hoover vs Bissell carpet cleaners- who wins?

Hoover vs Bissell carpet cleaners- who wins?


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When going for a vacuum cleaner, there is a lot to look at. These include the performance, the brand, cost, vacuum technology, just to mention but a few. There are tens of brands in the market to choose from. However, we have two brands that have gained a lot of popularity in the last 9 months. These are the hoover and Bissell brands. These two, however, are completely different vacuums that have been made from very diverse technology and features. Stay with me in this comprehensive hoover vs Bissell carpet cleaners blog post.

hoover vs Bissell carpet cleaners- overview

as pointed in the very first paragraph, these are two different types of vacuums that have been made by two companies that have been in this appliances industry for close to a century now. This gives a clear indication of the experience they have and the guarantee they give you that their products are state of the art. The two companies have a wide range of carpet cleaners or rather vacuum cleaners but later in the article, we shall see who the king is. Here are some of the points of comparison that we have considered in this article.

  • hoover vs Bissell carpet cleaners-range of vacuums (see other great carpet cleaners)
  • the vacuum technology
  • performance
  • comprehensive reviews of each of the vacuums

A. hoover vs Bissell vacuum range

when it comes to Bissell, they have been in this game for more than a century and in this long period of research and innovations they have come up with a very wide and interesting collection of models and crazy features of vacuum cleaners. Initially, they came up with the upright vacuum, after which they ventured into the cordless, handheld, stick and even robot vacuums being the latest. They have more than 30 models of vacuum cleaners.

On the contrary, hoover has a smaller range of vacuum cleaners. To be specific, they range from upright to cordless but their main area of interest has been the upright vacuum. For this comparison, we have selected two of the best-selling models, one from each company.

B. Vacuum technology.

It would be really good to note that the two vacuums are upright. When it comes to the Bissell, it has been crafted with the multi-cyclonic suction system. This is a super functional technology that delivers a strong suction power that ensures that all the pieces of dust, including the larger debris, are sucked. It has been tested and proven as per IEC 60312-1 where multiple rigorous tests gave results within the acceptable 5% tolerance.

When it comes to the hoover upright vacuum, it has been crafted using the wind tunnel 3 technology. This model of design is top class and works by creating 3 strong suction channels that suck up surface dust and debris including the dirt that has been embedded in cracks and carpet fabric.

C. Performance of the carpet cleaners

Each vacuum delivers a special performance of its own. Let’s focus on the hoover for a start. This vacuum has a steerable technology to make sure that moving around those chairs and tables around the house isn’t a problem. On the part of filtration, it has been fitted with a HEPA filter system that traps 99.97% of the dust including the allergens. This ensures that the released air is safe and clean. In as much as they do this great job on carpets and generally floors, it’s a bit of a disappointment that they are noisy.

The Bissell comes in its special way as well. First of all, unlike the hoover, this vacuum has top-class noise reduction which gives a quiet environment. Just like the hoover, it has steerable technology to make it easier to move around furniture on the floor space during cleaning. However, this vacuum doesn’t have a HEPA filter technology. Nevertheless, the vacuum still delivers the same if not better like those with the HEPA filters.

D. Bissell vacuum review- Bissell cleanview upright bagless vacuum

The first point to note is the triple action brush roll. This means that there is a lot of pick up power which takes care of the long strands of hair in the carpets as well the embedded dirt. This combined with scatter free technology work together to make sure that at the end of the cleaning, the floor is left with a smooth polished happy look.

The vacuum does edge to edge cleaning which ensures that even the corners that can be a bit tricky to clean are taken care of. The vacuum is lightweight which makes it easy to push around when cleaning. The bottom dirt bin is large enough to accommodate a lot of dirt and is very easy to empty.

Pros of Bissell vacuums

  • They are cheaper
  • Works well for thick carpets and mats
  • Foot control interface to switch between different types of floors
  • Very easy to store
  • Quit quiet
  • There’s no necessity to bend your trunk during cleaning
  • Assembling the vacuum is easy
  • Reasonably wide vacuuming path
  • Strong suction power

Cons of the Bissell vacuums

  • Don’t have HEPA filters
  • Replacing the filter is a hassle

E. Hoover vacuum cleaner corded upright UH2400

This vacuum is very similar to the Bissell. It’s lightweight which makes cleaning an enjoyable ride. To add on to that, it comes with a wand and some other interesting tools. The main purpose of the wand is to assist with cleaning under the furniture, which saves you the back pain that results from bending.

It has a control that enables the transition from hard floors to the softer carpets with ease. This plus the allergen control filter work to deliver the cleanest floor spaces.

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Pros of the hoover vacuum

  • Allergen filter
  • Wand to reduce back pain
  • Easy floor transition
  • Lightweight

Cons of the hoover vacuum

  • Very noisy

Our say on hoover vs Bissell

From our side, we shall with no doubt root for the Bissell. Its features are impeccable. Starting from the suction power ,down the list to the very last one. Don’t go out there donating your cash purchasing vacuums that don’t give you value for your bucks. Regain your home freshness by purchasing a Bissell the solution to home vacuuming.

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