shark rotator vs navigator- a battle of two beasts

shark rotator vs navigator- a battle of two beasts

when it comes to vacuum cleaners, no brand beats those by shark. Shark has ventured into the manufacture of these great vacuums that come at different shapes, designs and prices. Two of the most reputable vacuums by shark are the shark rotator and the shark navigator. To be fair, the both do great cleaning despite the slight differences between them. Stay with us for a comprehensive comparison between these two vacuums. Most interesting is our final verdict of who wins between the shark rotator vs navigator. Let’s get into it lad! 

1. Shark rotator vs navigator (overall design comparison)

To be fair, you cannot hate any of these vacuums, they have been both crafted using state of the art technology, with the best materials to make sure that the cleaning is great and the vacuums last for as long as possible. The two vacuums are both upright and have a wide cleaning range plus a see-through bin. They also come with great complementary accessories.

2. 2-in-1 design capability

This is another reason that makes it impossible to hate these vacuums. When we talk about 2 in 1, we mean the ease of converting the vacuum from an upright to a handheld. Either of the two models can easily convert to a handheld and back. The shark navigator weighs about 13.7 pounds as a canister as around 8 pounds as a hand-held vacuum.

When it comes to the rotator, it weighs around 15 pounds as a canister and on converting to a handheld, the weigh becomes more like that of the navigator.

3. Ease of assembly of parts and their functions

In general terms, the two vacuums have been designed in separate parts to ease assembly and cleaning. This is the major reason why the vacuums are easy to juggle between upright and handheld. The two vacuums come in four major parts; canister, upright wand, cleaning head and attachments.

A two cleaning head option is available for the two vacuums and switching between the two options is made easy by the touch of a button. They all have two brush rolls, the first one specially made for carpets and the second one made for cleaning the harder floors.

When it comes to the dirt capacity, the navigator beats the rotator square and fair. It can hold up to 2.2 quarts of dry dirt while the rotator can only hold 1.3 quarts of the same.

In terms of accessories, both vacuums come with amazing ones. All the attached accessories are meant to assist in cleaning and maintaining the vacuums cleaners. In this case, the rotator tends to be more superior as it comes with better and more advances accessories while those of the navigator are just basic.

In terms of accessories, we can’t fail to mention the battle of shark rotator vs navigator- whistles and this case, just as mentioned above, the rotator is more advances in this. We could term the navigator as a base model. The rotator, however, has some sophisticated features such as an LED indicator for the brush roll that indicate the mode which the brush roll is running on. It also comes with bright LED indicators that help with cleaning under the furniture and other hard to reach areas.

We cannot term this as a comparison between the two brands if we don’t look at short reviews of each. In the reviews, you will get to see how each vacuum works and how each vacuum is unique from the other. So let’s get into the reviews.

4. Shark navigator vacuum review

It’s quick to note how strong this vacuum is when it comes to cleaning. This is made to be by the strong suction power that comes with this vacuum, which is made able by the strong motor. The vacuum can suck all the dirt and debris including both human and pet hair into its big dust cup. The brush roll isn’t affected with any hairs and is left stand by to clean the deep and thick carpets.

Shark has made sure that the vacuum is light in weight. This is due to the durable and lightweight components that have been brought together to come up with this state of the art vacuum. The lightweight makes it easy to move around the house as well up the stairs just in case you have extra floors. The lightweight is also easy to move around floors which is further made easier by swivel steering technology. The cord is also very long (about 30 feet), to make sure that no corner of the floor is not cleaned

Lastly, before we get into the pros and cons, is the anti-allergen and the HEPA filter complete seal technology. The purpose of this is to make sure that no stone is left unturned. The vacuums suck up both the solid dirt and the allergens to make sure that you’re protected.

Pros of the navigator

  • Quiet compares to the rotator
  • Long cord for cleaning
  • Has an allergen filter
  • Larger bin capacity
  • Generally, cheaper

Cons of the navigator

  • Slightly heavier

The shark rotator review

The detachable canister makes this vacuum stand out. This is so easy to detach and is done by just a touch of a button. The dust cup has been made extra-large to make sure that cleaning is not interrupted.

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The swivel steering technology chips in to make controls easy and manoeuvring around the furniture much easier. What is special with this vacuum is the pet power brush that is specially made to take care of pet hairs. Lastly, the rotator also comes with a complete seal technology, which is an allergen filter plus the HEPA filter technology to trap all the allergens.

Look at the shark ion

Pros of the shark rotator

  • Good for people with pets
  • Special pet brush
  • Extra-large dust cup
  • Light in weight


  • Noisy compared to the navigator

6. Our recommendation

To be honest choosing between the two is tough. However, based on our expert analysis and the indisputable features and technologies, it’s with great confidence that we recommend the shark rotator. It does great cleaning and it’s with no doubt top in the market.