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Miele vs Dyson- which is the pre-eminent vacuum?


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Miele and Dyson are probably the most famous vacuum cleaner brand. Whether its hairs on the floor or the general dust cleaning, these two vacuums will always come through for you. We have reviewed and talked about these two products a lot of times, written reviews of their products but it still might be an issue deciding on which to choose between these two vacuums. In this long and detailed article, we have done an in-depth comparison of these two vacuums, highlighting their main imminent features, what makes them unique, pros, cons and at the end, we will give a verdict on which vacuum we think is best for you. However, just by reading through, you will be able to decide which vacuum is best.


In this article, we decided to put more emphasis on the Dyson vacuum. Dyson involves engineering experts from all over the globe to deliver these top-class vacuums. However, their research and development centre is located in the United Kingdom. Most of their vacuums are manufactured in Malaysia since 2002. The idea behind the name Dyson from the company’s founder, Sir James Dyson who came up with this great idea in 1991.

On the other hand, Miele tends to be an older company and they manufacture a better part of their vacuum cleaners. Miele doesn’t just specialize in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners but they have also ventured in the manufacture of other home appliances such as hand dryers and dishwashers. Both companies have brought a lot of innovations to the world of appliances and they both deserve credit.

Dyson was recognized for bringing the first-ever bagless vacuum cleaner while Miele was the inventor of the first-ever HEPA certified vacuum cleaner.


Different vacuum cleaners are made using different technologies and techniques, with each company bringing to the table what they think will give them the best results. The same has happened between these two companies; Miele and Dyson. They have made these two brands of vacuum cleaners to bring out different features and functionalities although they all tend to serve the same purpose. This will, therefore, give us points of comparison. Here are some of the features that we have highlighted in this article.

  • Miele vs Dyson vacuum technology
  • Miele and Dyson vacuum range
  • Company warranty
  • Comparison of uprights
  • Filtration capabilities and much more


Both companies have applied excellent and sophisticated technologies into their brands to ensure there is perfect filtration and that the results are exceptional. Their systems have been sealed and made airtight. This is an important feature that creates the biggest difference between these two brands and the other cheap brands in the market. These systems make sure that whatever finds its way into the vacuum goes into the dustpan and not back to the floor.

Let’s have a look at the Miele technology. In general terms, Miele vacuums use a bag for purposes of sucked dust collection. However, the bag will get used up with time which means that you need to do a time to time replacement of the filter and the bag, which means maintaining a Miele could be quite expensive. Some people have it that maintaining a Miele is easier and safer due to the easy cleaning and removing the dust bag. The dust bag is always sealed before removal which means you’re safe from any kind of allergies that might result from the dust. Some people also say that a Miele doesn’t require frequent cleaning compared to the Dyson.

On the other hand, the Dyson has neither a bag nor a filter. This doesn’t mean that it could be a faulty vacuum. It’s way efficient than the Miele.


The noise reduction feature heavily depends on the technology used in the making. According to multiple independent tests, it has been observed that a Miele is generally quieter than a Dyson. This is due to the Miele silencer technology that comes in terms of a motor (noise optimized) and an integrated sound insulator that provides quiet experience while vacuuming.

So which technology do you think is the best? It’s up to you to decide!


Both brands have vacuum cleaners with upright capabilities. The two brands provide ample suction and a powerful brush roll to dust and carpets and get rid of any hairs, whether human or pet hair from your mats and carpets. They are both heavy-duty vacuum cleaners.

For the upright Miele vacuums, they come in the form of bagged vacuums. They have sealed systems that seal the dirtbag to ensure the utmost hygiene. On the other hand, the Dyson vacuums are bagless and they empty the sucked dirt into a dust can where all you have to do is to empty it into a dustbin. However, these allergens could be pollutants and potential allergens.


When it comes to the Miele vacuums, they have 4 power settings where you can toggle between them by use of a button depending on the nature of the cleaning you’re doing. For soft rugs or drapes, you can lower the power but for hard floors and thick mats, you can power up the vacuum. The Dyson vacuums don’t have power options which means they run full speed all through


Cordless vacuums are very easy to manoeuvre around. You can reach unlimited floor space provided the battery has enough power. When it comes to Miele, they have not yet invented a cordless vacuum but hopefully, they do that very soon.

Dyson, however, has gone to that extra mile to bring these dimes called cordless vacuums. They have been designed to excellent quality to bring utmost satisfaction. They are very light in terms of weight and are very powerful. They have amazing controls for purposes of changing between the nature of the cleaning. They can also detach to some handheld vacuum to aid reach areas above the ground such as stairs and car interiors.


This is a Miele upright canister vacuum cleaner. Miele products have been tested and proven for over 20 years. When it comes to effective cleaning, these vacuums are top-notch. It comes with a modern air filtration system that filters close to 99.99% of all the finest dust particles and retains them till you dispose of them.

When it comes to convenience, this vacuum is made in an extremely special technology that easily adapts to the cleaning conditions to make sure that every part of your floor has been cleaned. From floors to the ceiling, this vacuum ensures that it’s all done.

Performance is what matters most in any cleaning appliance. This has been taken care of by Miele by ensuring that this vacuum is powered in the best way possible. Powered by a vortex motor effective system, this ensures that suction is maximum and you can do precis adjustments depending on the nature of the surface being cleaned.

A silencer motor with 6 settings that are easily controlled by footswitch controls. A 36’ operating radius makes sure that you do a thorough cleaning from end to end

Pros of the calima canister

  • Easy to use
  • Footswitch controls
  • Works quietly
  • Very powerful motor
  • Stainless steel telescopic wand for large radius


  • A bit expensive compared to Dyson vacuums
  • A hassle to clean and maintain


Dyson products are unbeatable. Starting with this state of the art vacuum cleaner that brings together unique features and qualities that will leave you with a reason to get yourself a Dyson. This is the most powerful among all cordless vacuums.

It has a run time of close to 1 hour when it’s putting into use a non-motorized tool. It uses a cyclone technology that means 14 concentric cyclones. This is to improve suction and filtration to make sure that cleaning is effective and that you’re protected against any allergens.

Its very lightweight and very versatile. This makes the cyclone the best vacuum for use if you have large floor space and you need to clean throughout the home. A trigger, (instant release) indicates that battery power is utilized during cleaning. Before the very first use, this vacuum requires a continuous AC charge of about 3 to 4 hours.

It has a soft roller that is driven by a motor and a brush bar that has a soft nylon cover to suck up large dust particles and at the same, filaments made of carbon fibre make sure that the fine dust particles are taken care of.


  • Easy to use
  • Very versatile and lightweight
  • Very effective
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Might require assembling


A lot has been said about these two vacuums. But it’s with no doubt the Dyson has surpassed all the others. Starting from the upright designs, to the powerful motors, the ease of cleaning, effective filtration, and lastly to the cordless design, this is the ultimate vacuum cleaner for your floors.