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With the right hygiene products, caregiving to the elderly and handicapped is a little easier. Even though the current USA generation is living longer than its predecessor, they’re more susceptible to mobility challenges at an even earlier age. Even though most of these challenges go unnoticed, a few leave them demoralized and without dignity. Perhaps their biggest challenging is wiping down there after visiting the bathroom. Even with the right toilet wiping aid for handicapped, twisting the upper body to reach well while wiping is still cumbersome. Accidents and surgeries come when we least expect them. To avoid the embarrassment of relying on caregivers when visiting the toilet, a toilet wiping aid for handicapped lets you clean up hygienically thereafter.

Isn’t this one of the most humiliating things you could seek assistance on?

  1. You can purchase toilet wiping aids such as Bottom Buddy. They hold the tissue paper for you so that you can reach your bottom
  2. You could also buy lesser known brands. They may not have the best aesthetics but they’re still helpful
  3. Use moist tissue paper (or just buy flushable toilet wipes). They’re more hygienic and clean better when you have limited mobility.
  4. Visit a local pharmaceutical and see if you’ll see anything beneficial in the personal hygiene products for elderly

Everyone has unique anatomy. You may manage to wipe well but twisting will be challenging. Consider installing a shower with body jets. You can also find shower heads that have adjustable spray patterns. After surgery, talk to the occupational therapist. They’re great at coming up with innovative solutions. They may recommend a bedside commode if deemed necessary.

personal hygiene products for disabled

It is sometimes difficult seeking help on personal hygiene matters. As a caregiver, the best you can do is to open up to them and let them know that they shouldn’t be ashamed of the condition. They’re many effective caregiving bath aids but many times the bathroom section is ignored. Personal hygiene for adults with disabilities such as the Freedom wand and wet wipes make life easier.

Travel toilet aids

The ideal travel toilet aids are compact, light and foldable in most cases. The foldable ones are better as they do not use as much space when moving around. Just like personal care products for disabled, travel toilet aids come in discreet packaging and have carrying bags for obvious reasons. The best ones have serrated heads that hold onto toilet paper well ensuring independence and hygiene even while on the move.


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