Top notch never ending wipe cure

Top notch never ending wipe cure

It’s quite unfortunate that we still have millions of people out there who can’t wipe their butts in the right way. Sometimes it happens that they know how to wipe but the poop will not just end. This could be Caused by many reasons, maybe the wiping technique is poor, or even the tissue brand is just pathetic. Its important that every time you take a shit, you make sure that the butt has been left clean, not just to avoid infections but also to stay a distance from shame and embarrassment. Here’s a never ending wipe cure. 

  1. Wet wipes (the best never ending wipe cure)

Wet wipes will do a better wiping job without a doubt. They are soft, hygienic and comfortable. Compared to tissue paper, wet wipes have some moisture and this is where all the secret lies. This moisture will make sure that you wipe properly removing each and every piece of your smelly crap. They are easy to use and easily disposable by flushing. For your own good, always have a packet around.

  1. Change your diet

If you’ve been having issues with never ending poop, your crap is probably too runny or wet. There is only on cure to this. Changing your diet. Take a lot of vitamins, a lot of clean water and roughage fibers to make the crap a bit solid for easier wiping.

  1. Take a crap followed by a shower

This is the most basic way of dealing with this. Water does very good cleaning. When you take the crap, you could jump into the shower or if you’re lucky enough to have a bidet, then consider using it.

Pro tip! Keep your ass shaved. Hairs catch some poop when wiping and that could be the reason you’ve been having never ending poop.