Shower Chair with Wheels – Which is the Best?

A shower chair with wheels allows people with limited mobility to carry out daily tasks independently. They may not require the assistance of a caregiver when they have this seat. They make it safer and easier for the disabled and seniors to use the commode and bathe. They allow for efficient transporting of these people and the different options make it easy to assist them.

However, these shower chairs are in various models and it may be hard to know which one is best for your needs. This is why we did all the heavy lifting so that the process of selecting doesn’t have to be as hard anymore. And since we know that showers and bathrooms are at the forefront when it comes to falls and accidents, we have given safety and stability much priority when reviewing the various models.

After careful review, we concluded the best model out there. Below you will find the best shower chair with wheels that is available today.

DMI Shower Chair with Wheels

Key Features

  • Rolling shower commode chair that easily moves around even over a standard size toilet
  • Padded vinyl waterproof seat and backrest make it comfortable even for longer periods
  • Safe and secure wheel locks that ensure there is stability when showering while armrests give more security allowing ease of sitting and standing
  • 4-inch large durable wheels that easily move around even over thick carpets.

This chair is perfect for commodes and bathing with a higher back that provides more comfort. It also has locking wheels and a padded seat for safety and stability. The seat is made from vinyl material that makes it fully waterproof. The backrest also incorporates a waterproof material. The two sets of wheels can easily glide across most surfaces regardless of the type. These include thick carpets that most wheelchairs find hard to move over. This ability makes this chair convenient for those homes that have various floor finishes for respective rooms. Given that the wheels are 4 inches, it is easy for them to move along the various thresholds and doors at your home.

When you get to the shower, the armrest will give you the stability to ensure you don’t get tired. They also prevent anyone using the chair from falling off the side or toppling sideways from the chair. The armrests are much help when you are ready to transfer as you can push yourself up and off by supporting yourself on them.


  • Very mobile
  • Assembly is also easy
  • Wheel locks for stability
  • Moves over standard toilets


  • A little stiff

How do you assemble a shower chair?

Thankfully, assembling a shower has nothing to do with skill since anyone can do it. The process also seldom requires any tools since the parts easily fit into each other with locks that can be close by hand. Every model has its method of assembly but since they are accompanied by manuals, this isn’t much of a problem. The assembly instructions give a complete guide of what should be done as well as what you should not try. You can thus be assured that you won’t get anything wrong.

How do you adjust a shower chair?

Most shower chairs are adjustable meaning that you can vary the height of the chair to suit your needs. This design also increases comfort as tall and short people won’t feel comfortable at similar heights. To adjust the chair, use the spring button in the leg extension. Depress this button and slide the leg to the desired height. All the legs are mostly adjusted separately of each other meaning you will have to do it for each leg. Though these legs operate separately, it is wise to adjust to a similar height to avoid being disoriented. This also reduces the risks of accidents that may occur due to the imbalance of different heights.

How do you shower with a shower chair?

Well, there isn’t much difference between showering with a shower chair and without one. You just get to the bathroom and do your business only that this time you have a buddy to help you – the shower chair. The chair gives you more comfort and stability in the bathroom ensuring you clean up safely without risk of injuries and accidents due to slippery floors or bathtubs. You just get the chair into the tub and transfer yourself into it or get someone else to help transfer. Once in, you let the water run and shower very comfortable.

What is a shower chair used for?

A shower chair is used to assist anyone at the risk of slipping in the bathroom. This is especially for those with disabilities or the elderly. They are used to give safety and stability to those who need help when they are in the bathroom. They are mainly used in nursing homes and hospitals. Nonetheless, anyone who wishes to have a comfortable experience when showering may use this chair. They are a great help in the shower.

How do you clean a shower chair?

Ultimately, any device needs maintenance to keep looking smart throughout the years. Cleaning a shower chair is pretty straightforward. Once you are done showering, you can just wipe it down to remove any moisture that may be left on the chair. Washing is done using lukewarm water and mild soap. Gently rinse it and then towel it dry completely. You can even use a spray solution of warm water and vinegar then sponge it dry. However, as much as you may be tempted to, never use any bleaching product to clean the chair


A shower chair with wheels overcomes the setbacks of reduced quality showers and limited mobility. Many manufacturers nowadays go that extra mile with these products by showing attention to every intricate detail. They provide features of the shower chairs much more secure to ensure you are comfortable when using them. They are an excellent way to support your lifestyle and carry out tasks like showering.