Toilet seat weight limit

To be fair, we have been blessed differently in terms of weight. Some people are pretty heavy while some are very light. In whichever category you fall, toileting is a must. This brings a big concern on how much a toilet can handle in terms of weight. Some toilets, if put under so much weight, could give in and send the user rolling on the floor. So how much can a toilet really handle?

The typical toilet can handle up to 453 kg which translates to 1000 pounds, while the wall hung toilets can take up to 227 kilos. We don’t really have any government regulations that dictate the maximum weight a toilet should hold. However, for the average toilets, ASME dictates a figure of around 500 pounds.

Toilets are made from porcelain materials which is very hard and brittle. This gives the toilet the strength and capacity to hold more than 1000 pounds. This is some good news. The very normal toilet has been designed to typically hold the heaviest man on earth.

Is this capacity adequate?

In general terms, the average man weighs about 196 pounds and around 166 pounds for the average woman. On the extreme cases where one is faced with obesity, they will weigh around 400 pounds. This therefore means that the average porcelain toilet, that can handle even 1000 pounds can suffice the needs of any home, even those with obese people.

Let us take a look at the toilet weight limit of some popular toilet brands.

To be honest, I have never come across any toilet brand that has specified the weight limit for their toilets. This research has therefore been a tedious task that involved a lot of research. The following is the best I could find about toilet weight limit.

The kohler toilet brand

There was no specific document from kohler that had outlined the weight limit of their toilet brands. The only valuable information came from a lonely document at the bottom of their webpage. This sole information stated that their toilet can hold an approximate weight of 1000 pounds which is literally more than the heaviest man ever weighed. So if you’re worried about toilet weight limit, don’t include the kohler brand in your woes.

Average American standards toilets and TOTO brand

Sadly, there was no mentions by TOTO or even the American standard concerning the weight limits of these toilets. However, from perusing into different forums and amazon reviews, I came across a number of positive reviews from people weight as much as 300 pounds recommending this top toilet brands.

Wall hung toilet brands

We could call these ones “cantilever toilets”. Generally, they support a lesser weight of about 500 pounds. However, some brands such as Toto Aquia can take as much as 880 pounds. This limit was set by ASME standard. The weight is much less than the normal toilet since it heavily depends on the strength of the frame or the wall.

Has there been a case of a toilet breaking due to too much weight?

To be honest, in my many years on the internet, I have never come across a single complain of a toilet breaking. As seen above, toilets have an exceptional bearing capacity thanks to the specially treated porcelain material.

Why don’t we have mentions of toilet capacity?

This is pretty weird and absurd. I don’t have an idea why most, if not all, toilet companies provide nil information about their toilet weight limits. If I was asked, a mention of the capacity of the toilet would be a plus one in their marketing strategies. Given the increasing instances of obesity and people being overweight, I think it would be much better if they provided a bit of information about what weight this or that model can take.

What is the weight limit of a normal toilet seat?

This is directly related to the toilets. There have been so many instances of people breaking the toilet seats. This has been a horror for obese people since in most cases they will leave the toilet seat cracked.

Most toilet seats haven’t been designed in a way that they can take even the slightest movement, leave alone from obese people. From close observations, the toilet seat weight limit is about 300 pounds.