Stay Safe in the Shower with the Best Shower Transfer Bench

As soon as you enter the shower and turn it on, you risk falling and slipping because of the slippery wet floor. Most of us have experienced this and were it not for grab bars, sheer luck or agility, there is a chance that we may have been injured. The situation gets worse if you are disabled or become an elderly member of the society. As much as the falls in the bathroom can be eliminated or minimized, not many take the necessary steps to avoid this risk. Furthermore, the latest walk-in tubs are not as affordable as they ought to be. This is why we have the ingenious solution in the form of a shower transfer bench.

So, if you are concerned about your safety in the bathroom, and strongly think you need a shower seat, then you are in the right place. It doesn’t matter what your condition is – healthy, disabled or even elderly – we all want to avoid these showers of doubt. Literally! Without much further ado, let’s review some of the best products in this category.

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat – Best Shower Transfer Bench

This 5- star product form Platinum Health is our top contender and rightly so. It is more than just a transfer bench with a stainless steel robust construction that is capable of rotating at various angles. Plus, the product can also be adjusted vertically to ensure you achieve your optimal shower position. This is a double product as it can be a shower chair as well as a transfer bench giving you value for your money. Why do you think this product is widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, and private homes?

With its stable construction, the seat can support more than 300 pounds of weight. Even with this weight, you can bet all your worth on the fact that it will never slip. This because it is made from anti-slip materials that give comfort and safety. It is then covered by a molded polyurethane padding that is not water absorbent. You will feel all the water as it falls on your body. Amazingly – and for such a sturdy construction – this model is very easy to assemble. You don’t even need tools to do it!

Another feature that makes this one attractive is the blue  HI-VIEW color that allows you to easily spot it. It stands out in that bathroom. Plus, one of the easiest tasks with this assembly is cleaning and disinfecting it. You can count on this one.

Reasons to Buy

  • 2-in-1 product
  • Easy cleaning
  • Contrasting color

Bear in Mind

  • A bit heavy

Moen Non-Slip Adjustable Transfer Bench

What you don’t want when you get to the shower is a transfer bench that makes you think that there is still a risk of slipping around. Well then, even you don’t mess around and have a look at this model from Moen. This shower bench has its own customized and textured plastic surface that holds onto you as if it will never let go. If you don’t know what a firm grip is, just try sitting on this one!

And not just that, it is much stronger than other shower seats. The ability to support more than 400 pounds of weight does not come easily. If you think this is not cool, then consider the fact that it can lift this weight around at heights of up to 21 inches. The model is also anti-corrosive and rust-resistant so you can pour all the water you like on it. We can almost safely say that you can flood yourself in that bathroom with this seat.

What strikes us most about this product though is the fair price. This medical-grade seat is the most reasonably priced bench you will find in the market. The design and construction are carefully thought of by experienced professionals to ensure the best working product in that bathroom. It’s also a strong contender.

Reasons to Buy

  • Reasonably priced
  • ADA specifications compliant
  • Lifetime warranty

Bear in Mind

  • Heavy and large construction.

Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench

If you are after the most suitable shower transfer bench on a limited budget then just end your search here. This model has adjustable armrests and legs that make it able to accommodate any person – skinny or plump. It especially works well as a shower chair for handicap. What amazed us most about this assembly is how light it can be. Truly, never judge a book by its cover. At first glance, you might think it’s very heavy but wait till you try lifting it. It is surprisingly light as the entire frame is made from lightweight materials. This makes movement and storage very easy. It incorporates a special texture on the backrest and seat to avoiding slipping when it gets wet.

It might not be the best transfer bench to move you in and out of the shower but its comfort and stability are great. If your budget is limited then consider purchasing this model.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very comfortable
  • Cheap
  • Carries over 400 lbs.

Bear in Mind

  • Not very sturdy

Why Buy a Shower Transfer Bench?

Many non-fatal bathroom injuries occur each year. These injuries tend to rise with age, with older people more susceptible to these injuries. Most of these happen in the bathtub or shower area. It seems these bathroom slips and injuries might become inevitable. This is precisely the reason why a shower bench is important. The fact is that you will never have a more blissful shower than with these products.

What are the Benefits of a Shower Chair?

These devices give the needed support and assistance to anyone feeling they cannot safely stand in the bathtub or shower setting. They are safety aid for everyone in the shower.

Last Take

Any of the shower seats can be the right one for you. It all comes down to your preferences and needs. They all are great ways to ensure your bath time is always safe and comfortable.