool is composed of three distinct pieces: the head, extender and the handle. With 9 inches of length, the head is slightly curved to the inside for optimum reach. The handle gives you an extra 6 inches. You could attach the extender to get a combined length of thirty inches. This is the optimum length for people with shirt hands as it lets hem wipe without straining the back, neck or torso. Looking at Amazon, we can see that there are many good freedom wand reviews

Comfortfox customers love this tool as it has a rinsing hole etched to its polypropylene handle. This means that you’ll have an easier time cleaning the tool afterwards (if need be)

Features of this wiping wand

  1. It’s an all-in-one assisted living aid. You can use it in almost all personal hygiene tasks.
  2. It’s light, durable and portable enough for discreet carrying
  3. It’s easy to use even for the obese with limited mobility
  4. You could extend the length fir comfortable reach
  5. Compared to other tools, it can hold the largest amount of toilet paper
  6. You can use it in the shower or while shaving
  7. Simplistic design and a non-slip grip

How to use Freedom Wand

  1. On one end, this toilet paper wand has 4 “fingers”. Technically speaking, they’re prongs. They extend and retract when you slide the release button.
  2. Extend the prongs and roll a generous amount of Toilet Paper
  3. Retract the “fingers” and the wind will secure the toilet paper (or wet wipes) in place.
  4. Point the wand at the toilet hole and extend the fingers to disengage the locking mechanism. You may repeat this procedure if necessary

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