toilet wiping aid [2019 Update] Read before buying

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You know that you need a toilet wiping aid when you can’t reach to wipe properly. First, these “situation” may arise due to obesity, advanced age or reduced flexibility after surgery. Even though bidets are slowly gaining popularity, they’re still no match for classic toilet paper. I may not be the best caretaker in the world but in the nursing home where I work, I preach to senior citizens that they should you use a wiping aid. These aids let them clean up efficiently without sacrificing on dignity. To those of us not lucky enough to wipe without an aid, here are 4 butt wiping aids worth your time.


  • Bottom Buddy
  • Tissue / Wet Wipes
  • Release Button
  • Storage Bag


  • Juvo
  • Tissue / Wet wipes
  • Release Button
  • Carry Bag

1. Freedom Wand (toilet wiping aid)

Multipurpose, discreet and easy to use. Isn’t this the ultimate wiping aid? Cleaning up isn’t just five times easier, it’s enjoyable too. I mean, who wouldn’t feel confident knowing that they’re not walking around in an unwiped you know what? In addition to being a bathroom wand, the freedom wand couples as a shower companion and ointment applicator too

2. Bottom Buddy Wiping aid

What comes to your mind when someone mentions a bottom buddy? An aid that helps you clean up after wiping, right? This hygiene product for the obese helps gets to all the hard to reach areas when mobility is limited. A few people opt to install bidets (those toilets that spray a jet of water at your you know what) but they’re not as portable in comparison to bathroom wiping aids. If you won’t love the bottom buddy for its efficiency, the 11-inch sturdy handle will take you a back

3. Comfort Wipe long reach

With a 12-inch curved, hockey stick-like handle, this wiping aid from Able Ware helps restore dignity. With it, obese and handicapped people are able to clean up efficiently. I mean, relieving your bowel is a natural biological process and you should not be stigmatized based on how you clean up afterwards. The best thing about this self-wipe bathroom aid is that it breaks dependency on caregivers. Seeking help cleaning up isn’t the most egocentric thing you could do. 


What’s a toilet wiping aid and who’s it for

Simply put, it’s for anyone that needs it. As caregivers, we recommend these devices to people who have a hard time cleaning up after emptying the bowels, it may be due to obesity, arthritis or back pain after surgery. In which every case, the patients benefit most as they never lose dignity.
Just like knee braces, the rules on who should use a toilet wiping aid aren’t cast on stone. If you feel that it would be beneficial to your post-cleanup activities, by all means buy one. You must understand that they’re just aids to help clean up better. In the current society that we’re living in, discussing bathroom matters in public is considered a “vice”. Toileting matters are typically shunned upon in many communities. The end result is that most people suffer in silence. If only they knew that there was a way to clean up efficiently.
Truth be told, obese people are the ones who gain most from these wiping aids. In most cases, you will find that their arms are too short to wipe from front to back. They can either use an aid for wiping bottom or wipe from back to front. Doctors advise against wiping from back to front as it may be a mode of transferring the bacteria found in fecal matter from the anus to the female genital organ.

What advantages come with using a toilet wiping aid?

First, you’re obviously able to clean up thereafter efficiently. Don’t we all know that if you don’t wipe efficiently or take a shower afterwards, harmful bacteria and infections may find their way to where the sun never shines. The biggest risk of not using a butt wiper is that you may develop hemorrhoids. I must say that these aren’t the most pleasant infections you can get.

What comes to your mind when you har of toilet paper, if its a toilet wiping aid, then yiu should get one
Again, with a wiping aid comes independence. Traditionally, obese and elderly people used to rely on caregivers even for basic tasks. This meant that they couldn’t live alone Would you risk living alone knowing very well that you can’t wipe your butt efficiently? Of course not. With the introduction of these assistive devices, personal hygiene was restored. Obese people stand to gain most from these appliances.

In this article, we’ve looked at the toilet aids designed specifically for obese people.
It saves face. For the most part, this is self-explanatory. Let’s face it, how shameful is it requiring help wiping your own butt. It’s unimaginable, right? Without a wiping aid, cleaning up after taking a dump is so hard that most people opt to take a shower afterwards.