Liftware vs gyenno

Gyenno Vs Liftware

The world has close to 7.8 billion people. Out of this mass population, millions are affected with a neurodegenerative disorder that affects the nervous system leading to serious symptoms of tremors of the body. The most affected are the limbs. This is so tough on them that it renders simple chores and personal responsibilities such as eating. To be honest, this sounds like a tough life to live. However, companies such as Liftware and gyenno have made sure that Parkinson’s disease isn’t a death sentence. They have invented stabilizing spoons that have helped PD patients a great deal when eating. So what are the unique features of these spoons? Here is an in-depth comparison of Liftware vs gyenno stabilizing spoon.

The Liftware stabilizing spoon

Liftware has specialized in making these Parkinson’s spoons. They come in handy for people with a lot of tremors or rather limited limb mobility. They come into types. Liftware steady and Liftware level.

Let’s begin with Liftware steady. It includes a spoon, a fork and a soup spoon that has been designed to help with everyday eating of people with parkinsonism. So what are the features that make it unique? It easily adapts to the arm. This aid uses an electronic mechanism to neutralize the hand tremors therefore giving the patient an easier time with the meals.

Ease of use is evident. It comes in two parts; stabilizing handle and the utensils attachment. This implies that you can simply connect the provided attachment and it turns on and off automatically as you enjoy your meal. In case it runs low on power, all you need to do is disconnect and charge.

This is a smart cutlery that comes with extra attachments. They can be used anytime and they include; fork, spork, soup spoon and an everyday eating spoon.

The other type is Liftware level. This is not so much different from the package above. It uses an electronic stabilizing technology to keep the spoon level despite the level of inclination. This means that no matter how the hand twists, the food cannot spill.

It’s a smart spoon that detects the slightest of changes on the hand and it’s very easy to use. Just like in the steady, this one has two parts as well for your convenience. Extra attachments include a leveling handle, soup spoon and a fork attachment.

Gyenno stabilizing spoon

This spoon gives and excellent result. It offers 360 degrees’ tremor stabilization and can offset as much as 85% of the hand tremors. This is made possible by the inbuilt high speed functional control system that senses the slightest of changes for more accurate stabilization.

It’s easy to use and has been automated in such a way that it can power itself off when not in use. Subsequently, this saves a lot of power.

It has been made very comfortable to use due to its smooth ergonomic design that adapts it to general use by hands. It’s also very sustainable as with a full charge, it can be used for close to 3 hours.

Its design is simple and has been made suitable to use for any meal.

These two spoons have become great help to patients. However, the gyenno spoon sounds like a better choice due to the fact that it can offset close to 85% tremors.