Best vacuum 2019-shark ionflex review

Best vacuum 2019-shark ionflex review


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A great clean up doesn’t just come with any vacuum. The vacuum has to possess the best specs to make sure that your needs are satisfied. One of the best vacuums in the market is the shark ionflex 251. In the past few months, this vacuum by shark has gained fame and has been credited great reviews and positive testimonials. Despite the great qualities, there are some shortcomings as well. This, however, doesn’t mean that the vacuum cleaner is unreliable. Let’s take a deeper look at the specs, pros and cons of the ionflex in this shark ionflex review.

 Shark ionflex review duoclean technology

This is one of the most innovative and thought out features that shark have brought out in this vacuum. To be specific, the brush roll head has duo clean technology. So what does this mean and what effect does it have on the vacuum`s work rate? If you take a closer look at most vacuums, you will realize that they only have one spinning brush on the head roll that is designed to clean both hard floors and carpets (two other carpet cleaners compared). This is a bit complicated and you’ll find that they don’t deliver the best results, as these are two different surfaces and hence the brush is compromised between the two choices. In such cases, one is forced to change the vacuum head to accommodate the different surfaces.

When it comes to the ionflex, this is not the case. This vacuum has two brushes on its brush roll, on the same vacuuming head. The bigger brush is soft and is very dense. It has been designed to pick up the finest dust and some larger pieces of debris on hard floor surfaces. It leaves the floor with a clean polished look. The remaining brush is called to action when you move to the softer carpets. The brush has stiff bristles which dig deeper into the carpet fabric to get that dirt and pieces of hair. The good thing is that no change of vacuuming head is necessary. All you have to do is change the modes by just a press of a button.

However, on the negative side, there are some limitations to this technology. First is that long pet hairs get easily caught amongst the brush rolls and the only way of getting rid of them is removing them by hand. Secondly, when it comes to larger pieces of dirt, the vacuum needs to be moved slowly. If you move it too fast especially on hard floors, you will just end up blowing the dust back and forth. These few cons don’t, however, write off this vacuum. It’s still as efficient like no other.

 The shark ionflex controls

There is nothing that feels good as having a vacuum you can regulate. With the ionflex, changing between modes is controlled by just a few buttons. You can easily control the brush speed as well as the suction power which controls how the vacuum will clean. This is controlled via a display interface that is accessible by your thumb. Choose the floor setting from the display and if you’re dealing with hard floors, change the mode to max power function for the best results.

The display has been modified with an indicator that turns to red when the brush roll gets clogged with hairs so you can act accordingly.

 Multiflex technology

This is the most loved feature with this vacuum. We couldn’t blatantly call it an upright vacuum or a stick vacuum, but we could say its somewhere in between. It’s not as featherweight as most stick vacuums but on the other hand its cordless and comes in slimmer designs than most upright vacuums.

The vacuum is cordless. This means that however big the floor space could be, you can always access every corner. The lightweight also makes it easier to move around the whole floor space.

The vacuum can be easily folded into half which will reveal the hose that joins the two parts of the wand allowing bending at the joint. By folding the motorized part, the weight gets distributed so that the vacuum can stand upright on its own.

For vacuuming under furniture and the tight corners that need bending, the folding wand comes through again. It easily bends, and with the help of the headlights, you can easily clean those thick hairs under the beds and sofas.

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 Removable and rechargeable quality battery

This takes care of cleaning time. The batteries are lithium-ion and are fully rechargeable. When you’re cleaning and run out of battery power, all you have to do is replace the battery and continue with your cleaning. The runtime of the battery is about 15-30 minutes. This, however, depends on the nature of the floor you’re cleaning and the mode the machine has been running on.

Other brand vacuums

 Handheld vacuum feature

This is very useful for cleaning hard to reach areas such as seats, stairs, car seats and ceilings. This vacuum can easily convert into a handheld vacuum to help with this kind of cleaning. This is simply done by detaching the flexible wand. However, as a handheld vacuum, it tends to be a bit heavier.

 Filtration and performance

This vacuum has three filters; two premotor filter and one post-motor filters. One of the pre-motor filters is a felt filter while the second one is made of foam. The third post-motor filter ensures that the air leaving the vacuum is pure and harmless. Too bad for pet owners that these vacuums don’t have a HEPA filter that helps with allergens. The performance is great and this vacuum can be used for pet hair removal, carpet cleaning, bare floors as well as upholstery.

Should you get an upright vacuum or a canister one?

 Pros of this vacuum

  • Strong suction
  • Good with pet hair
  • Rechargeable durable batteries
  • Duo brush technology for both carpets and hard floors
  • Easy to use and friendly controls
  • Headlights for easy visibility under furniture

 Cons of the shark ionflex

  • No HEPA filter
  • The free-standing mode not easy to handle
  • Not as light as many people would like

The above shark ionflex review is a clear indication of how good this vacuum can be. Don’t be fooled with those fancy names out there. Get the ionflex and get value for your bucks.