Gyenno spoon reviews

The expert review


  • Cheaper than gyenno
  • Light for weak hands
  • Thick for good grip
  • Fat handle


  • Reduces spilling food
  • For moderate tremors
  • Soup Spoon restores dignity
  • Helps with muscle atrophy too


  • Best for Dementia Patients
  • Able to cut simple foods
  • Reduces frustration
  • Easy grip for athritic hands

Being diagnosed with parkinsonism is quite life changing. The simple things that make up someone’s daily routine slowly start getting difficult. This makes these patients help dependent. However, this should not steal your sense of freedom from you for we have so many aids for people living with Parkinson’s disease. A good example is the gyenno spoon reviews. This has been designed and crafted in a special way that helps you neutralize up to 85% of the tremors.

Why the gyenno spoon?

This fork has been made using the most sophisticated technology to make sure that the handle adapts to your hand tremors as fast as possible. It has a very high speed and intelligent servo control, that has been made with reference to intelligent rehabilitation robotics. This swift combination makes the system very sensitive and precise to any tremors. It uses an algorithm that is self-adapted and fitted with very intelligent parameters that are able to handle the slightest change of tremors

This stabilizing fork has been made to meet the best standards. When it comes to safety, no fork beats the gyenno spoon reviews. It has been made with materials that have been verified and certified. Its covering is made of tritan and is BPA free. It’s tough and chemical resistant.

Ease of use is key for any piece of cutlery aid. This fork together with its handle weight about 130 g. this is not even close to a kilogram. Not to forget its ergonomic design that has been adapted to general use habits. it’s easy to hold and slipping from the hands is unthinkable.

It comes with a very string battery that can last up 180 hours. This is a clear indication that this gyenno Parkinson fork should always be with you every time you travel. The battery is replaceable and there is a simple LED or rather notification light that clearly indicates the condition of the battery.

Just because you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease doesn’t mean you can’t have your salads at peace. This fork has been designed to be used for salads, or generally any other foods that need a fork

How it compares to liftware

Pros of this fork

  • Its light in weight and easy to use and manipulate
  • Cancels out close to 85% hand tremors
  • Long lasting battery
  • Can be used for any foods
  • Battery is replaceable
  • Very sensitive to changes in tremors
  • Material is strong and safe


  • Could easily break if used for so hard foods

Anxiety can lead to increased tremors. So if you have just bought this fork and your using it for the first time, I would advise you relax and take your time to lean about it. If it’s possible, try and learn in private. When learning about the fork, keep changing between the various grip positions. This will help you find a favorite grip position that will make it easy for you when eating. The best thing to do is not to try to minimize the tremors while holding the fork. Let your arm tremor naturally and allow this fork to do its duty. I promise you it won’t let you down.