how do fat people wipe their butt?

Fat people tend to have rather short hands compared to the moderately- sized human. This makes it rather difficult for them to wipe themselves from the front. This is annoying and a challenging task especially when it comes to wiping their bottoms after using the washrooms or even their backs. Ever been asked how do fat people wipe? Here as some common aids to enable fat people wipe effectively and efficiently.

By using a Butt Wiper

This is an aid, also called the freedom wand, device shaped like a hockey stick, 21 inches long that enables you to reach out to the furthest parts of your boy. According to human anatomy, the arm of an average man is 25 inches. An additional 21 inches will just reach to the furthest parts of body enabling you to comfortable wipe your butt after visiting the washrooms.  It can as well be used to shave, and even wipe your back when taking a shower serving in a multipurpose way as a result saving your money.

Butt wiper user guide

  1. The user is required to extend the butt wiper to his desired length. You can set a specific length just once and use it over time unless you need to make adjustments. You can also opt not to extend it and use the head only to your convenience.
  2. Wrap the amount of toilet paper you require around its head. You can also use wet wipes as they tend to be more effective.
  3. Gently roll it over your butt. You will realize that the process is very effective as you come out clean.
  4. Press the release button on the butt wiper to let go off the used toilet paper.

Why is it so appreciated by customers?

  1. It can be used for various purposes apart from just cleaning the butt.
  2. It is sold together with a bag for the purpose of discretion.
  3. Its arm can extend up to 21 inches enabling you to wipe from any angle you are standing with.

As much as it is an effective wiper, it is quite expensive. It also does not have the grip expected by most hence can easily slip. There are different types of butt wipers. They include;

Here’s our freedom wand vs bottom buddy comparison

The Bottom Buddy is a wiping aid having an arm of approximately 11 inches with a three-fork shaped head. It is an ideal device that tends to possess a softer head compared to the freedom wand. Although it is shorter than a butt wiper, its head hold toilet paper more effectively. It is ranked the best method as it keeps your hygiene. It tags along its package box with a subtle carrying bag that enables you to carry it together with your other stuff when travelling.

The Buckingham Toilet Aid is a 15 inch arm wiping aid that definitely serves the wiping needs for the fat. It has a soft head that can be attached a wet wipe or toilet paper and be used to wipe the genitals or the butt. After finishing the toilet business, simply reach out to the disengage button on the arm to release the toilet paper hence keeping your hands clean from all the toilet mess.

The juvo caddy aid is a latest innovation of butt wipers. It has a magnificent grip that holds on to the toilet papers and wet wipes when using it in the washrooms. It also has an efficient release system to ensure that the used toilet paper is disposed of properly. Its resilient handle allows you to perform both backward and forward strokes. It however should be noted that medics recommend against wiping from the front as you may spread bacteria to your genitalia.

How do fat people wipe? They ask Nurses

Bathtubs, showers and cleaning toilets have one thing in common, they involve splashing of water to the surface. This alone does not guarantee total cleanliness. There still could be particles of dirt that may be traced when the water dries of. As a result you need to wipe of the water. There are nurses available to wipe one’s skin to dry off the water. They also can do everything for you. You just have to stand up on leg and place the other on a stool or high level ground to spread your butt apart. Actually, there’s a heated debate on Reddit where “experts” suggest how fat people wipe.

They use Bidet Attachments

For any obese person considering upgrading their bathroom to ease on wiping after using it, there are two types of bidet attachments in the market he can choose from: electronic and non-electronic. The electric bidets are like any other electric appliances and get their power by plugging into a power source supply. On the other hand, non-electric bidets acquire their power from water pressure. Both of these give great hygienic experiences that can be used by the obese to wipe and get clean. We learn new things everyday. Today, you have learnt how do fat people wipe.

A hand-held bidet may also be a great option for the obese who can’t reach their butt. Using water instead of the processed wipes and toilet papers tends to be more hygienic and you may end up saving a lot of money you would have used to purchase the toilet papers in the long run.

The KO Bidet is also another type of bidet. This is a cheaper and simpler way for obese people to get clean. It has a water jet that vertically sprays out cleaning the surface of the skin. By doing this, it prevents the person from acquiring urinary tract infections.


  1. It is portable hence one can travel with it and mix it with all the other languages.
  2. It only requires to be connected to a shower.

They take a shower immediately after visiting the toilet

This is quite simple as it just involves you standing in the shower and let the water run through your butt. This is however not a recommendable way as the feces eventually start clogging your drainage system. The person may also not be able to reach to his butt. He may also be too large to enter into the shower or bathtub and bears the risk of falling and being hurt in the bathroom.

If all these types of options can’t work with you due to your financial position or any other factors, you may have to end up calling a Really Close Friend to help you out.

Conclusion: Here’s how fat people wipe

  1. They use a butt wiper
  2. They seek assistance from nurses
  3. They use toilets that have bidets with them
  4. They take a shower every time they visit the bathroom
  5. They use more toilet paper
  6. They use wet wipes instead of tissue paper
  7. They seek help from their loved ones
  8. They sometimes use toilet tongs
  9. They use long sticks and attach sponges to the end
  10. They use toilet tongs to hold tissue paper

how do fat people wipe