Fat people clothes

Each stage of life poses its own challenges. Perhaps the biggest lifestyle challenge you’ll face when loving on the plus side is that typical clothing stores never stock obese clothing. Typical clothing chain retailers rarely have super morbidly obese clothing (size 28 and up). I mean, there must be stores selling clothing for obese women, right? It’s time to be real. We spent over 6 hours looking for affordable and quality online retailers that stock clothes for obese people. 

Dresses for obese ladies

It can be quite difficult to find clothing especially for us obese people. Being obese doesn’t mean that one cannot look elegant. As a matter of fact, we have plus size models who look spectacular in certain types of dressing. There’s no rule really when it comes to smart dressing. It all depends how smart your attire looks and most importantly your level of confidence as you carry it around. Thankfully, we have quite a number of models who have put a lot of effort into designing obese clothing, or rather clothes for obese people. This means that it has been made easier to choose obese fashion.

When it comes to ladies, there are quite different varieties such as dresses, tops, jeans, sweaters and swimsuits. We will look into each of the items in the list and see how to choose the best of each for you.

Dresses for obese women

Based on a personal opinion, dresses tend to be the best looking clothes for obese ladies. Dresses have their own ways of displaying charm. They come in as a perfect choice for a complete outfit when you don’t want to put the separates together. Dresses can also be perfect and simple canvases on which you can floss your accessories. There are so many varieties of dresses and for this reason, clothes for morbidly obese girls can be termed as a non-issue.

Let’s now break down into the different types of dresses that I have personally tried out and some others that I’ve seen obese people wear.

Shift dresses for obese ladies

This is a very popular type of dress and probably one of the best dresses for obese women. This dress is form fitting although not so form fitting. The best thing about shift dresses is that they can be dressed either up or even down. The dress can also be accessorized to show the parts that you may think are your best and at the same time hiding those parts that you don’t want to have people seeing. According to Danica Lo, a very famous author, if you have issues with your armpits, he advises that you find a cap sleeve sheath dress and if you wish to have your stomach covered, you can try putting on a cardigan. I’m pretty sure you’d agree this would be perfect choice of super morbidly obese clothing.

Empire dresses for obese women

Just like the name sounds, this dress has a tendency of making obese women look like queens and princesses. It’s pretty clear that plus size women have been blessed with super curves. If you wish them to see the shape you got, then trust me an empire dress would be the best choice for that. The empire dress pairs a flowing skirt with a high waist line which forms the best styles of accentuating your waist and bust.  For much better looks, just make sure that the dress slightly flares out below the bustline and that it skims over the midsection.

Drop waist dresses for obese ladies

Just like the empire dress, this would be another choice of a shape concealing dress. It mainly highlights the point of your hips rather than that of the waist. According to Jill Martin, a fashion designer, a dress or even a top that has a drop waist bypasses any cloth surrounding the belly and this has an effect of making your trunk look leaner and a bit longer. This actually ends up looking very sexy and fashionable.

Drop waist dresses, especially if it comes in feminine colors (depends on your favorite), and a soft fabric have a tendency of making morbidly obese women look a bit slimmer and of course an improved feminine look.

Wrap dresses for obese ladies

This is also a good pick among dresses for obese ladies. Given that it has a V-neck ,you can be sure that your waist and bust will be well accentuated. Rita Mauceri, who wrote a famous book “curves rule and flat is fabulous”, has a very valid opinion that the wrap dress has a special cut that draws quite a lot of attention to the curves and tends to slim your midsection. He also goes ahead and recommends bigger and bolder patterns, preferably that run in the vertical direction as this even gives the obese a slimmer and a more feminine shape. I trust that as we move on its getting easier choosing clothing for obese women.

Dark colored dresses

Based on a personal opinion, Obese women’s clothing looks much better when chosen in darker colors. This is because of the simple reason of a slimming look. We all know how big and sensitive the issue of color is when it comes to obese fashion. Personally, as an obese girl, I have most of my dresses in black. However, black is not the only color you can have to achieve this. I’m pretty sure in your local obese clothing store, the dresses come in tens of colors. You can also go for navy or even any other deep and solid color that you feel would do you good. If you wish to layer over the dress you choose, just ensure you’re under layer has a darker color than the over layer. This gives a slimmer look


Jeans can also look fantastic in morbidly obese women. Its therefore an important part of morbidly obese clothing. You however need to be very careful with your choices be it in terms of size or even color. I have selected a few types that I personally think would be a good guide to fashion for obese ladies.

The first thing would be to make sure that you try and wear dark jeans. By dark I don’t necessarily mean black, but you can as well go for other colors like navy blue, a very deep green would be perfect as well. Dark jeans have a tendency of highlighting the curves in a much sexier way (I bet you want to look sexy as well)

You can try boyfriend jeans. These are straight legged and are not tight at all. You can be sure that movement will be so easy in these. Rolling them a bit gives even a better look and makes the obese girl look effortless.

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A good choice of a pair of jeans needs to be complimented with a better choice of a top. Technically, dark colors hide and white colors reveal. Its therefore very important to remember what part of upper body you’d like to show and which part you’d like to conceal. If you wish to emphasize on your bust, you can try out a light colored top.

Patterns are also very crucial in clothes for obese women.  They can also be used for purposes of emphasis. If you think you want to show off your bust area, you can try out horizontal stripes on your top. Horizontal stripes tend to enlarge the bust and it therefore draws a lot of attention to the bustline. However, be careful as the outfit needs to be put in order. A nice top with horizontal stripes and in a dark color would look very good in an obese body or rather a big body.

If you wish to look much smaller, try out vertical running stripes and in a dark solid color.



A good sweater looks classy on a morbidly obese woman. We don’t do sweaters just for the cold but also for looks.

Showing a great curvy body in heavy fabrics can be quite a challenge and after all you won’t look that appealing. I therefore recommend a light clothing for a sweater. The color of the sweater also comes in handy. As discussed before, darker colors have slimming effect which would be the ideal clothing for obese women.

Sweaters with cropped sleeves are a good choice as they are much comfortable and they give the lady a much younger look. This draws attention to the smaller parts of the waist which adds on to the slimming effect.

Sweaters with a horizontal pattern would be a good choice if you feel like showing off your bust. Vertical patterns are better if you wish to achieve a slimming effect.

Swim suits

As obese women, we deserve to rock the pool or the beach this summer. We therefore deserve sexy and supportive swim suits to cover our curves. All you have to do is visit an obese clothing store and grab a swim suit of your choice. Choosing a swimsuit for morbidly obese girls can be very tough.

I would recommend that you choose a swimsuit that draws more attention to your upper body. A brightly colored top with patches of bright flowers would be best.  The suit should have solid bottoms as it highlights your bust and minimizes your legs at the same time.

It’s also highly recommended that you choose a one-piece suit. This covers your entire trunk and gives a more slimming look.

You can also choose a swim suit that covers all your hips. This helps a great deal in hiding imperfections and making hips look smaller


Let’s now take a look at a few obese fashion buying tips that will make it easier for you to choose clothes for super obese women.

  1. Wear confidence. Don’t buy too large clothing. They may seem as if they are doing you a great favor hiding your flaws but in real sense they are displaying your lack of confidence. ‘
  2. Understand your body’s shape before purchasing any outfits. This is very important as it helps you identify which style is perfect for your body.
  3. Always feel good about your body. It’s very important to understand that being obese doesn’t make you less beautiful. You should therefore wear confidence even before you purchase an outfit.
  4. Match your clothing well. If you choose to do jeans, make sure you get a complimenting top or even a sweater. This may be in terms of colors or styles.
  5. Try more dark colored outfits. Dark colored outfits are very good in concealing weight and giving a slimming effect.


how to dress when overweight?

The following is a short paragraph that might be very helpful to you.

Always remember to avoid big and large fabrics as well as tent dresses. You may think by wearing oversize clothing is helping but in real sense It doesn’t do you justice.

It’s always best to put emphasis on your waist and bust. Honestly speaking, the waist and the bust are our strengths as obese women and therefore by putting emphasis on them, be sure to have necks turning around. If you choose to go for pants, make sure they are dark colored and a bit fitting and not too tight.


How to dress when you’re an overweight man

If you’re an overweight man, no need to worry as obese fashion has got your back. Its recommended that you wear clothes that fit your body well. Too tight clothing reveals how overweight you are and its therefore important to have well-fitting clothes. It’s also important to remember that loose clothing doesn’t make you appear smaller but displays low self-esteem and lack of confidence.  Clothes for obese man should also cover and fit the largest parts of the body. 

Most importantly, dress appropriately and for the occasion. Try t-shirts and shorts during summer and don’t worry about your flaws.

Short and fat, what to wear

If you’re short and fat, it would look cool if you chose a combination that makes you look a bit taller and slimmer. Longer single blocks of colors appear to make you look taller. If you chose a blouse and a pair of pants, make sure the two are of the same color and most preferably, a solid color. Remember to make sure there’s no horizontal line between the two that is so obvious.

Short and chubby fashion tips

How about if you are short and chubby? What do you need to do to look elegant? The first thing to say no to would be skinny fitting clothing. This will make you look even shorter.Morbidly obese clothing should fit well at the largest part of the body. If this doesn’t happen to the clothes you purchase, you can just have them tailored.For short men, it’s advisable to avoid bold patterns as they appear to make your body look much smaller and chubbier. Remember to skip the belt and go for more dark and solid colored outfits 

Generally, choosing clothes for super obese people isn’t as hard as it sounds. All you need to do is to know your body and to remember that being obese don’t make you less elegant. 

Does being overweight mean that you can’t dress well? Of course not. I’ve seen plenty of plus size ladies pulling off killer looks. With the right closet apparels (and a fair dose of self-confidence), looking good will be easy. A one-size-fits-all approach is never practical when choosing dresses for obese women. The sad truth is that designer’s often test their dresses for obese ladies on mannequins instead of taking measurements from actual obese women. It’s never easy making obese dresses as we all have unique anatomy. The best obese dresses are cute on the wearer and look cute. The waist and hips are made in the right sizing ensuring that they perfectly accenting your curves.


Plus size bras: fashion for obese ladies

Isn’t it ironical that even though we have many brands selling plus size bras, it still hard finding a good bra? Just like other clothes for obese ladies, the best plus size bras are firm and supportive. Though optional, the best fitting ones often have cups.


Shopping tips when buying clothing for clothes for super obese

When was the last time you shopped for morbidly obese clothing from Amazon? Did you know that they showcase the best sellers in their obese clothing store section? Check out this list. Today, we’ll share a few I insider tips on how you could shop on this site without fearing that you’ll get smoothing too large or too small. Amazon’s independent sellers showcase cute super morbidly obese clothing.

Tip 1: Look at the seller’s location when buying clothing for obese women

Designers from different parts of the globe showcase their products on this site. There’s no “standard” way of measuring cloth sizes and sizing is at times way off. There’s something for everyone. Looking at clothes for obese ladies, you will realize that most pieces lie in the $35 to $65 range. If it’s your lucky day, you’ll get the same pieces being retailed in Instagram boutiques and at a fraction of the cost. Even though most obese dresses were under $35, we noticed that they were still unique and unavailable in other online stores.

Tip 2: Take time browsing through their shorts

This is the ideal section to find clothes for obese man.