Tangle free brush roll vacuum

 Tangle free brush roll vacuum; a perpetual solution to persistent hair strands!

Best cleaning results come when there are minimal or no interruptions. When using a vacuum cleaner to dust the floors and carpets, interruptions are common  and they mostly result from power shutdowns and brush roll tangles. Today we will concentrate on the tangle issues. This is more common for people with pets that drop long hairs on the carpets. The strands of hair get caught in between the vacuums brush roll head bristles, which brings a temporary break down to the vacuum. This means interruption to cleaning. The only way to sojourn away from this mortification (it is), is by getting a tangle free brush roll vacuum. Here are the top 5 on our list.

1. The shark rotator lift away NV501 upright vacuum (best tangle free brush roll vacuum)

This vacuum by shark features some advances accessories that help is stay tangle free. First things first, this vacuum is an upright vacuum that comes with a lift-away feature. This simply means that with a touch of a button, you can easily detach the canister to convert it into a handheld vacuum to clean the hard to reach areas that require lifting. This is done just by a simple tap of a button.

Allergens are taken care of by the anti-allergen complete seal technology and an efficient HEPA filter that traps all the dust plus allergens completely inside the vacuum and makes sure that not even a single grain of the same escapes to thin air.

It has a very strong motor that delivers very strong suction to bring the best possible results. The dust is stored in an extra-large dirt cup which makes sure cleaning is done without interruption. One of the most outstanding features that come with this vacuum is the special premium pet hairbrush. This brush is specially crafted for cleaning carpets and floors with long hairs. The brush is tangle free which simply implies that other vacuum would beat the rotator in pet hair cleaning.

2. The shark rotator corded bagless upright vacuum NV752

This is another tangle free vacuum by shark. It’s very similar to the NV501 just that it has some more advanced features and accessories. This vacuum is unique in that it comes with a self-cleaning feature. This simply means that the brush roll picks up the hair and dirt and cleans itself in the process and therefore, the brush roll head is always ready to do further cleaning. This ensures uninterrupted cleaning which of course reflects in the results this vacuum gives.

It delivers immense suction power to suck dirt and hair from the thick carpet fabric as well the hard floors. The vacuum acts as upright when it comes to the floor and carpet cleaning, a feature that requires more power. However, you can always detach the vacuums canister to go to the more interesting lift-away mode. This mode turns the vacuum to a handheld lighter vacuum to help clean the tougher and higher areas such as curtains, ceilings and car seats.

A HEPA filter in conjunction with a complete seal filter technology makes sure that the dust plus the allergens are taken care of. When it comes to ease of usage, this vacuum is number one. Swivel technology and a long 30 feet cord, all make sure that moving around seats and tables has been made easier.

3. Shark ION 750 robot vacuum RV750

We can’t talk about automation and technology without mentioning the shark ion robot tangle free brush roll vacuum. Clearly, shark has won it all when It comes to the manufacturing of vacuum cleaners. With this dime, you can clean as much floor space as you got.

The double spinning brushes that are on the sides spin relentlessly to capture all the dirt and debris from the edges and corners of the floor space. No amount of hair can entangle these two brushes. The brush roll has also been made self-cleaning, which makes sure that every strand of hair and particle of dust has been taken care of.

It has smart sensors that aid in movement around the furniture, as well as long-lasting batteries for long cleaning hours. In cases of low power, the cleaner automatically returns to its dock for charging. However, to enjoy all these, an Alexa is needed and unfortunately, it’s sold separately.

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4. Shark navigator lift away NV356E

Shark has once again come to the rescue of pet lovers. This vacuum is powerful, very lightweight (about 13.7 pounds) which makes it very easy to move around even up the stairs.

The complete seal technology and the HEPA filters work together to trap close to 99.99% of the allergens. The brush roll is great and efficient even for the deep carpets.

Converting the vacuum from a canister to a handheld is done just by the press of a button. For the best service from this vacuum, make sure you clean the three filters every three months as well as the HEPA filters every 2 years.

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5. Hoover Linx cordless vacuum upright and lightweight

Just from the title, you can already tell what to expect. The vacuum is light in weight and comes with a low profile exclusive design. With this vacuum, you need close to zero effort to get under those hard to move beds and sofas.

The brush roll is powered by a powerful motor, which uses wind tunnel technology to suck up dirt and dust plus those long hairs from deep down the floors and carpets.

This vacuum is cordless; with this feature, cleaning becomes a no brainer. You can reach every corner of your house provided the vacuum has enough battery power. It’s a stick vacuum which automatically brings in the lightness in weight. The batteries are strong and are exchangeable which makes sure cleaning runs smoothly and continuously. The controls have been placed just where you’d love them to be; right on the handle where your fingertips are.

In conclusion, what makes a vacuum tangle free is the nature of the brush roll and the suction power the vacuum can produce. The above five choices are a fair selection from hundreds of models. Make a wise choice and stay away from stubborn hair strands.