Safest shower chair 2019 reviews

Safest shower chair  2019 reviews

Using the bathroom should be easy, right? many people assume that taking a shower in a bathtub or any other bathroom should be easy and laidback. However, this is not the case for everyone.  To some people, taking a shower sounds like a punishment. Such people include the elderly, the disabled or even people with injuries or recovering from surgeries. The best way to take care of such people may not be washing them like babies. As an alternative, you could get any of them with a shower chair and this will make them feel like they want to shower every time.

So what is this shower chair? It could also be termed as a bath bench or a shower stool. It’s a safety aid that is used by people who can’t stand safely in a shower or even a bathtub. So if you happen to know someone who needs this kind of assistance, the following are short and detailed reviews of the safest shower chairs in 2019.

1.      DR. MAYA adjustable shower chair with grab bar and anti-slip bench.

As pointed in the brief introduction, this is safest for the elderly, disabled people and people recovering from injuries such as broken backs. This is a safety aid and that means that it has to assured whoever sits on it that it can take up the weight. For this chair, it’s steady, very secure and very durable. It’s made of heavy-duty material that can stand up to 300 lbs. of weight.

Durability is well taken care of by the corrosion resilient aluminium legs that despite the contact with water, will not even show a pint of rust. This ensures that the chair lasts for a long period without losing its value of strength.

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This shower chair is number one on versatility and comfort. The seat itself comes in a wide enough design, fitted with well-placed drainage holes and comfortable seat handles for an easy and firm grip for moving and lifting. The aluminium legs have been fitted with rubber feet that make the seat anti-slip for ultimate safety from sliding especially on the wet bathroom floors. There’s also a backrest and padded handles for extra comfort when sitting, especially for long hours.

This shower chair has been designed to fit in a normal universal bathroom and bathtub. Most importantly is its narrow design to make sure it can as well fit in the narrow bathtubs plus its height adjusting property to cater for people of all heights and sizes. The backrest is removable as well to make sure that you sit just the way you like.

The seat comes with a free shower handle for extra security and showering security. When you buy this shower chair, you buy confidence and satisfaction.

2.      Vaunn medical shower chair- tool-free (safest shower chair)

When it comes to comfort, no seat beats this one by Vaunn. Its design is ergonomic with a wide smooth contoured seat made of antibacterial polystyrene material that ensures the contact with the skin is safe. This design ensures that the sitting is comfortable and chances of slipping are reduced to zero.

The drainage holes have been made in a unique design, that ensures continuous and smooth drainage which creates a great showering experience and safety which also reduces the risks such as slipping.

The seat is tough and safe. The aluminium frame is so tough that it can take a weight of close to 250 pounds. The aluminium frame is not just strong, but it also has a featherweight that makes it very easy to move the seat around. The legs are angled to increase stability and safety. The legs have been fitted with non-slip rubber studs that put the extra nail on safety.

The seat is easy to use and manipulate. The backrest is removable to make your sitting experience an adventure. The legs are also adjustable to allow the user seeks for the best specifications for him or her.

The seat is lightweight (about 4 lbs.) and 6 lbs. with the back support includes. This is very easy to move around or lift from the bathtub. To make it more interesting, the seat doesn’t require any assembly tools. All you need is the parts and your own hands.

3.      Drive medical plastic shower chair with adjustable back support

This is the safest shower chair you can ever find. It is more like a transfer bench that comes through to assist individuals with movement problems with getting in and out of the shower. The plastic soft bench ensures that there is a comfortable contact with your butt. The bench has been joined to a comfortable backrest, that is removable and adjustable to increase comfort and ease of use.

The legs are not fitted with just any other rubber pads to cater for slipping. This shower chair has been fitted with non-slip rubber suction cups that are with no doubt safer than the normal rubber pads. This gives 100% safety against slipping.

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The transfer bench provides the best support that a shower chair can ever provide. Its steady A-frame modern design will provide this comfort. To make things more interesting, the bench can be installed with a plastic and comfortable handle on the two sides to make sure that the seat is well compatible with any bathtub.

Drainage has been taken care of by the well-spaced and placed drainage holes that drain the water continuously to make sure the showering experience is smooth and comfortable.

The bench has been made of strong and tough plastic that is safe and durable and can withstand daily use for a long time. The plastic is also nontoxic to make sure that the contact between the bench and the skin has no adverse effects on the user.

The feet of the bench are adjustable with several inches to make sure that you set it just the way you’d like. Lastly, all these components of the bench require no tools assembling. With just your hands, you got a bench for thyself.

Don’t let old age, disability or any sort of pains snatch your bathroom independence from you. The shower chair has been tested and proven to be the number one-bathroom aid. Buy back your dignity by ordering any of the above.